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I may be full of shit, but these are my thoughts

Back in the day when a computer or mobile device was acting up, it was recommended to power off the device then power it back on. 151 more words


Too Much Screen Time in School?

Digital tools can enrich, but is there a downside to too much screen time? Some pediatricians and parents are now raising concerns about the classroom laptops, tablets and apps, partly because school districts are adopting digital tools in droves. 126 more words


Back From ATLIS

I returned last night from the ATLIS Annual Conference in Washington, DC. (Okay, technically it was in Crystal City, VA.) Due to my busy schedule, I was only able to attend one day of the three-day conference, but I still got a lot out of my time there and co-led a session that represented the culmination of a year’s worth of work. 997 more words



As a business, what are one of the fundamental keys of success in digital marketing?…

I’m sure you would’ve guessed from the title 😆 Mastering mobile marketing! 313 more words

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Daydreaming While Driving - Not a Technological Problem

The biggest distraction in your car might not be the smartphone in your hand. It could be the biochemical circuitry between your ears. On Wednesday I know I talked about the dangers of too many technological diversions that lead to distracted driving and its often deadly consequences. 230 more words


Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was officially released at 21 April 2017 and it is the best Android phone that was released. Starting at S$1,148. 253 more words


Samsung S8+


The Samsung S8+ has been released officially on 17 March 2017, with the price of $500-$$800, it has a big screen compared to the previous models and companies like Apple, Oppo and was also made to restore ex- Samsung user confidence due to the previous Samsung note 7 battery explosion. 325 more words