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COMPS: Back to the Drawing Board...

Last week, I showed off three comps of different design options for my mobile app redesign. 

After reviewing these designs, I decided to have another go at designing them. 170 more words

UPDATE: Comps & Updated Materials

Last week, I showed off my updated wireframes and information architecture for my app redesign. This week, I’ve prepared three different sets of app comps. 326 more words

UPDATE: Info_Arch, Wireframes

Last week, I drew up some quick sketches to get a sense of the layout of my apps screens.

I updated the information architecture (above). 98 more words

RESEARCH: Info_Arch and Wireframes

I recently updated my user personas. After doing so, I began to research the layout for my app redesign.

First, I did a quick sketch of the information architecture for my app (above). 102 more words

UPDATE: Personas, Refined

Last week, I created three personas to illustrate my audience for my app redesign.

And while those personas did help me to illustrate my user research, they were ultimately lacking in content. 166 more words

Basic UI guidelines for Mobile Apps

We have been experiencing lots of confusion when it comes to UI/UX finalization. UI design is always been a hot topic whenever we talk about mobile app development. 1,076 more words

Mobile Design

worldpackers review: why you need to get into the work exchange community asap.

If you are not familiar with work exchange, here I am to enlighten your lives. Work exchange is a way to travel without having to pay for housing, instead, you work for a specific person/organization/usually hostels, and get a place to stay during your trip. 499 more words

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