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New Turn from Traditional Marketing Platforms

The world becomes increasingly interconnected, both economically and socially, technology adoption remains one of the defining factors in human progress result in the rise of… 409 more words

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Cheapest Vertu smartphone the –Vertu Aster Chevron

Not long ago after shifting owners, High-class phone producer release a new collection of mobile device name Aster  Chevron.

Following the steps of the first Aster series that was launched over a year ago, the Aster Chevron series includes similar designed handset, while this handset come with a special canvas back made of highly tough Italian fabric, black, blue and pink are the available colors. 194 more words

Cellular Country Reviews

I am so frustrated of how my phone got so annoying (T_T)! This was just because I pressed the wrong button and now some problems occurred. 9 more words


WMS Mobile device - cancel button and in process work

Sometimes trying to get people to input data into a system is difficult especially in environments where the physical pressure to complete something. For example in the warehouse workers might forget to finish processing a transaction even though they physically moved the goods so you end up with work in process. 30 more words

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WMS Mobile Device - pick and pack parameter

If you have situations where you have work that needs to be consolidated by the picker because it’s related to the same shipment you might want to investigate the pick and pack parameter on the mobile device menus. 89 more words

Warehouse Management

WMS Mobile device menu - Allow splitting of work

When working with the RF device on the mobile portal you might want to consider the workers ability to take stock when picking multiple full pallets, LP if you want to track it in the system. 84 more words

Warehouse Management

WMS Mobile device menu - display open work list user directed menus

In a previous post we had a look at the basic use of the display open work list menu item. One thing worth noting is that it requires the usage of a user defined menu. 10 more words

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