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My Friend Will Hate SeeYoo, An App To Say OMW

No matter how far or close by, a good friend of mine always texts to say he’s “20 minutes away” when he’s running late. SeeYou, which calls itself a ‘pre-meeting app’, is almost certainly not for him. 261 more words


Uber subpoenas GitHub in search for hacker of driver database

Uber is a darling of the investor class, most recently raising $1.6 billion from Goldman Sachs, as it’s raced out ahead of competitors like Lyft to cement market dominance in the US, all the while aiming for… 676 more words


Late night chase lands three behind bars

CLAY COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Some wanted fugitives are behind bars Tuesday morning after a late night chase in Clay County, Indiana.    
It started just after 10:00 Monday night. 134 more words


Can mobile devices really become productivity tools?

every since the first Ipad was announced , company’s have since tried to market their new devices as tools for work which hasn’t really worked… dont deny it we all use our phones and tablets for a hand full of uses one manly being that we use them to browse the web, watch youtube videos and play a couple games, its a shame but company’s now have to bow to this demand but i have recently been switching my laptop out for my phone in some cases to get ‘real work done’ such as now android has support for .txt files and now Microsoft office suit this means that i can now create and edit documents and post things on to the website with help from a Bluetooth keyboard to help me type faster but what i still really crave is for companys to grab hold of this opotunity and deveop more apps and software which oneday when mobile GPU’s can handle it to mabye be able to edit a video whith premire pro ? 26 more words


Scandal in the Spotlight

iOS App Store: Scandal in the Spotlight
Google Play: Scandal in the Spotlight

Yay! Voltage’s version of Utapri was released yesterday in English! I was interested in this game mostly because of Kyouhei, hehe. 231 more words


MWC: Google to launch MVNO is U.S.

Sundar Pichai, senior VP at Google and the, has confirmed the long-standing rumors that it was planning to enter the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) space in the U.S. 160 more words


Thing 2: Look up last week's lecture notes - Five Things You Can Do with the VLE app

We’re up to Thing 2 in our ‘Five Things you can do with the VLE app’ series. “What!? There’s an app for the VLE? Since when?!” Well, since the 2012-13 academic year actually, but it’s our fault for not shouting it from the rooftops a little bit more. 293 more words