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Smartphones ˗˗˗ check! Smart televisions ˗˗˗ check! Smart cars ˗˗˗ check! Smart watches ˗˗˗ check! How about smart homes? Chances are your home is not smart enough just yet. 606 more words

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Needlessly Complicated Printing - Nope!

Back in January, we launched our new Mobile Printing service, so that library customers could print directly from their mobile devices and laptops. Since its launch, we’ve printed over 150 pages using Mobile Print! 191 more words

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First Blush Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I had a few end-of-years dollars to spend. After taking care of everyone else, I opted to spend my allowance on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. 2,624 more words


Where are we headed with technology in education?

Technology has never more rapidly evolved than in the last 100 years but will it keep changing at such a drastic rate?  Will we always feel a step behind in the classroom because it takes longer for technology to logistically reach the institute, and by the time it does, it is almost obsolete?   275 more words


New App Launches Making Council Services Available on the Move

People looking to access council services whilst on the move can now do so on a brand new App.

Finding out about school closures, reporting highways issues, ordering an extra bin and managing council tax payments are some of the things people can now do with a swipe of their finger. 344 more words


Amazon Pushing Retail Checkout

Retailers are always looking for the easiest and best ways to gather as much customer data as possible. This helps you to better understand your customers as well as learn the best, most efficient ways to market your products and services to them. 336 more words

Banning mobile phones is cargo cult science

Making waves this week on twitter and blogs is this stu…

Source: www.educate1to1.org

How propitious it is to find this analysis of a recent UK study on the effect of “banning mobile phones:.

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