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Workflows brings Automation to iOS

Computer Automation has been something that geeks have known about for a long time. The ability to create a script to run a backup at a particular time each day, pull down tagged information from a text file or database, or set up a template with customized information has been an incredible time-saver. 529 more words


Twitch and Gameloft bring streaming to iOS

Gameloft’s Asphalt 8: Airborne for iOS will be the first iOS game with the ability to livestream gameplay to the popular online service.

Asphalt 8 has the ability to embed part of the new Twitch app for iOS into the game itself, letting players stream their gameplay, as well as audio and video of their face, right to their Twitch channel. 28 more words


Are you a VIP or a Favorite?

Why does Apple make it so hard to quite my phone? I was getting tried of my iPhone chirping and beeping so I turned off sounds. 543 more words


Cheapskates answer to internet access

So, in my last post, I wrote about looking at Boingo to see if subscribing to their mobile plan would save me some money.  And asked people to share their experience with Boingo (and I would still love to hear from people that have used Boingo’s service).  282 more words


Traveling to Canada and getting real tired of the phone fees!

So, I love my job.  No really.  I LOVE MY JOB.  One of the perks of my job is I get to (ok, sometimes have to – it is a job after all) travel.  681 more words


Branded Mobile Apps: Entertainment vs. Utility

What makes a branded application worth downloading and interacting? Here are some top-level thoughts that I will continue to build upon in the coming weeks. My goal is to provide you with a framework for thinking about a branded apps. 1,002 more words

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SPB Software SPB MobileShell v3.7.598 S60v5

One of the best apps for my Nokia 5800XM…
This is something u just ought to have no matter wat…
However it cosumes quite a large amount of RAM so u might want to kill it using KillMe to use OperaMobile or other memory intensive apps… 29 more words