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Libya talks endangered as Islamic State group advances

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — U.N.-brokered negotiations aimed at stemming Libya’s collapse into a failed state threatened to fall apart after the country’s internationally recognized parliament on Tuesday dropped out of the talks in protest over a plan that would mean sharing power with its rivals.A… 1,120 more words

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Letters for Tuesday, March 10

Derailments prove pipelines are safer

Re: “CN train with crude oil derails in northern Ontario; fire at site,” March 7.

How many more derailments and spills will it take before the anti-pipeline activists start to recognize that pipelines are the best and safest means that we have to transport oil? 619 more words


Canada to sit out any action in Libya, UN envoy pushes for naval blockade

I recently reported that the Canadian government has ruled out military intervention in Libya even as Islamic extremists continue to expand their grip on that war-torn country. 411 more words

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Canada on the sidelines as Iraqi troops, Iranian-backed militias battle ISIL

Canadian and other coalition air forces are sitting on the sidelines as Iraqi troops take part in one of their largest battles yet against Islamist extremists. 644 more words


Canada rules out military intervention in Libya

The Canadian government won’t intervene militarily in Libya even as Islamic extremists continue to expand their grip on that war-torn country.

Gunmen associated with various Islamic extremist groups control parts of Libya or have set up training camps. 507 more words


Canadian military predicted chaos in Libya if NATO helped overthrow Gadhafi

Canadian military intelligence officers predicted in 2011 that Libya could descend into a lengthy civil war if foreign countries provided assistance to rebels opposing the country’s dictator Moammar Gadhafi, according to documents obtained by the Citizen. 720 more words


Chief electoral officer charges former SNC executive in straw-man scheme

Quebec’s chief electoral officer has charged a former top manager at SNC-Lavalin with two counts of illegal political financing.

In 2013, Yves Cadotte, a former senior vice-president of the Montreal-based engineering giant, told the Charbonneau Commission the company made more than $1 million in illegal donations to the Quebec Liberal Party and Parti Québécois between 1998 and 2010. 277 more words

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