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web development technology

It a  web technology to create a web pages through a technology which we used as Web Design and Applications involve the standards for building and creating Web pages, including HTML, CSS, SVG, device APIs, and other technologies for Web Applications. 42 more words

Web Development Technology

When Nokia Lumia 525 gets upgraded to Win 10?

I have iPad bought in 2011 from Apple. My device gets upgraded every year. The one thing missing in iPad is recording voice. My daughters used this feature extensively and were unhappy. 203 more words


The Case for Mobile Computing and Wi-Fi - SAVE MONEY

Do you have field employees? Does your staff spend (a significant amount of) time out of the office during the day, only to rush back at the end of the day to wrap up their “normal” work, accumulating a significant expense (in overtime, and more) for your business? 237 more words

Why You Should Choose WLAN for Your Warehouses, Part 3

In our last two blogs Part 1 and Part 2, we spoke about a few of the efficiencies WLAN could bring to your warehouse. Let’s look at a few more advantages of WLAN. 301 more words

Data Collection

Raspberry Pi Recipe

Being a Computer Scientist sure has its perks. Take for instance one occasion where I decided to take part in a company’s programming challenge just for the heck of it. 601 more words

Mobile Computing

Remix OS Is Not Yet Universal...

Remix OS is not yet universal. I will be trying it on a few different machines. Unfortunately, my first test failed miserably. The Asus EeePC R101X is not made for this release of Remix OS. 95 more words


Data Dissemination in Mobile Computing Environment

S Krishna Mohan Rao1 , Dr A Venugopal Reddy

Head-MCA, Mahaveer Institute of Science & Technology, Bandlaguda, (Post): Kesavagir, Hyderabad – 500 005, Phone: 9440392152 , 1,533 more words

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