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Demo Shows Drone Flying Under Wireless Power

London-based electrical engineering researcher Dr. Samer Aldhaher recently posted a video demonstrating what could be the future of drone technology. The small drone you’re about to see has one distinguishing feature – it’s not carrying a battery. 311 more words


GU08 Bluetooth Smart Watch Review

Nowadays, watches not only tell time, but pretty much put most feature a phone can be found and done by just using watches, but just not an ordinary watch, but smart watches. 342 more words

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Viral Video Star Begs Ben Affleck To Add Robin To His Batman Movie

Actor Ryan Potter is begging Ben Affleck to give Batman a sidekick.

The “Big Hero 6” star created a short film touting himself as the next Boy Wonder, showing off his fighting skills and taking down bad guys in the video which took just three-and-a-half hours to choreograph.   232 more words


Pikachu Fever: Pikachu Must-Haves

Pikachu is the most well-known Pokémon and the face of the Pokémon franchise. Even a person who has never watched Pokémon will surely recognize Pikachu. If you have Pikachu fever, then check out our Pikachu must-haves! 231 more words

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Apple's 'delicate darling' charger cables need a fix

While everyone was talking about the brand new, “game-changing” water-resistant iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus phones with their innovative dual lens camera and cordless AirPods, there were some who were disappointed after there was no announcement about an improvement in a much-needed area — the charging cable. 342 more words

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Super Mario Run Is Coming To iPhone And iPad In December

Listen, if you’d told me that Mario was coming to a mobile platform, I would’ve exiled you to the depths of Hades for such a ridiculous statement, but that’s not the case here… 220 more words


Pokefever: Pokemon Accessories for Your Smart Phone

Despite the recent decrease of Pokemon Go players, true fans’ Pokefever hasn’t gone down at all. You may have been venturing to different places, why not express your fandom with Pokemon accessories? 285 more words

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