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BOTS: the new perimeter and how to perform testing on it?

A bot is software that is designed to automate different types of tasks you would usually do on your own like, adding an appointment to your calendar or fetching and displaying information and making a dinner reservation. 49 more words

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Mobile Application Functional Testing – Best approaches

The unpredictability of the fragmented mobile market calls for an optimal test coverage for mobile applications. Functional Testing of Mobile Applications tests its basic user interactions such as launching, logging in, checking account updates and other direct user flows. 535 more words

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Some of the Most Important Aspects of Testing E-Commerce Websites

These days it’s hard to find someone who isn’t shopping online. From modest openings, e-commerce firms have taken the consumer market by storm from last decade. 77 more words

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Strategies to Increase the Customer Base of Your Mobile Applications

With the dawn of smart phones and the advancement of the mobile technology, people are using smart devices progressively more as a mean of communication and for accessing the web. 510 more words

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4 Benefits of Using the Espresso Test Automation Tool

If you’re an Android developer, you’re probably familiar with Google’s Espresso test automation framework. As an open-source tool, it’s very easy for developers to use and extend within their working environment ( 523 more words

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Mobile Load Testing Challenges

It is an obvious fact that mobile is here to stay. Smart devices are now the major media of interaction for businesses and consumers globally. The growth of mobile devices have made organizations integrate them with the computing environment. 667 more words

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Mobile Applications- Trends and Market

The planet earth is now covered with virtual wireless nets all over it. According to the World Bank report,  in 2014 itself, per 100 people there are 97 people using mobile phones in the world. 297 more words