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Stuck (The Walrus)


Traffic is ruining our lives—but we can be saved.

I’m wedged between a bmw driven by a dark-haired woman on my left, and a Corolla with a sign advertising a housecleaning service on my right. 3,136 more words

Post Automobile

Guide Dog School: Day 10

Guide Dog School: Day 10

We have reached the halfway mark. This class feels like family now. We stay so busy that I barely get time to write, but that’s alright. 593 more words

How to Parkour - Adam Mcclellan

Keywords: parkour, certification, fitness, classes, extreme, walking, running

Adam Mcclellan talks to us about parkour. How to go to you first class, what parkour is, why it is a great sport/activity to pursue. 770 more words


CFP - Workshop: Multimedia, Mobility and the Digital Southeast Asian Family

20-21 April 2017  |  La Trobe University Melbourne Australia

Southeast Asia is home to the largest number of social media users globally. Digital technology is shaping the way Southeast Asians interact, maintain contact, express who they are and their family relationships. 354 more words


Why I went digital

There are no rules to art and there are no rules when choosing a platform. Many traditional artists rely on the simple tools such as paper to get the job done. 346 more words

Razorback Tree

Heritage Living

Balance and ADL training. Patients made a razorback tree and performed balance exercises to put ornaments on tree. Also did activity tolerance exercise while standing and writing scores and opponents on ornaments before putting on tree.


Hanging Clothes on Clothes Line

Heritage Living

Balance and ADL training. Working on standing balance and putting clothes on clothesline to prepare for laundry tasks at home.