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Skater Boy

Are you thinking of Avril Lavigne with this title?

To be fair it has nothing to do with her but she does have a song with the same title. 618 more words



The roads are jammed, and most drivers have switched off their engines. I stare absently at the scene outside. An old lady is standing under a bus shelter. 286 more words

Everyday Moments

Stop changing your phone so often!

Again, a short one. Please, for the love of all that’s reasonable in the world, stop changing your phone every single year. It’s stupid and it makes the phone manufactures shit on us all. 202 more words


Reduce Business Communication Costs (Everything To Know)

The need to reduce business communication costs is highly topical in todays marketplace. Entrepreneurs have to face numerous costs in the day-to-day running of their business so savings are important for cash-flow and profitability. 536 more words

Small Business

How to send documents from within WhatsApp

**Sending documents from within WhatsApp on Android

1. Open a chat.
2. Tap the paper clip icon.
3. Choose Document .
4. Select the document you wish to send. 56 more words

The Coming King Schools

OPINION: Just how much of social media is enough?

By Silvia Benini, Marta Giralt and Liam Murray, School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, University of Limerick, for RTÉ Brainstorm.

Social media use and abuse is a widely acknowledged international phenomenon.

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MediaTek to focus on 4G segment in India in 2018, 5G globally

Neighbourhood Technology Desk: David Ku, the firm’s Chief Financial Officer, has said that While it pushes 5G in the global markets in 2018, mobile chipset maker MediaTek will, in India, continue to focus on the 4G segment.  65 more words