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Mobile Internet Revolution

Mobile Internet revolution has not only changed the lives of a common man but it has also created a drastic impact on the businesses in emerging markets. 44 more words


How the integration of a verification feature will improve your app and its security

In today’s tech world, user verification is nothing abnormal or discouraging anymore. Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram – everyone is now doing it! 496 more words

Mobile internet

Nowadays everybody is almost 24/7 connected with the internet even on holiday. But let us be fair, a hotel without Wifi is a no-go and of course people want to share their  with friends and family at home. 1,694 more words

Opera's Integrated Ad-Blocker Now Available for Android and Desktop

Opera on Wednesday announced that its Opera Mini browser for Android now has an integrated ad-blocker. Opera was earlier the first major browser maker to integrate a built-in ad-blocker on the desktop and now the company has extended the feature to its Android browser as well. 241 more words

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Latest Apps and Software for the Stay-at-Home Freelancer

Are you working at home and on a freelance basis? Then you have to take time reading this post. We will share with you some of the latest apps and software which can help you work more efficiently. 454 more words


Becoming Contactable (part 1 - Technology)

When we travelled before in Europe, (2002-2004), technology was not as advanced. Internet was found in cafes or through a long and drawn out series of beeps and whistles from the phone as it acted as a modem for our massive ‘laptop,’ (whose lap?!) 181 more words

Everyday Life

How Mobile (And Facebook) Ate the Media World, in Five Charts

You are a smart person. So you don’t need a site like this to tell you that when we talk about the Internet, we’re really talking about the Internet we access on our phones. 244 more words