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New Malware Tracks Smartphone Using Commuters in the Subway

Researchers have uncovered that smartphone users’ movements and goings-on can be tracked with up to 92 percent accuracy, even with cellular and GPS connectivity at a minimum while underground! 495 more words


Indicator for Background REST Service Access with A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator by Andrejus Baranovskis


You should check my previous post about Background REST Service Access with A-Team Mobile Persistence Accelerator (AMPA). There I describe how to optimise MAF performance for REST service calls, allow user to continue working with the mobile application, without locking the screen until Web Service response arrives. 174 more words


Smartphones are meant to bend

You’ve no doubt heard of the issues surrounding the iPhone 6, but do you personally know of someone that it’s happened to? It may be corporate espionage but that’s another topic… For today, imagine a material 100 times stronger than steel – flexible, elastic, transparent, can conduct heat 10 times better than copper and produces electricity 100 times better than silicon. 453 more words

Bending Phone

Free-to-Play Games Quietly Got Good

Free-to-play games, particularly in the mobile gaming sector, have something of a… reputation, to put it politely. And it’s not altogether undeserved.

Mobile development has a cloning problem. 2,549 more words


How to implement iBeacon in MAF 2.1.1 by Graeme Mawson


Want to alert your customer to a special loyalty discount offer when they enter the menswear department in one of your retail stores?  Want to present information about a famous artist’s life when a visitor to your museum nears one of the artist’s paintings?  These are just two of the many real-world scenarios made possible by the use of iBeacon technology. 391 more words