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After a day trip with the kids to Grenada’s sister island Carriacou, we pulled back into St. George’s harbour with the golden light of the afternoon. 38 more words


flat lay tips/"I just thought you had really nice furniture surfaces"

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love a good flatlay. My Instagram account is over half flatlay photos and if I have something to show you, I’m probably gonna flatlay it. 1,695 more words


A Quick Look at What Cameras I Use

Hello there everyone. I don’t usually show what’s behind the images I take, but people (and friends!) have been asking me a lot about how I made certain images and which camera I used. 1,036 more words


Next Week: What Cameras I Use

Hello there! Next week I will be talking about each of the cameras that I’m using today as well as those that I’ve used a few years back. 83 more words


Here's a Clever Camera Gadget for your Mobile Phone!

Do you like taking photos with your mobile phone? My eldest son is a photographer, graphic artist and all-round general geek. This week he shared this rather clever camera gadget idea: 183 more words

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