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Mobile Computing is Improving Workplace Productivity In Sales Jobs and Part Time Work

Technology has gone a long way over the past decades as we know from the evolution of the desktop, laptop, and now smartphones. The idea of mobile computing as been oh so new to the work environment over the past couple years as it is always improving due to the continuous innovations provided by the leading technology based companies Apple Inc, Google and etc. 309 more words

Yahoo Scours the Digital Landscape for Growth Opportunities

As mentioned in my previous post the market for mobile computing is clearly dominated and identified by Apple Inc. with the many features Apple Inc. has expanded into the technological mobile market. 325 more words

Intel Is Trying to Catch Up With Rivalry Apple Inc. by Stepping Into Mobile Computing

Apple Incorporated has been credited for grasping the competitive advantage amongst rivals for years and has a credited reputation for emerging and expanding the mobile computing network. 357 more words

How Mobile Computing is Affecting University Communications and Learning in the Classroom

Mobile computing is expanding much more than just the next generation of cell phones or tablet computers. Mobile computing is about merging communication mediums with the vast capabilities of the Internet and combining communication mediums with the vast capabilities of the Internet and combining them into a portable, powerful, intuitive device that can play a valuable role in assisting, and even improving many of our daily lives (Planning for Higher Education, 2013). 557 more words

Kony executive Burley Kawasaki on best tips for attaining speed in enterprise mobile apps delivery

The next BriefingsDirect enterprise mobile strategy discussion comes to you directly from the Kony World 2015 Conference on Feb. 4 in Orlando.

This five-part series of penetrating discussions on the… 3,215 more words

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How To Use Apple’s New Security Feature

Last week Apple told us that they are offering a new security feature for FaceTime and Messages. The new feature includes a onetime asked live code which would be needed whenever login in on an Apple device. 256 more words

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