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Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing

The mobile computing market has exploded in recent years. Improvements in technology and corresponding decreases in price have made it possible for almost everyone to have a mobile device. 485 more words


Smart Phone Security

On April 17, 2016, the CBS show 60 Minutes presented a segment by Sharyn Alforsi on how hackable smart phones are. It’s a pretty alarming report and I’d highly recommend that you watch it first before you continue to read this post. 1,338 more words


Watching smartwatches

Smartwatches provide easy access to personal data in a wearable device. Modern devices sparking the latest wave of use include Pebble, Android Wear, Apple Watch. An important aspect of the popularity of these platforms is their open programming and app distribution platforms. 855 more words

Professional Activities

Why the Apple-FBI Feud Affects YOU!

While the eyes of everyone in the technology sector watched the Apple-FBI feud about a key to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone, you should have been watching too. 404 more words

Data Security

Total Cost of Ownership: Understanding Hard and Soft Costs

When choosing to deploy new devices businesses need to consider the implications of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). TCO is more than just the one off purchase of the hardware, it comprises of hard and soft costs that organisations incur when deploying mobile computing solutions. 276 more words

Mobile Computing

Keterkaitan Mobile Computing, Grid Computing dan Cloud Computing

Komputansi modern mempunyai karakteristik komputasi modern yang terdiri atas 3 macam, yaitu :

  1. Komputer-komputer penyedia sumber daya bersifat heterogenous karena terdiri dari berbagai jenis perangkat keras, sistem operasi, serta aplikasi yang terpasang.
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