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Few tips from our Ionic & Angular JS experience

1. Screen Resize

IONIC allows to adjust the screen height whenever the current view is updated, either by loading a new screen or by inducing dynamic HTML. 807 more words


Government and ICTs

Our readings this week certainly fit in with the current political events, especially when noting how social media is reinventing government. Facebook is full of comments (I can’t even call them debates anymore) about who is the better (or worse) candidate for President of the United States. 631 more words

Social Informatics

#SteveJobs (24 Şubat 1955 February 24, 1955 – 5 Ekim 2011, October 5, 2011)

Steven Paul Jobs (24 Şubat 1955 – 5 Ekim 2011), Apple Computer, Inc.’ın kurucu ortaklarından biridir.Ölümünden 5 hafta öncesine kadar yeni adıyla Apple Inc. de CEO olarak görev yapmıştır. 186 more words


These secret codes let you access hidden #iPhone features

Did you know that there are actually a handful of secret iPhone codes? Well it’s true, and the features range from extremely useful (like showing your exact signal strength) to very niche (like displaying your call forwarding status). 13 more words


The Repeated Racism of Snapchat

One of Snapchat’s more unusual features is its set of face-morphing filters. They’re essentially algorithmic funhouse mirrors: You can swipe different ways of contorting faces seen through your phone camera so that they have an enormous mouth, or a gold medal around their neck, or that make someone look like a comical pirate. 34 more words


Improving banking and financing via mobility.

Technology is advancing day-by-day and grabbing every field to develop it. We can use technologies for better development and in earning profits. Banking and financing are the sectors where people invest more because they feel that growth rate of these fields is more. 336 more words

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