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Augmented Reality Concept (UX)

Task: a map-making company (Rand McNally) wants to explore using maps for creating better digital experiences

Time: 1.5 weeks, team of 3

Solution: an app linking Rand McNally’s maps with contextual historical data… 149 more words


Performance Analytics & Visualizations (UX)

Challenge: develop a data visualization for Vidfluent, a startup that provides a video platform for sales people

Insight: the design has to be simple but informative, while also keeping in mind tight budgetary requirements of a startup… 27 more words


Bloc Jams with animations: finishing up with flipping album covers

There were two more things that I needed to do to finish this project. The first was to add some basic animations to the text of the Bloc Jams landing page, as well as creating a more complex flip animation on the album covers to make things more interesting. 737 more words


Bloc Jams with animations: getting the chevron to turn

One of the suggestions that Bloc makes at the end of the foundation section is that ‘done is better than perfect‘.

I’m mentioning this because while I absolutely got my problem menu chevron to rotate when it’s clicked, I didn’t do it using solely CSS3 transitions/animations as my mentor suggested. 257 more words


Beautiful Content

I learned something in a recent experience with Netflix. In content, we don’t want just brevity, clarity, efficiency, or effectiveness. What we really want is beauty. 797 more words

Content Strategy

Bloc Jams with animations: Responsive layout

Well, that goal of posting once a week went out the window, didn’t it?

In the middle of July, just before going on holiday for around three weeks, I finished the Bloc foundation course. 204 more words


3 Keys to Great Product Design

Being a designer is a tough but fun job. As a CEO, I unfortunately do not get to spend as much time on the product as I used to. 614 more words

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