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Summoning Focus: Heroes with Solo Skills

Heroes with Solo skills are featured as part of a 5★ Fire Emblem Heroes summoning focus! Heroes with Solo skills are granted up to +6 to certain stats during combat if they are not adjacent to any ally. 97 more words


Royalty Convenes (A View from the Throne)

The first episode of Fire Emblem Heroes – Royalty Convenes (A View from the Throne) with more to be added!


Introducing Beau’s Artisanal Cookie

A new fortune cookie is coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Beau’s Artisanal Cookie arriving on 21 August. Items include baker’s beret, baker’s apron, bakery seating, baker’s apron dress, bakery sign, dessert display, bakery oven, baked-goods display, bakery display window, and the featured bakery counter item. 19 more words


Pokémon Rumble Rush

I make no apologies for my love of Pokemon, and when its a game that links in with The Pokemon Company, as well as my Nintendo Account, then I’m philosophically obliged to give it a red hot go. 106 more words


Mobile Games Update

It’s funny to me that despite my protests about mobile games in years past — things like they aren’t real games and none of them are worth the time investment — I play them more than console or PC games these days. 1,314 more words


I've Discovered Gacha Games and There's No Going Back

As someone who loves cute aesthetic, RPG’s, and anime girls, you’d think that I’d have discovered the world of Gacha a long time ago – yet, my journey is just now beginning. 431 more words

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Personal Stylist App

The Style-At-Iz Personal Stylist app will suggest styles to users, recommend what looks well and compare outfits side by side. The app uses contextual information for where or what event you’re wearing your outfit to, which is often a big part of outfit indecision.