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Want to Revise Your Kindle Book?

As independent publishing — both by the individual author and small presses — has exploded and matured in recent years, so have the tools available to those writers. 230 more words


Mobi Miscellanea

A few items from the land of Vancouver bike-share.

Jens von Bergmann finds tweets-of-gold in the fast-growing thickets of Mobi data:  e.g. each bike gets around 3 rides per day so far. 111 more words


Ohrn Image - Public Art With Mobi

Located on Cambie between 8th and 7th, in front of Home Depot (one of six panels shown).

Odd, and delightful, how very quickly Mobi is becoming just another part of the CityScape. 101 more words


How We Get Around

One person taking a few minutes to park the Mobi and check up on the virtual world; another strolling with the baby. In one of the loveliest and busiest places in Vancouver.



Ubiquity in the transportation mix.

Here’s a Mobi doing the multi-mode thing on a bus rack.

Note that the clever rider has engaged the Mobi’s built-in cable lock in order to take advantage of the way it locks the front wheel into a turn.  85 more words


How we live now - 2: Information is Transportation

The most useful app I found recently – Transit App (thank you, Daily Scot) described here – is now even more useful.  Almost from the day Mobi launched, the app had the docking stations marked, with the number of bikes and available racks immediately evident. 49 more words


Blue Saffire - Yours Book 3: Life Mastered



I like this ebook. The main characters are Nicholas Lincoln, Sephora Lincoln, Brooklyn and Sam. So many surprising things happened in this ebook between Nick and Sephora. 71 more words