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Week 15 @2018, handpicked questions

Hi QA Professionals,

How do you automate your test on mobile that has a step to scan a barcode or QR code?(https://softwaretestingboard.com/qna/3002/)
What is the difference between testing and debugging? 38 more words

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Eliminating Mobile Test Automation Flakiness and More

Mobile testing by definition is an unstable, flaky and unpredictable activity.

When you think you covered all corners and created a “stable” environment, still, your test cycle often get stuck due to 1 or few items. 902 more words

Mobile Testing

Role of Mobile Test Automation in the Face of digital challenges

Intense competition and need for reaching higher revenues has triggered the growth of Application development. Additionally, there are challenges related to changing user preferences, and ultimately you have only a few mobile apps that hold the attention of the users. 458 more words

Mobile Testing

Appium: iOS automation testing environment configuration

Helpful Websites


Why Appium?

Appium is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web apps, tested on simulators (iOS, FirefoxOS), emulators (Android), and real devices (iOS, Android, Windows, FirefoxOS). 800 more words

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Appium: Android automation testing environment configuration

Appium for Android on Mac

So basically the environment setting up is pretty similar with iOS. We need Node.js and Homebrew, and most importantly, Appium. Please follow the instruction of Appium configuration for iOS part above. 802 more words

Automation Testing

Split text in C#

Basic logic:

Char[] separater = {‘:‘,‘|‘,‘ ‘}; //enter the separaters
String[] mytext = theTextYouWantToSplit.Split(separater); //create a string arrary

Then, show the string:

foreach (string s in mytext) //for each string in the array
Console.WriteLine(s); //print out

Automation Testing

Appium: useful codes

Long press/Tap and hold

TouchAction action = new TouchAction();

Swipe to element[7]

public void ComplexTouchActionTestCase ()
    IList<AppiumWebElement> els = driver.FindElementsByClassName ("android.widget.TextView");
    var loc1 = els [7].Location;
    AppiumWebElement target = els[1];
    var loc2 = target.Location;
    driver.Swipe (loc1.X, loc1.Y, loc2.X, loc2.Y, 800); //this action includes almost all touch actions
    Assert.AreNotEqual(loc2.Y, target.Location.Y);
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