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Find Your Best Bet Through Highest Paying Mobile Ad Network

For bloggers, publishers, and affiliates, CPM is the ultimate method of earning some extra cash apart from their regular working hours. They might take it as a full-time business or might not, but, no matter what their working status is, you are sure to be amazed at the way they make money when it comes to collaborating with the… 436 more words

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The Key to Reaching Millennial Moms

Millennial moms are quintessential millennial consumers: they take pride in their individuality and want to be heard by the brands they choose. Because millennial moms are busy multi-taskers, word-of-mouth marketing is a perfect way to connect with them. 633 more words

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New to Mobile Advertising Companies? We Can Help!

Mobile advertising companies are leveraging the usage of new terminology, new conventions and new analytics in the 21st century. Making a good plan to launch your mobile app might sound exciting in the beginning but there are a few things to remember, you might have different roles to play while working with a mobile advertising company or you might downright choose to become a website & mobile app owner, negotiate with them and observe how they sell your text ads to the right audience on your mobile app. 296 more words

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Mobile advertising startup Databerries raises $16M

Databerries is announcing that it has raised $16 million in Series A funding — money that will help the Paris-headquartered company launch in the United States. 199 more words


Building Moms' Brand Awareness Through Mobile Advertising

Millennial moms have strong purchasing power in their households. When they love a brand, millennial moms let the world know it: they show off their favorite products publicly and enthusiastically. 485 more words

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8 Visual Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Visual content, done well, can be incredibly popular. Infographics, videos, data visualizations, and other forms of visual content can generate tons of engagement and attract links to your site. 771 more words

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How Brands Can Win the Loyalty of Millennial Moms

Consumers find products through a variety of methods. Some buy certain brands and products because that’s what their mothers bought. Others seek out the opportunity to try new brands they learn about from ads or through word of mouth. 680 more words

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