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3 things to do if your nonprofit is new to social media

The best campaign results we have seen with our customers has been driven through and via social media. The sharing and trending we have seen for social media-centric fundraising campaigns is eye-opening and yet somewhat to be expected since sharing and following are easy to do via the device at arms length 91% of the time-a mobile phone. 703 more words

Can mobile giving help your small charity?


              We recently entered the world of mobile fundraising. Well more like we stuck our toe in the water than jumped in and splashed around. Recently our MarComm team suggested the idea of adding a text to give $5 option to one of our signature events. 942 more words


5 reasons you might be missing repeat donors

Earlier this month npENGAGE reported that 3 out of four first-time donors to nonprofits never make a second gift. The article suggests that the reason for this is that these first-time donors are treated as spectators and not as investors. 826 more words