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Your mobile phone – The hub of all things digital

The mobile smartphone is now everything at once – companion, personal banker, shopper and entertainer. Are you using your mobile phone to its fullest potential? 955 more words


Mobile Mania!

A new craze has gripped the world. It’s called Mobile computing. Innovation has created something useful, productive, magical and truly enjoyable. While traditional computing still has it’s place in the work arena, Mobile has taken the computer to new heights. 198 more words

No, It's Not Over And Out For iOS App Byline ;-)

A few days ago I complained about the way the Byline app handled the upgrade to iOS 10 on my iPad. Well, I stopped complaining when I realized that there are in fact 2 (two) versions of the app. 175 more words


Over And Out For iOS App Byline ?

I have always been a big reader. Books and magazines in the days of paper publications, and lots of online and/or digital writings since I discovered the Web. 233 more words


16 Best Free iPad Apps for 2016

They say that the best things in life come free. And if they happen to be iOS apps for the iPad, all the better.iOS apps are everything that make an iPad a delight to use. 2,071 more words


Samsung Galaxy J5 Sadly does Not Support Marshmallow's Adoptable Storage

I managed to install Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on the Samsung Galaxy J5. I was happy to see that Samsung makes this possible. After all, not all smartphones are honoured with substantial OS upgrades – even Samsung fails to deliver those for many of its models. 384 more words


When Art Imitates Life – A Review of “I.T.” the Movie

Recently, I saw “I.T.” the movie starring Pierce Brosnan as a visionary CEO named Mike Regan. In the movie, Regan is planning to take his company public, and soon after the movie begins, Regan makes a presentation to a large group at his office, but the presentation goes sideways electronically. 725 more words

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