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Time To Fly

Slocumb remembered that Bonser once took flying lessons, which would come in handy if they could secure a plane. “I never got my license,” the hacker replied. 437 more words

The MoB's invaded FaceSpace!

Dominic has led the charge to overthrow the evil Lord Zurg… sorry, that’s a story for another day and the subject of another post.

Dominic has however, opened a MoB page on the Facebook section of the interweb. 95 more words


Four Wheelin'

Slocumb knew he had just blown their cover, but he wasn’t going to allow two thugs to take his money. “It’s the principle, I’m not one to give money away to criminals, and they needed to be taught a lesson,” he told Bonser as they prepared to haul ass out of Goldsboro. 406 more words

Dystopia to utopia and back

Dystopia to utopia and back

I am separate.  I have always been separate.  Before it was your choice and now it is mine.

From my separation I have seen this unbelievable journey for this society. 170 more words

Jesus Christ Superstar


Sorry about not keeping up with posts in a while, I haven’t really gotten around to bringing new material due to work, and other side projects. 583 more words

Book Review: Last Kiss – Laurelin Paige *****

UK Publication Date: 14 Jun 2016. 365 pages.

If you are reading this review and you haven’t already read the first book in this series then it’s time to back up. 210 more words

Book Review

Flash Mob at Hadassah Hospital in Israel

This is the hospital in Israel where Dr. Karussis has treated patients with MS and ALS from around the world.