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SMITE-The Simple Guide to Relics

Welcome to the simple guide to relics! In this guide I will be going over the relics I recommend for playing certain gods and countering certain gods. 1,364 more words


SET Straßenreinigung

N2537 – SET Straßenreinigung mit Besatzung   (N 1:160) 

ℹ️ Download instructions Daimler (pdf) | ℹ️ Download instructions Krupp (pdf)

SET Street cleaning (Era II)
This SET contains a replica of a Daimler DR4-5d Marienfelde spray truck of 1925 and a replica of a Krupp Street Sweeper from 1921. 314 more words


2017 NA LCS Power Rankings #1

Last year, CLG made a statement in the LCS after Doublelift left the team. They picked up Stixxay to replace Doublelift, and Huhi took over for Pobelter. 460 more words


To DOTA. Or To LOL. That is the Question!

It’s Friday Friday Friday. And its time to squad up and pwn some noobs. The outcome is not in question, it’s the delivery method. Do you go classic gamer mode with Defense of the Ancients (DOTA dos if you didn’t know) or open up to modern times and dip your feet into the League of Legends (LOL) arena. 744 more words


Playing the New Leblanc

I had mixed feelings when the reworked Leblanc came out. She wasn’t instantly deleting people like she used to and that was something I really enjoyed about her. 637 more words


Daimler DR4-5d Marienfelde Sprengwagen

N2037 – Daimler Sprengwagen mit Besatzung   (N 1:160) 
N2038 – Daimler Sprengwagen   (N 1:160) 

ℹ️ Download instructions (pdf)

Daimler DR4-5d Marienfelde spray truck (Era II) 316 more words


Prodos Games - League of Ancient Defenders

More news from the Prodos camp this week, with the announcement of League of Ancient Defenders  or “LOAD”. This upcoming 2-6 player board game is set to feature stunning miniatures and intense gameplay.  412 more words