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Some of the signs that we saw on our recent coastal trip. 34 more words


Why iPhone 12 Not Launched at The September 15 Apple Event | Dktopzone


Apple iPhone 12 has been simmering among top searched keywords for a while. However, last night, on Tuesday, September 15, Apple hosted a hardware event that featured practically everything, but the much awaited iPhones. 623 more words


Coastal colors

I can’t tell you the names of most of the flowers I saw during my recent trip to the coast; but I appreciated seeing their bright colors even more than usual, thanks to the smoke and fog hiding the sun every day. 6 more words


Salt Point Bluff Trail

The skies were grey with fog — with some smoke added in — but the day was still beautiful and the ocean views breathtaking. We started a short way up the coast from Stump Beach and hiked north along the cliff edge as far as Chinese Gulch, giving up when the trail became too overgrown to continue. 16 more words


Mobile Merry-Go-Round

One downside of my recent holiday was that my mobile phone decided to act strangely. It would no longer accept my PIN code, to unlock the screen. 306 more words

Country Life In Norfolk

iPhone Lock Screen: A Tweak Please

Apple, we need to talk. Typically, you’re the master of invention, or come later to the party and just do things better. However, your lock screen, it just needs some work. 143 more words



Remember the beginning of the era of the smart phone? I was a late joiner because they cost too much and other carriers told me that they’re cheaper “smart” phone was the iPhone killer or the Blackberry killer. 654 more words

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