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To Be A Misfit

I have always been a misfit.
Maybe it’s my thought process and my view on life.
Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a Slytherin. Who knows? 444 more words


St. Columban

These are recent photos of St. Columban Parish in Chillicothe, MO with interiors restored beautifully by Conrad Schmitt Studios.  It’s worth a road trip to the birth-place of sliced bread to see.

Halloween 2017: Teal Mo Pumpkin!

This year I decided to be a part of The Teal Pumpkin Project.   The Food Allergy Research Project, or FARE, estimates that 1 in 13 children have food allergies, which means they go trick-or-treating, and almost every house is offering candy, and the kids get home and can’t enjoy their bounty. 280 more words


From The Video Vault: A Teaching On Wisdom

Wednesday’s Wisdom Video!

(Watch this 8 minute video!)


From The Video Vault: A Teaching On Wisdom

(Transcript from May 2006)

I just wrote this song called, “Don’t Make It Easy On Me”…I don’t know why I write things like this. 1,064 more words


Portfolio Update - July 2017 (-1.5%, Currency -3.0%)

Currency was the star of this month (in a negative way) with the loonie gaining about 4% in a single month over the greenback.  Seems like with all the central banks starting to raise interest rates, there’s way more month-to-month fluctuation as it’s a race to see who has the fastest growing economy and the subsequent number of rate hikes!  734 more words

Portfolio Analysis