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My Real Life Mobile Computing Experience With VDI and a Tablet

Just like many of you I have heard the predictions, analyst reports, and media hullabaloo about the coming of the Post-PC era, and how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is going to cure baldness, eradicate cancer, and have dogs and cats living together in harmony. 1,394 more words

WhatsApp hits 100 million calls per day — TechCrunch

In February, Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced it had reached one billion users worldwide, and this week, the company added another metric to demonstrate its ongoing traction and growth.

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Can the smartphone cure Zika? — TechCrunch

The smartphone has become the digital Swiss Army Knife of modern life. Beyond making phone calls, it takes pictures and videos, facilitates purchases, connects us to our social networks, helps us navigate around town and runs applications for almost any imaginable purpose — including one you couldn’t imagine.

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Storyboard helps you turn mobile photos into digital stories and books — TechCrunch

Even though printing out photos is no longer is the only means of viewing and sharing them with others, people still often want to do something more meaningful with these images – especially those of their family and children – than simply sharing them via ephemeral social media posts.

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Homescreen.me returns with a new site for sharing your favorite apps — TechCrunch

One of the early startups in the app discovery space, Homescreen.me, is relaunching its service that lets you browse what apps others have installed on their iPhone, and now, Apple Watch, too.

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Dell EMC deal update- Dell sells off its software business

Dell has sold its Software Group to Francisco Partners and Elliot Management for a sum of $2 billion. The transaction includes Dell’s systems and Information Management(SIM), Security and Advanced Analytics business Units. 179 more words

Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous Computing diperkenalkan pertama kali oleh Mark Weiser pada tahun 1988 selagi menjabat sebagai Chief Technologist di Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Mark menulis beberapa kajian awal mengenai subjek tersebut, terutama penjelasan inti konsepnya. 505 more words

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