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Desktop Browser verses Mobile Browser: How different are they?

When I was asked to compare an online website compared to the mobile website, I was pleasently surprised to see how different they are. I chose target.com for my research and came to find that the web browser and mobile browser are completely different. 221 more words

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Commercial real estate startups: Catalysts for disruption?

Saurabh Mahajan, Real Estate assistant manager, Deloitte Services LP, August 19, 2015

Welcome to the age of startups! Today’s technologies have lowered entry barriers and enabled startups to provide unique value propositions, disrupting many industries. 668 more words

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More than 75 million pages for private events were created on Facebook last year, and to keep its Events product growing the company is rolling out something that it believes will increase engagement for user-created events without much extra work on the part of the host: cover art themes. 310 more words


A report from FireEye Labs (a security firm) reveals that some smartphones with fingerprint sensors aren’t as secure as we’d like them to be. The one device named specifically was the HTC One Max which was supposed to store fingerprint data in a secure enclave that no one could get to. 304 more words


Japan: Many Infants Use Smartphones, Tablets

Jun Hongo reports:

…Japan’s internal affairs ministry on Tuesday released the results of its first survey regarding use of information tools by preschoolers, which showed that about one in 10 children had come in contact with devices such as smartphones before celebrating their first birthday. 224 more words


The Audacity of that Hopeless Reprobate Clinton (HRC)

What seems to be missing from the discussion of what Mrs. Clinton has been up to is the utter audacity, chutzpah, of the woman.  Here we have someone, the Prince Charles of American politics as I have previously referred to her, whom we all know has lusted for the power of the presidency since, well, at least 2007.  454 more words

Requiem For The App Revolution

The app revolution is dead. In fact, it died years ago.

It had been a good run, but a revolution is no longer a revolution when the model is the status quo. 721 more words