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Why You Should Choose WLAN for Your Warehouses, Part 3

In our last two blogs Part 1 and Part 2, we spoke about a few of the efficiencies WLAN could bring to your warehouse. Let’s look at a few more advantages of WLAN. 301 more words

Data Collection

Raspberry Pi Recipe

Being a Computer Scientist sure has its perks. Take for instance one occasion where I decided to take part in a company’s programming challenge just for the heck of it. 601 more words

Mobile Computing

Remix OS Is Not Yet Universal...

Remix OS is not yet universal. I will be trying it on a few different machines. Unfortunately, my first test failed miserably. The Asus EeePC R101X is not made for this release of Remix OS. 95 more words


Data Dissemination in Mobile Computing Environment

S Krishna Mohan Rao1 , Dr A Venugopal Reddy

Head-MCA, Mahaveer Institute of Science & Technology, Bandlaguda, (Post): Kesavagir, Hyderabad – 500 005, Phone: 9440392152 , 1,533 more words

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Running Android Anywhere? It's Almost Possible

I have toyed with Android on my Asus EeePC a couple of years ago. In 2012 the utility of running Android on anything but a tablet or a phone wasn’t too large, but tinkering and experimentation are fun by themselves, right? 167 more words


Data Security: The "Whys?", The "What If's?" & The "How's?"

The data world is big…but Data Security is even bigger…

Data: Versatile, Mobile and Flexible…

Data is prevalent and fundamental in daily use becoming readily accessible and versatile.  837 more words

Data Protection

Wordpress Blogging through a Mobile App

Let us try something different today. what if we could understand the nuances of Technology discussions true dictation through mobile app. Even as we speak here I am trying to portray a blog post by dictating it on the WordPress app which is available in the Android store. 228 more words