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Bawl Stars Meta Snapshot Tier List June 23 2017

Who Is Dominating The Current Meta in Brawl Stars?

The following meta game tier list is provided to you by BrawlStrats. Our beta testers have been giving us feedback about the game which is why we’ve created this Brawl Stars blog for Brawl Stars fans. 1,017 more words


Gaming challenge day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game

Elementary, my dear Watson.

It’s fucking League of Legends. And, if you know me, you must have already known that.

Yes, this is a pleb answer. 245 more words

30 Days Video Game Challenge

NCsoft Launches A Slightly Different Sort Of MOBA

(Source: kotaku.com)

Launched today in Europe and North America, Master X Master (MXM) is an free-to-play PC action MOBA featuring WASD movement and a tag system that lets players bring their choice of two NCsoft all-star champions (Masters) into the arena at once, swapping them out on the fly. 131 more words


Avoiding another Eager situation in SMITE

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, just someone who has followed various esports scenes for a long time. This also isn’t meant to be a call to action for any of the things mentioned, but rather create a discussion of the topic and possible prevention tactics. 1,106 more words


"Dark Eclipse" Announced for Playstation VR

A brand new VR MOBA/RTS title “Dark Eclipse” has just been announced for the Playstation VR.

Scheduled for release this year, Dark Eclipse is a title which offer 3 playable characters, called “Leaders”, as you build towers and destroy the enemy base. 50 more words

Playstation VR

Garena Indonesia Merilis Game MOBA Untuk Platform Android Dan iOS

Game mobile di Indonesia kembali diramaikan game MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) dari Garena Indonesia.

Game berjudul Mobile Arena ini sudah dapat diunduh secara gratis di… 222 more words


Video Game Review: Heroes of the Storm

Details: Released in 2015. For PC only. Requires an internet connection. Don’t know how many hours I’ve played since Blizzard doesn’t show that information. My player profile is level sixteen. 1,020 more words