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웹, 모바일 디자인에서 알고 있어야한 단위들을 정리해본다. 시각적인 결과물의 정교함을 다질때, 레이아웃의 비율을 맞출때 그리고 프론트엔드 개발을 할때 플랫폼, OS별로 쓰이는 단위의 차이점을 명확하게 인지해야할 필요성을 느낀다. 20 more words


Creating a Job Search App for KazApps

Job seekers can find the best position for them at the touch of a button with the KazzApps job hunting app.

ALT Agency created this job locating app for KazApps, a leading online technology recruiter who wanted to stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive recruitment industry. 88 more words

Alt Agency

Project 7 – App, pt 2

Just wrapping up from the last post about this app project now.

After the second round of feedback, I made sure to make some serious adjustments to font size throughout the app. 94 more words

Graphic Design

Project 7 – App, pt 1

This assignment is another doozy! For this, we were to design a mobile app that doesn’t but should exist. Every screen of the app would need to be created, as well as an icon for the app, and then the app would need to be mocked up in a PDF presentation. 245 more words

Graphic Design

If a web site falls in the forest and no one can read it on mobile...

So you keep hearing about mobile this and mobile that and how important mobile everything is.  Kind of tiring, right?

It’s nowhere near as tiring as the experience customers have trying to navigate your non responsive web site or email on mobile.   201 more words


Makeover Monday - week 13, 2017: The Secret of Success

Success – who doesn’t want a piece of it? Andy chose the topic this week with an appalling visualisation, which makes it a perfect Makeover Monday candidate. 311 more words


Makeover Monday - Week 10, 2017: The Top 500 YouTube Games Channels

Imagine being an 8 year old kid who likes to visualise data but who isn’t all that excited by political topics or car driving statistics. What would you want to visualise? 818 more words