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I am just a girl.

I sometimes I feel that I don’t deserve to be a leader or a teacher. Even though I am already 26 years old, I can still feel scared whenever I need to handle bigger than life tasks, because I feel incapable. 104 more words

Moana On The Bunkbed

I’m sorry mom for being brat

For peeing on my shorts every night

I promise to change my underpants 

and stop bringing some baby rats… 171 more words

Moana On The Bunkbed

Single but not Available

With the heart’s day just around the corner, people are on the ruckus finding the perfect gift for their loved ones. Other singles are aimlessly looking for a date while people like me are never bothered. 1,158 more words

Moana On The Bunkbed

P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E (Devotional Guide)

I have been reading the Bible since I was six but the struggle in understanding it was real. May mga madadali namang stories like yung pagpapagaling ni Jesus sa mga pipi at bulag, isama mo pa kung pakikipaghuntahan ng mga Pariseo sa kanya. 605 more words

Moana On The Bunkbed

Passion: It's True Meaning

The word “passion” is always used to describe romance like “passionate kiss” or to describe a love for something like “passion for music”. But “Passion” actually came from the old latin word “Pati” which means “to suffer”. 787 more words

Moana On The Bunkbed

True Colors

I can still remember vividly how I failed in College. From having singko (5) to another singko. I am not accustomed to failures since all I wanted was to excel. 664 more words

Moana On The Bunkbed

Be Still God Can Give You a Job

It was Oct 2015 when I left my previous job before Brady. Tas ngayon Oct 2017 when Brady left me 😭. Okay enough of that. Somehow I can see the pattern. 456 more words

Moana On The Bunkbed