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Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - Mobile Monday

Make content high quality-concise & easy to digest. Mobile is not the place to show how smart you are. It provides access to you and your smart information. #mobilemonday

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Mobile Marketing Day #3

Learning duration: 25 minutes

Things I learned:

Phone carrier and phone model targeting is a must (segment it)
AT&T is different demographic (rich) so free iphone offers don’t work with these smart cookies… 117 more words

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Mobile Marketing Day #2

Things I learned:

  • It’s all about tracking
  • Click frauds exist
  • Traffic consistency isn’t there
  • Stop focusing on smart phones so much
  • In app traffic is inconsistent quality…
  • 212 more words
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Mobile Marketing Day #1

Nov 28 2015

Study duration: 25 minutes

Things I learned today:

What do people want on their phone?

ringtones, music, celebrities, adult, sexy, games

Mobile CPA is all about the angles… 322 more words

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Why Targeting Your Audience Matters Using Mobile Marketing

With more and more businesses developing their own mobile apps and technology platforms, it is becoming more important than ever to keep up with the trends and offer your own specialized mobile marketing strategy. 15 more words


Mobile geo-fencing for political campaigns

Copley Advertising can create a mobile geo-fence around voting districts (congressional, state and local).  We tag smartphones that meet the demographic and behavior requirements.  Copley Advertising will place ads (video or banner) in mobile apps the tagged users open.   212 more words