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Mobile Becomes the Top Source of Traffic Worldwide

Researches revealed that around 51.3% of internet usage last month came from mobile devices compared to the traffic coming from desktop which is around 48.7%. What does this mean and why it is a significant change that can dictate the future of online. 394 more words

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5G Or Not 5G? That Is The Question.

Last month, the BBC reported a Finnish firm claimed to have broken the current mobile Internet speed record by achieving a 1.9 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) speed on a test network.   75 more words


The Simple Life: How We Lived Without the Internet

Today, you can order food delivered to your home, while in the comfort of your pajamas, Netflix exists and you can communicate with friends and family all over the world with Skype. 293 more words


ASEAN eCommerce sets to replace China saturated market

Guest post by  Kim Jae-kyoung

SINGAPORE ― The ASEAN region (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is emerging as one of the most promising e-commerce markets in the world to replace the saturated Chinese market. 745 more words

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Is Facebook Marketplace ignoring emerging markets eCommerce?

Yes, it’s happening. Facebook Marketplace has finally been launched. The Marketplace is a new feature inside the Facebook mobile app.

The Marketplace comes as a response to marketplaces type sites like Craigslist and eBay. 715 more words


It’s the clash of the TelCo beasts! Who is the Queen City of the South’s mobile internet King? Let’s find out!

10 Rounds of unbiased research based on facts, observations and thorough reasoning to reveal who has faster speeds and a more provincial-wide coverage. 1,657 more words


Innovation: Meet "Text Engine", the Google with text messages.

I’ve had a smartphone since 2010. In developed countries, a feature phone is a memory of the past – a nostalgic thought about flip phones. 452 more words

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