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Review: With 16MP front camera Oppo F3 Plus is a treat for selfie lovers

China-based Oppo has done well in India, capturing 8.6 per cent market share in 2016, and the company has progressively shifted its strategy towards the premium end of devices. 155 more words

Intercontinental Mobile Game Weekend

Look into last year’s big produces and you might think gaming system have cracked the issue associated with diversity. Two of 2016’s almost all acclaimed action adventures Mafia III and Watchdogs a couple of both had black male leads, while Mirror’s Side 2, Uncharted 4 and indie game, Virginia, just about all featured women of colour. 599 more words


Are we obsessed with our phones or am I crazy?

I recently did a research assignment for a Media Studies unit whereby I had to investigate whether or not the mobile phone is a big part of the life of a student… And, let’s be honest, we don’t really need a research assignment to figure that one out. 642 more words


60 million 4G smartphones to be sold in India in 2019

LATEST BUSINESS NEWS – Nearly 200 million 4G-enabled feature phones will be sold in India in the next five years, triggering a slow-down for the domestic smartphone market, a new report claimed on Wednesday. 232 more words

What's Your "ICE"?

The incident in Westminster, London, today is a good reminder to have your “ICE” contacts set up on your phone. “ICE” stands for In Case of Emergency. 61 more words

Online Safety

Trust in the Tameness of a Wolf?

Okay, enough is enough! All these years I have been an advocate of cultural relativism. Ethical parity when societal mores and folkways are accounted for. I still am a staunch defender of freedom of belief and societally derived variations from what might be seen as a Western norm, but there are times when I must step back and shake my head. 924 more words