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Long Ago Children kept grow with Educational Intentions but now, unexpected activities

Long time ago usually children grow with educational intentions and make their tasks to be an Engineer, Doctor, Journalist, Scholars etc…. 126 more words


Socialize, Surf And Stay Online With Cheap Mobile Internet Plans

In today’s digital world, mobile internet plays a vital role in the daily lives of people using mobile phones. These people may be people who are working on academic projects, shopping online, booking trains, flights and hotels, downloading games, and chatting via chatting apps and social networks. 460 more words

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Why 3g Mobile Internet Is Necessary For Professionals And Business Man?

Mobile internet is truly a wonderful resource to have, especially with the introduction of 3G mobile internet connections. Few years ago, the available options for accessing email accounts, location maps, GPS navigation, etc. 471 more words

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AT&T Touts $1.7B Three-Year Investment In Michigan Networks

DETROIT — AT&T Inc. announced Friday that it had invested more than $1.7 billion in its wireless and wired networks in Michigan from 2012 through the end of 2014, improving reliability, coverage and speed. 243 more words


Which one suits you best – Mobile internet or landline broadband?

Before the Smartphone over took the web world, everyone used to internet only via broadband connection. However, this type of connection requires a computer device at home and you need to stay connected to the device and you should be confined to a place in order to complete your work. 466 more words

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How Telenor and Facebook partnered to drive internet adoption in Pakistan

Mobile operator and MEF Member, Telenor, has released the results of a free Facebook campaign in Pakistan, aimed at bringing first-time Internet users online.

465 more words
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Utilization of Mobile Internet in Modern Life

The entry of the mobile phones has totally revolutionized the way of communication. These hand held gizmos not only let you connected with your near and dear ones, but also lets you capture beautiful images via a camera. 463 more words

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