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Twitter Video will be a lot more like YouTube than Vine

Twitter’s plans for a built-in video player have been public for a while, but now we’re finding out more details. TechCrunch points to Daniel Raffel’s tweets, where he’s cracked open the JS file on a placeholder page to uncover a “full blown YouTube” competitor. 118 more words


Samsung squeezed past Apple in consumer satisfaction for smartphones

Apple may have owned Christmas, but Samsung won the year when it came to satisfying shoppers with its phones. The latest stats from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, which surveys 70,000 consumers every year, show Samsung slightly beating out Apple by two points with a satisfaction score of 81. 287 more words


Wireless charging for tablets is finally coming next year

We’re still waiting for the Rezence standard to bring wireless charging to laptops, but Freescale is taking a big step towards making that a reality. It just announced a new wireless product that’s powerful enough to recharge tablets, portable medical devices, and other large gadgets. 157 more words


Google's Android 5.0 "L" is called Lollipop

So, as expected Google unveiled the next, state of the art version of Android, codenamed “L”, which stands for “Lollipop”.

I guess it would be funny to say “Hey, I’m running Lollipop!”… (yeah you can think of it as you wish…) :D… 139 more words

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Google unveils the Nexus 6 priced at 649$, pre-orders October 29th

It’s that time of the year again where Google unveils it’s Nexus lineup and this time, I somehow feel like there’s nothing new on the table… 115 more words

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Motorola's UK store will now sell you the new Moto G and other devices

Although Motorola has offered phones in the UK for decades, the company has never let you buy direct. Even when it was owned by Google, it chose to point customers in the direction of retailers like Amazon. 138 more words