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VAINGLORY Start to Conquer The World

Layaknya DOTA2, VAINGLORY menawarkan permainan yang semenarik itu boy! Tidak ada yang perlu didebatkan di sini siapa yang terbaik antara 2 game tower defense DOTA2 dan… 855 more words


Dota 2 - Gameplay

To know what is Dota 2 and it’s basic gameplay, watch this video:


Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBA) Part 2

Last time I talked about MOBAS and what games belonged in that genre. Today I’ll be talking about the rules and basic mechanics that most MOBAS share. 621 more words


Video Game Review: Smite

MOBA goodness in a game filled with deities, Smite is a game that gives a fantasy fight feeling, coupled with a holy beatdown. We’ve reviewed MOBAs in the past and we’ve also recently shown who we feel our Top 10 Gods are – And Smite got mentioned in that article. 941 more words

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Edzkr 571 Behälter (TT)

T1205 – SET 3x Edzkr 571 (Tillig)  (TT 1:120) 
T1215 – SET 3x Edzkr 571   (TT 1:120) 
T1705 – SET 6x Edzkr 571 (Tillig)  (TT 1:120)  431 more words


Dzkr 501 Behälter (TT)

T1204 – SET 3x Dzkr 501 (Tillig)   (TT 1:120) 
T1214 – SET 3x Dzkr 501 (Tillig)   (TT 1:120) 
T1704 – SET 6x Dzkr 501   (TT 1:120)  486 more words


The biggest changes in League of Legends patch 6.20

Patch 6.20 is finally here and it’s time to take a look at the most impactful changes. The arrival of Ivern, the Green Father brings some exciting new dynamics to the Rift, while our resident Yeti seems to be making a frosty comeback. 22 more words