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Paragon (Yet Another MOBA)

From the makers of only ONE other game you’ve ever heard of, comes a 3D MOBA (multi-player online battle arena) that is almost exactly like most other MOBAs that you’ve probably already played if you’re familiar with the genre; while still managing to be wildly unbalanced. 464 more words


Museum versus car park

Straight to the point: no museum. The car park won. For the moment at least. For the proposed museum site being a prime spot along Helsinki’s waterfront, project developers will undoubtedly ensure cars parked there will soon also be ditched. 427 more words


Affair in Agora

Every time my ‘PlayStation On” chime sings it should be accompanied by Paragon theme music. As someone with the shortest attention span in recorded history – whose only completed game is Pokemon –  the fact that I’ve put 7 days and 13 hours into this game is miraculous. 340 more words

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Battle, Right? What MOBA Should Have Been from the Start

As many of you know, I’ve been a huge fan (and active community member) of what is now known as the MOBA genre. We started back in Starcraft with Aeon of Strife and evolved into Defense of the Ancients, but now that MOBA’s are a household name, fans are clamoring for something new. 747 more words


The future of support in League of Legends

Riot has continually struggled to make supports appealing to the League of Legends community. While patch 6.13 improved the overall player experience and quality of life, it failed to deliver the community appeal the role has severely lacked. 22 more words


The biggest changes in League of Legends patch 6.23

League of Legends’ latest patch is now live and with it comes the usual host of balance changes and bug fixes. Long-term players may notice that patch 6.23 is significantly smaller than the preseason patch, but Riot wants to give the larger changes time to settle before they pull out the nerf gun.
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