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ms @microsoftuk finally adopts #crossplatform and #flos #opensource approach

ms finally adopts #crossplatform and #flos #opensource approach for appdev, embdev, mobdev and webdev


android screendump howto

android screendump howto

  • download android sdk
  • turn on usb debugging
  • instead of running /opt/sdk/tools/ddms run /opt/sdk/tools/monitor
  • connect mobile to pc
  • click the screendump icon

Google Android* OS for Intel® Architecture

Google Android* OS has arrived for Intel® Architecture

When building your Android VM dont forget to add a second disk for your virtual SD card and change the kernel boot params as follows

  • DATA=sda1 SDCARD=sdb1


SalesForce CloudForce London 2012 Condensed

SF customers

  • activision
  • burberrys
  • chipsaway use a sf based mobile app with goog apps & goog cal
  • o2
  • spotify

SF random stats

  • ios app store has 400,000 apps and raised £24BN or £5000/app…
  • 131 more words