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A Gigantic PAX East Game

It was no secret that there was an apparent absence of many large triple-A titles at PAX East 2015. However, this shifted the spotlight on the medium and smaller sized games, allowing them to flourish. 419 more words

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Heroes of the Storm

While I am writing this post, there is a tournament going right now among the universities and colleges in the North America. “Heroes of the Dorm” is the tournament for all the students who are still in school competing in Blizzard’s newest game Heroes of the Storm. 227 more words

Hands on with Overwatch

A little delayed, but a couple weeks ago I had the great opportunity to be at PAX East. It was my very first PAX ever, and while I’ve been to New York Comic Con and Fan Expo, I was absolutely astonished by this convention. 302 more words


To nerd rage or not to rage?

Been playing Heroes of the Storm beta for about 2 months now, and boy I am loving that game! The team levels, which, unlike other games in the same genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBAs) or Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS), tends to incite more team work. 600 more words


Identifying Toxic Behavior and Its Impacts on Retention

Shores et al. (2014) developed toxic index to measure toxicity level in League of Legends. This index is used to identify, and predict factors that can cause deviant behaviors. 1,016 more words

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Why League of Legends Has Gotten Worse

Since I’ve started playing League of Legends, I’ve noticed that there have been many changes come and gone over the last few years. At that start of this fifth season, however, I cannot say with confidence that the game has gotten any better. 587 more words


Brutal Legend Steam Review

Brutal Legend is an open world hack n’ slash staring Jack Black as Eddie Riggs, set in a fantasy world of a heavy metal album cover come to life. 1,386 more words

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