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Google Slides: Talk to your audience

Slides Q&A is a new update on Google Slides that allows your audience to communicate with you as you present. Simply create a presentation in slides, go to presenter mode and activate Slides Q&A. 30 more words


Gadget Selection...

With so many players in the market and new ones entering I always question myself,

  • While buying Apple products, one needs to have clear budget and wouldn’t have much of combinations in the configuration of the system except the storage capacity.
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Google I/O 2016 vs WWDC 2016

Google I/O is the developers conference of the Google & WWDC is of Apple.

The two Operating systems that are powering most of the devices on date, have reached a major milestone in computing with similar steps being taken in common areas involving machine learning and artificial intelligence. 435 more words


Summary of unread group conversations.

It is pretty much possible for an individual to miss conversations in at least one group for almost everyday and almost every group conversation would contain at least of  50-100 messages as an average. 93 more words


Marking messages from multiple Users as 'Read' at once.

With the increasing number of messaging apps in the market and the increasing number of groups an individual is involved in, hardly any individual would read each and every message that comes to his handset including the messages in the groups that he is involved in as every missed group conversation would contain at least 50-100 messages straight in average. 57 more words


Google I/O2016

Google I/O 2016 is the developers conference of Google that’s held once a year introducing the developments and new products from the company for that year. 955 more words