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Workout 02-17-18

My son joined me for today’s morning workout. He’s nine and has the coordination of a drunk toddler and the flexibility of a coffee table. Still he scaled everything I did and even joined in for the yoga. 172 more words


Rehab worked great!

Dana Dyer’s doctor referred him to Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise for physical therapy for his shoulder. Dana says, “The referral was to have therapy to regain my mobility and strength. 27 more words

6 Things Can You Do to Protect Disability Rights Today

By Alice Wong

This article originally appeared in Teen Vogue.  (https://www.teenvogue.com/story/disability-rights-how-to-help)

In this op-ed, the founder and director of the Disability Visibility Project, Alice Wong, explains the danger of H.R. 227 more words


Squat Clean - Priming a Better Bottom Position

The last post Three Position Clean, focused on the accuracy (okay, inaccuracy) of my three lifts.  The 2nd was by far the best and that was due to the work I did prior to lifting. 130 more words


SPECTRUM: Exposing the Power Vampires in Self-Driving Cars

By driving smarter, autonomous cars have the potential to move people around and between cities with far greater efficiency. Estimates of their energy dividends, however, have largely ignored autonomous driving’s energy inputs, such as the electricity consumed by brawny on-board computers. 665 more words


Reclaiming our main roads for residents

It’s not only our side streets that can be made people-friendly

Traffic restraint on residential streets is not new – humps, speed limits, barriers, residents’ parking schemes, pedestrianisation, and so on.   1,058 more words


The Story Carved into my Flesh

I forget sometimes, you see.

My memory isn’t what it used to be. I forget names and places. There are chunks of my young adulthood from which I retain only the sketchiest of memories. 733 more words

Spoonie Challenges