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Why & how more brands need to take a stand to become a love brand

In today’s world, crowded with messages and distractions, brands need to find ever more unique ways to stand-out.

That does not just mean that brands needs to add emotional benefits to functional superiority, but they need to consider taking a stand and commit to societal topics. 585 more words

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6 Benefits Of Adopting Native Advertising Formats In Your Marketing Campaign

Native advertising, a form of paid media, is an effective type of digital advertising in which the ad experience follows the same form and function of the platform upon which it appears. 682 more words

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Newspaper Digital Summary-6/15/2017

This blog’s purpose is to keep audience and revenue executives up to date on the massive changes taking place in the newspaper industry by selecting specific stories that show how that is happening. 202 more words


Things To Know Before Choosing the Best Mobile Ad Network

It is a very common query whether a mobile ad network is the best or it is the highest paying mobile ad network or not. And it is equally important to answer the concept behind the ‘high payments’ so that it doesn’t appear as a magic wand trick for new publishers or affiliates. 545 more words

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Local Small Business Mobile Advertising

What are the benefits of Local Small Business Mobile Advertising for your small business?

(1) Spend Less, Advertise Local will decrease your online promotion rate. Our artificial intelligence software technology modifies your campaigns 24/7 guaranteeing you’ll never overspend on misused clicks. 102 more words

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ooH! Unveils Next Generation of out of Home Digital Advertising Engagement !

Out of Home media is yet set to experience another huge milestone in its strategy.

This Out of Home media firm is introducing a milestone in its wider digital strategy! 444 more words

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Breaking News: Not All Millennial Moms Are the Same

There are now officially more millennials than baby boomers in the U.S., making this generation of influencers quite the newsworthy topic. There are seemingly endless articles dedicated to exploring and explaining their habits and preferences, and most of them treat millennials as one cohesive group — one that goes out as a unit to get flavored coffee and talk about how much they love emojis. 505 more words

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