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TeknoDonanım @tekno_donanim Emre Hasan Akbayrak @bluesyemre röportajı

2011’den bu yana bluesyemre.com adresinde yer alan aynı adlı blogumda mesleki ve ilgi alanlarım ekseninde paylaşımlar yapmaktayım. İşim ve ilgi alanımda olmasından dolayı sosyal medyayı çok etkin kullanıyorum. 189 more words


4 Things for Senior Women to Consider When Using Mobile Technologies

Females and older people are technically incompatible.  This notion is a stereotype that causes the double digital divide: Females and seniors do not use the computer and the Internet as much as the rest of Canadian population. 470 more words

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Enhance your talent with Xamarin

Learn everything about new technology called xamarin. C# has more talent than what we think as usual. It’s nothing just window’s technology nor only about web development. 19 more words



Are you sure that you know Android well?

Do you think that you know Android well?

To know more facts about android and technologies those are used for android development you must check on This article – Introducing Android.


A new era for social media

By Carrie Finley-Bajak

Embracing technology and incorporating best practices can mean the difference between extinction and relevancy on the social Web, because the ability to connect and influence people via social media is part of a 21st century travel agent’s marketing playbook. 936 more words


What is a Smartpen?

At St. John Fisher College, Office of Academic Affairs supports students with disabilities by loaning Livescribe Smartpens. The smartpens enable users to capture, search, and share handwritten notes. 1,052 more words

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Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know

This new book Top Technologies every librarian needs to know edited by Kenneth J. Varnum distils the latest knowledge in emerging library technologies and trends that will develop in the next five years into an easy to read format. 243 more words