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Lesson Learned

So there are some lessons that come cheep, and there are some lessons that come with a price. Here is a story about how a learned two valuable lessons in the same night, and it only cost me my cell phone, my left over pizza, and about 20 dollars in change, plus a an old pair of shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt. 520 more words


'Black Mass" With Johnny Depp Gets First Trailer

The first trailer for Black Mass, the new crime drama starring Johnny Depp as infamous crime boss Whitey Bulger, just released online and man is it good. 92 more words


The Logan Legacy 1.13 - Jesska Le Hare

AN: Welcome back! It’s finally here! It’s also the longest chapter in this story. For the record, I’m not a cop or a lawyer or anything like that. 5,087 more words


Mob kills taxi driver for beating epileptic patient

A mob has killed a 43-year-old taxi driver, Tunde Adetola, for allegedly beating up an epileptic patient, Friday Williams, in the Onipanu area of Lagos State. 460 more words


The Ectomancer

AD Field Office, Boston
August, 2012

It looked different from the inside… Marvel had imagined the field office of the FBI’s Anomalous Division to be as many hard edges and bleak colors as the building it was housed in. 2,399 more words


"Her Russian Protector" series by Roxie Rivera

Riiiight, so what we’re dealing with here is a quite saucy series of Russian uber-males and damsels in distress. I’ve spent three days reading 3 books from the series so far. 444 more words


the daemon casket

Vancouver 1995

Metro Moe’s was a bar that tried to be hip once, but failed. Now the abandoned trappings of hipness hung from wire on the walls, and the bar had returned to its former self, a joint for flunked out tough guys, who had once believed that life was a Scorsese film. 3,845 more words