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Scientific AiREAS research during Marathon Eindhoven

Along four lines the City of Tomorrow and AiREAS do research before, during and after the Marathon of Eindhoven on October 11th, 2015. These lines of research have to do with the AiREAS objective to develop the core human values of health and air quality with the city with the involvement of all those who can contribute (government, civilians, scientists and business innovations). 440 more words

Air Quality

National Poetry Day

It’s national poetry day, so because I am lacking in creativity, energy and words in general today, I thought I’d share this excellent haiku from… 17 more words

Was haben Diesel und Atomkraftwerke gemeinsam?

Change of scenery: A blog entry in German.

Würde die Bevölkerung im Allgemein das verstehen, hätten die Bangemacher weniger Brennstoff. Etwas Wahrheit.

Verbrechen gegen den Staat was absichtlich die Regeln zu umgehen.

147 more words

Is bodybuilding a dying sport?

(warning: you are about to read my opinion on the matter, nothing more…nothing less)

I have followed hundreds of bodybuilders and aspiring bodybuilders for years now. 439 more words


Emitting and compensating

Bruno and I have been naughty. We took a flight. How incoherent. Well, even for us, green semi-hippies, flying sometimes is the most convenient option for travelling. 393 more words


Product Review - OtterBox Strada Series Case

These days, no one carries their phone without a case. For one, they’re worth a lot of money, and are basically our lifeline. There are a ton of case out there that all have their own features and benefits. 349 more words


It's all about the Apps, it's all about the Apps (and the Data)

Which contributed most to the success of the iPhone: the iPhone hardware and iOS or the creation of the Apple App Store?

The iPhone hardware and operating system brought something new into a market that desperately needed disrupting. 832 more words