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Jazz + Jazz = Jazz

In the great words of Leslie Knope – “Now it’s time for Jazz+Jazz=Jazz”

In the first of a weekly series we have LA jazz legend Charles Mingus. 113 more words


Bobby Timmons Trio: Dat Dere

Bobby Timmons was one of the best pianist that jazz has ever had. He created many standards such as “Moanin” and “This Here”. His greatness was cut short when he died at the age of 38. 54 more words



Moanin’ this morning. This take is amazing. Morgan’s got a sound like hot buttered rum here, and Thigpen (one of my very favorite drummers) is almost gutbucket on the snare, loose limbed and utterly unBlakey. 80 more words

All Jazz And The Jazzoid


I recently started taking an online Jazz Appreciation course in hopes of gaining some more cultural perspective into the magic of music. I’ve encountered several masterpieces but the one that’s really stuck with me is Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers’ Moanin’.


387: January 22nd, 2015

Song:  Moanin’
Artist:  Charles Mingus
Album:  Blues & Roots (1960)

I’m a big fan of what little of Mingus’ extensive discography I’ve been exposed to and today I stumbled upon a live performance of “Moanin'”, a track from Mingus’ (1960) album, Blues & Roots, which I’d never heard before. 9 more words


Art Blakey - moanin'

This cover photo of Buck Hoeffler is as simple and effective as you can get. But this is how i like my jazz-album covers the most: just the head or sometimes torse of the cat, maybe holding his horn or (even preferrable) smoking his pipe. 107 more words

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