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Anne-babalar için; dijital doğanları hayata hazırlama kılavuzu

Modern şehir yaşamında hayatta kalmaya çalışan sıradan bir aile düşünelim. Bu ailede anne baba birlikte çalışıyor. Çocuk okula gidiyor, akşam kursa, sonra ders yapıyor, uyuyor. Anne baba işten yorgun argın geliyor, çocuk bir şey istese de onunla konuşmak yerine anne ya da baba “Çok yorgunum, biraz dinleneyim” diyor ve ellerinde telefonları kendi dünyalarına çekiliyorlar. 284 more words

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Get Off Your Fuckin Phone !

I’ll be talking about it forever. Mobile devices are the tobacco of the 21st century. Here’s another researcher talking about what technology is doing to younger generations. ;-)

Deep is love - The Band of Heathens (Are you addicted to your mobile phone?)

You say you want to know how deep my love is
You say you long to hear those words aloud
So I ask how deep is the ocean… 142 more words


#Nomophobia (Fear of being away from a mobile device, power source, or service area)

Nomophobia is a proposed name for the phobia of being out of cellular phone contact. It is, however, arguable that the word “phobia” is misused and that in the majority of cases it is another form of anxiety disorder. 17 more words

Mobile Technologies

France gives workers 'right to disconnect' from office email

A new labor law that took effect on Sunday gives employees the “right to disconnect” from email, smartphones and other electronic leashes once their working day has ended.  39 more words

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Prevent iOS from zooming in on input fields

Developing a responsive website that works well across various browsers and devices is tough. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that browser vendors keep adding distinct behaviors to improve user experience. 623 more words


Mobile Communication Technology

Mobile communication technology is a term that is basically given to the technology used as the communication mode for the portable devices such as cellular phones, laptops, palmtops, digital assistants, global positioning systems, wireless card payment systems etc.There are many technologies that are used in communication of these devices such as wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), GSM services (2G and 3G), GPRS, Bluetooth, Virtual Private Networks, dial up modems etc. 469 more words