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Teens beware: parents will monitor driving habits on that new Chevy Malibu

Teen drivers: if your parents buy a Chevy Malibu this fall and give you a knowing smile as they hand you the keys, be aware that they’re going to be watching you even when they’re not watching you. 417 more words

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Buy Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and RAM at Goods.PH

Computing and processing data are the main functions of the Computer. All parts are integral for stable performance. Every consumer has a unique criterion on what type of internal parts must be installed to his or her personal computer for easier access and better overall performance. 554 more words

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The new market for base stations and small cells in Brazil

Brazilians and foreigners alike can attest to the fact that getting a strong, consistent mobile network signal in the country is not always an easy task, especially when moving away from the large city centers. 650 more words


ASUS Zenfone Selfie: 13 is Not a Bad Luck, It’s Quality

ASUS will be joining the selfie game and no model will be altered to headline Asus’ entrance other than the name that has carried the company to new heights. 566 more words

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Otium Gear S Setup and getting notifications working

I ordered the Optium Gear S for my son to use as a smartwatch and it’s not a bad buy for the price.  I checked out the… 289 more words


It's time for BlackBerry to switch to Android

How about some disclaimers, shall we?  I’m a long-time BlackBerry user and enthusiast.  In fact, I’ve had BlackBerry devices for almost as long as I’ve been in the wireless industry, which will be 13 years this December.   503 more words


AT&T CEO: "Half of our mobile network traffic is video"

What’s the most exciting thing happening in your industry right now?

You’re going to find this horribly boring, but it’s this concept called software-defined networking. You’re managing a massive global network the way you’d manage a cloud-based data center. 693 more words