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Hi para MOBA

MLBB kepanjangan dari Mobile Legend Bang Bang, dan sekarang lagi trending lhooooo…….

Game Moba game srategi guysss , jadi klo main harus kompak dan butuh kerjasama yg baik dengan team . 90 more words


SMITE 5.7 patch notes released: Drop the Beat

SMITE’s 5.7 patch notes have been officially released. Compared to patch 5.6, which brought the Inner Demon Arena Adventure mode, patch 5.7 is small in size. 1,365 more words


Beast Brawlers: A MOBA-Inspired Multiplayer Experience

A new real-time multiplayer game was just globally released by the name of Beast Brawlers . Its MOBA-like experience makes it quite interesting as you take your beast into the battle arena and fight for victory. 156 more words


SMITE patch 5.6 Xbox One and PS4 release date announced with new console home screen

Hi-Rez has announced a tentative release date for SMITE patch 5.6: Inner Demon to release for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The patch has been submitted for certification and, barring any issues, should go live on Wednesday, April 18. 114 more words


He Bo and Sobek getting finished voice packs in SMITE patch 5.7

One of SMITE’s worst kept secrets is that Sobek and He Bo do not have complete voice packs. On the character’s default skins, using lines that were not recorded for the characters such as “Have fun!” or “Ward the Fire Giant!” will default to the generic VGS voice. 55 more words


Hi-Rez launches new SMITE Esports Weekly series

Hi-Rez has launched a new esports series. Hosted by SMITE casters like Aggro, F., Taco, Hinduman and more, SMITE Esports Weekly serves to recap the multitude of SMITE competitive scenes, such as the SMITE Pro League, the SMITE Minor League, the SMITE Console Series and the SMITE Global Series. 111 more words


SMITE's new death mark cosmetic causes uproar

Free-to-play gamers are used to developers squeezing pennies out of every customizable option. Character skins? That’s a no-brainer. Purchasable loading screens? Sure. Emotes that let you make fun of the enemy team for how salty they are? 884 more words