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Book- Perseverance

How does a person achieve personal success in life? One word: Perseverance. In this book, you will read 50 real life stories of real people who have lived, and some who are still living, who achieved their dreams despite overwhelming adversity. 93 more words

Joe Colling

Mobi Report Card - Dec 15, 2016

Thanks to our pals at Mobi By Shaw Go for a handy crib sheet of data on the success the bike-share service has enjoyed in the 5 months since launch. 79 more words


Shaw's Mobi Win

Glen Korstrom in Business In Vancouver samples opinion around Shaw’s Mobi by Shaw Go sponsorship deal.  Looks like Shaw has done pretty well.

Given Vancouver’s 10% (and rapidly growing) mode share for people taking bike trips to and from work, I think that Shaw’s sponsorship taps this growing demographic on the shoulder and says: “Hi, we’re with you”. 152 more words


BIXI Review

Bike-share pops up in another Price Tags post.  I like to see where other city’s systems are going, since bike rides have 10% mode share in Vancouver for trips to and from work. 246 more words


Much More Mobi

City of Vancouver announced today that Shaw has made a 5-year commitment to sponsoring Mobi.  Shaw has taken every sponsorship opportunity from bikes to docking stations and lord knows what stuff in between. 250 more words


The definitive guide to cyber security for authors.

By Kyle Perkins.

Okay, so I have met a LOT of people in the indie writing community that have little to no knowledge on how to protect themselves online. 1,382 more words

Passenger Pigeons

Possibly a problem Mobi didn’t anticipate: pigeons (and their consequences) on the seats at the City Centre docking station: