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The Do's and Don'ts of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has affected consumers in a big way. 15 years ago, there were very few ways that companies could leverage mobile phone technology to market their products and services. 320 more words

The Power of Weixin - China's Leading Social Media App

Am I the only one who hates shopping? Seriously, I feel like it’s a waste of time! By the time I’ve gone to multiple stores and looked at all the nutritional labels on groceries and tried on all the different clothes, it feels like my whole day is gone! 600 more words


Mobile Marketing

As smart phones become Associate in Nursing more and more fundamental a part of our lives, it’s important that marketers perceive the way to effectively communicate on this distinctive and intensely personal channel. 94 more words

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What is difference between email marketing & mobile marketing?

These days millions of people use mobile. People spend an average of 70% of their media time on Smartphone devices. This blog gives you some important reasons why you should include mobile marketing in your marketing campaign. 154 more words

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Boost Juice Boosting their Mobile Marketing

Boost! Boost! Boost! The drink we love to go for during the hotter season or we wait til Tuesday comes for their 5$ in app-offer (you’re welcome if u didn’t know). 189 more words

ASOS, Power of "Now"

In today’s fashion industry mobile marketing are the pathway to success.

According to Forbes since 2011 more people own a cell phone than toothbrushes, I know that is disgusting. 285 more words

Let's Get Active With Apps!

Ladies, are you wanting to live a more active lifestyle?
Well guess what? Lorna Jane is here to help you do just that, through their… 561 more words

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