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Google takes direct aim at iOS users.

Google recently took a few actions to help make their new Pixel devices just THAT much more appealing to people on the other side of the pond. 117 more words


Artefact 1 - video

That is my artefact (above) – look at how boring it is, its ok to agree I made it boring.

Here is someone else’s (above) form a few months ago, it less than 100 views, which is kind of surprising considering the styles they have used.   621 more words

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Remixing Media

Today Blink 182 (american pop punk band) have released a new videos from their latest album, so far nothing unusual here. What is unusual is the video release that goes alongside the track. 159 more words


I make time-lapse sometimes

This is a really boring playlist of time lapses. Made with a gopro and capture mobile app.

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5 Situations You Wish You Had Your Earphones On

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just plug your earphones on your ears to escape a situation?

Listening has become part of our daily lives. 220 more words

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Smart Phone Image Capture

Smartphone are… well… smart, smarter than the spaceship that took men to the moon in the space race. A single Apple iPhone 5 has 2.7 times the processing power than the 1985 Cray-2 supercomputer. 531 more words

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