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Shooting Your Shot In 2018!!!

“Spotting and shooting” cars is a very easy hobby to pick up. But you need to learn the ropes. We’ve all had those moments when we saw a car of interest, and we miss the shot or took awkward pictures because we weren’t fast enough. 730 more words

Urban Stars

I lived most of my life on a hill overlooking the city. In the mornings, you can see society at work. But at night, you can only see the lights. 95 more words

Mobile Phone Photography

Survival of the Fittest

I learned about “survival of the fittest” ever since I studied evolution when I was in grade school. Till now, it is a common phrase when referring to the workforce. 170 more words

Mobile Phone Photography

I love photography!

I was in the office that time. I was training along with my workmates for our new job when our instructor opened the window blinds. We were in the 22nd floor and the sprawling skyline of Ortigas was visible. 289 more words

Mobile Phone Photography


One night, I was busy writing when my dad was watching a movie on Netflix. The title of the movie eludes me since I wasn’t actively watching. 320 more words

Mobile Phone Photography

After the rain

For some people, they look for the rainbow after the rain. As for me, I look for that moment when the sun peeks out of the clouds. 52 more words

Mobile Phone Photography