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Styx Technology Group Launches Poultry Farm Revenue Calculator App

As part of the Styx Technology Group mission to leverage technology to support executives identify, implement & refine strategic technology interventions in their business & target market segments, we are proud to partner with Kkungu Poultry Farm Enterprises Ltd to help bring relevant, useable cutting edge technology to Uganda agriculture executives. 125 more words


Designed to last – resilient print output for demanding applications

When you think rugged, you usually think about the rugged hardware needed to successfully perform a task in challenging environments. This hardware could be a rugged handheld, tablet or mobile printer, but what is often overlooked is the print media used in an application. 634 more words

Mobile Computing

Compute at the IoT Edge: A Real Necessity Today

Practical applications in use today that will shape tomorrow’s IoT compute architectures

The digital transformations taking shape today in several industries will bring extremely profound changes to the way we will live our lives or how companies operate.  1,361 more words



A mother, with new born baby if needs to be away from baby due to employment, household work, shopping, etc. in that case health status intensifies the stress for mothers. 129 more words


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a new marketing method about applying digital technologies which form online channels (e.g. web, databases and mobile phone) to contribute to marketing activities aimed at achieving profitable acquisition and retention of customers (within a multi-channelbuyingprocess and customer lifecycle) through improving customer knowledge, then delivering integrated targeted communications and online services that match their individual needs. 916 more words

Grid Computing

Merupakan salah satu jenis dari komputasi modern. Bisa dibilang bahwa grid computing itu sendiri adalah suatu infrastruktur dari komputasi yang terdistribusi dan secara fisikk terpisah secara geografis yang bertujuan dalam melakukan komputasi berskala besar dengan memanfaatkan sumber daya yang ada. 385 more words

Komputasi Modern

Deliver real benefits for demanding tasks with mobile printing

Challenging environments need reliable rugged technology such as handheld and tablet devices and in some instances mobile printers to successfully perform a task.

Designed to be lightweight, yet engineered to handle the shocks and drops that are part of the job, there are a range of rugged mobile printers available for workers. 381 more words

Mobile Computing