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Paige's Declassified SEO Survival Guide

The word Google has become synonymous to asking any question that comes to most people’s minds. Think about every time you want to find the best burger place near you, an online store for a last-minute outfit, to finding out ……. 415 more words


Thinx- reducing the stigma.

Who ever thought that the word vagina could such cause outrage in a modern forward thinking liberal society. Thinx didn’t, as they launched an advertising campaign using the simple words period and vagina, they were astonished and outraged when their advertisements were banned. 473 more words

The creative marketing problem

Every key marketer needs a skill set that many would consider too much for one individual: email marketing, SEO, social media, core branding, planning and implementation … the list goes on. 734 more words


Can you imagine life without a smartphone by your side?

I definitely cannot!

Recently, the rise of mobile device use has risen dramatically with people using smartphones more frequently than PCs, Laptops or Tablets. 374 more words

Things To Test When Building a Website

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Website design is much more than arranging the visual elements on a page so that they look pretty, or are structured in a coherent way that leads to people being able to find what they are looking for. 500 more words

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The IoT: The (Loss of) Independence of Things?

Hollywood continue to create movies and television series depicting what could become of humans relying too heavily on technology. We worry for a short period then tend to go back to our lives, once again mindlessly accepting the rapid changes in technology. 482 more words


The components of digital marketing

Digital Marketing is marketing done on digital platforms such as search engines, websites, emails and mobile apps. It is an efficiently targeted, conversion oriented and interactive marketing of products and services by optimally utilizing digital platforms to acquire customers. 184 more words