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Mobile advertisers want to know exactly where you are. This company tells them.

Unless your company is called Facebook or Google, you will have a hard time building a growing business selling mobile ads.

XAd, a seven-year-old firm that provides mobile location data to retail marketers, says it’s bucking the trend. 221 more words


Pinterest confirms 'acqhire' of mobile advertising startup URX

Pinterest has hired about 15 people from now-defunct mobile advertising startup URX, including its co-founder and CEO, the company announced today. The move confirms Re/code… 137 more words


Effective Mobile Video Ads Tax Marketers Minds

Trend Summary: Spending on digital video ads in the USA is forecast to nearly triple from $5.2bn in 2014 to $14.8bn in 2019.

Mobile marketing will account for an ever-growing share of the predicted growth, despite which marketers will struggle to develop the most effective .. 143 more words


The future of digital lead generation

Lead generation has come a long way. According to one analysis, lead generation dates back as far as 27 BC, assuming, of course, that we accept that the Roman trade market was the original lead generation platform for traders. 2,649 more words


UX Is King: Sustainable Solutions for Digital Advertising During the Rise of Ad Blocking

Ad blocking software is steadily gaining popularity among desktop and mobile users worldwide. Overall ad traffic in Canada has declined 30% in the past two years… 972 more words


Facebook Uses Research to Increase Video Ad Effectiveness

A rather interesting article that I stumbled upon these past couple of days was an article on the Facebook for Business website. To sum up the article I read, the research they found was that 15 second advertisements are increasing 3-4% yearly, while 60-120 second advertisements continue to decline. 239 more words

VR Immerses Viewers into Simulated Reality and Virtual Advertising

The Invention vs. Affordability Peak

Inventions have always fueled changes in the advertising industry. The printing press allowed for the dissemination of daily content and advertisements in newspapers and magazines. 1,030 more words