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Eric Greenberg's Wrap Raises $12.7 Million for New Type of Mobile Storytelling

The debate of apps versus the mobile Web is a long and frankly tired affair that has raged for years.

Apps are potentially more powerful and sticky, but also costly to develop. 491 more words


Next Target of Google's 'Mobilegeddon': App-Install Ads

Google is on a mission to clean up the mobile Web and make it comport to its vision of the world. In April, the search engine… 429 more words


Mobile geo-fencing and IP digital targeting are new tools Pharma is using to reach consumers

There was a concern with pharma that reaching out to customers through IP digital targeting or mobile geo-fencing may cause red flags with government regulations.  But as pharma has become more comfortable with mobile geo-fencing and IP digital targeting the concerns have decreased and pharma is increasing their digital buy. 127 more words

Apple and Intelligent Advertising

A decade ago, in his book, “Total Access”, McKenna wrote that advertisers in the 21st century had to engage consumers, not just throw material at them.   354 more words


Mobile advertising has become a traditional media buy

Mobile is not a new media outlet.  By the end of 2015, 60% of all digital views will be mobile. 42% of ad agencies will consider mobile a must buy for all their clients. 88 more words