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Latest Apps and Software for the Stay-at-Home Freelancer

Are you working at home and on a freelance basis? Then you have to take time reading this post. We will share with you some of the latest apps and software which can help you work more efficiently. 454 more words


Becoming Contactable (part 1 - Technology)

When we travelled before in Europe, (2002-2004), technology was not as advanced. Internet was found in cafes or through a long and drawn out series of beeps and whistles from the phone as it acted as a modem for our massive ‘laptop,’ (whose lap?!) 181 more words

Everyday Life

How Mobile (And Facebook) Ate the Media World, in Five Charts

You are a smart person. So you don’t need a site like this to tell you that when we talk about the Internet, we’re really talking about the Internet we access on our phones. 244 more words


BERLIN STARTUP CHALLENGE Calling 2016 - Concurso de Ideias - World Wide Edition

Achas que tiveste uma ideia de génio?

Concorre ao “Berlim Startup
Calling 2016” e habilita-te a prémios no valor de 15.000 euros para
tornar o teu projecto realidade! 209 more words


World's cheapest smartphone launches in India

Guest post by Ashni Sharma

An obscure Indian company, Ringing Bell, is all set to revolutionalize the telecommunication industry by introducing the cheapest smartphone in the world. 693 more words

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Wireless network technology has great impact in changing the experiences we have at work and even in our personal lives.  With the fast advent of technology, promising bundles of a variety of collaboration tools are also emerging nowadays.  212 more words

Is Social Media the new threat to the political stability in East Africa?

Guest post by Stephen Obeli Someday

Unlike the Arab world that is still nursing wounds of revolutions powered by social media in 2011, East Africa so far does not have a case against the fast-growing internet service in the region. 665 more words

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