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Market, Montsegur, Montauban.

Last day, first market. Well actually, we did go to another market, on New Year’s Eve, but that had been a dismal affair. 441 more words

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A grab-bag of Day 6 on the Southwest France road trip in and around the Aude department.

The roads twisting through the Massif Central were destinations in themselves. 570 more words

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Day 5 in Southwest France. Weather check: Freezing with a chance of joy.

Morning in the Little Red Riding Hood forest where we were camped out was not as brutal as I imagined. 481 more words

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Day 4: And souther south we go.

Winter mornings are best viewed through gauze curtains.

Or through thick, rippled glass.

As seen from the inside of an abandoned garage that I was not supposed to be in: A deconstructed tree. 124 more words



Take it away, Wikipedia.

I didn’t plan on going there because of that (extremely appealing) description. That the opening paragraph contained “Cantalians”, “cheese”, “most sparsely populated and geographically isolated”, and “farthest removed from a major motorway” was sweet icing on the cake; that is, if the cake is a 6 hour drive from Paris next to grumpy Parisian on the eve of New Year’s Eve. 430 more words

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Behind the Scenes look at 'A View From the Office'...

I don’t know when I started the ‘view from the office’ series on Facebook, but I do remember why!  I was trying to poke a little fun at my many friends who are still working, sitting at a desk or on a job site or somewhere every day.   996 more words

It's not what you've got it's how you use it!

I was delighted to be ask to say a few words at BloggerConf – our topic was ‘JUST ONE THING’ – mine is about photography. I’m not an expert by any means but here are a few tips. 477 more words