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How Blockchain Can Restore Trust In Trade

International trade is under pressure. Fears fueled by the global refugee situation and terrorist threats have led to tighter border controls – and these come at a cost. 974 more words

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Technology for a cashless society

I happened to be in India last November when prime minister Modi announced the demonetization program, where 86% of the currency in the form of two paper bills (Rs. 323 more words

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The art of geo targeting mobile targeted groups respond intelligently and user-friendly

In the context of position or movement data, the user’s privacy is a delicate matter. All modern Smart phones offer a separate query for the privacy of the user, whether the position is to be shared with the currently used app or mobile website. 776 more words

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Connected Consumers, IoT and What Retailers Need to Do Now

Doing your laundry and notice you’re low on detergent? That used to mean a trip to the grocery store. Now you have options: You can order it online. 1,704 more words

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Question of the Week

What do you think the internet will be like in 25 years?

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6 ways to secure your mobile phone against attackers in 2017

Cyber attacks are a real threat to businesses and individuals alike.

Cyber Attacks are a real threat to businesses and individuals alike. In 2015, CNN reported that nearly 1 million new malware threats are released daily. 308 more words

Automating Supply Chain Resilience

Substantial investments in supply chain resilience have enabled companies to vastly improve their capacity for bouncing back after a disruption. But the digitization of supply chains is introducing new demands on company operations that require a different approach to building supply chain resilience. 1,204 more words

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