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Chronic Back Pain Part 1

Most people who know me know that I have issues with back pain.  It’s not a subject that is widely understood and for those who do have chronic pain, the experiences can be different and what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.  798 more words

Mobile in a Minnesota winter, from metro to rural

EVEN IN THE DEPTHS of winter, we Minnesotans are a mobile bunch. Snow, ice and cold may slow our pace. But, unless we hibernate, and we don’t, we remain fairly active. 262 more words

Pain: Treating the Site VS Treating the Source

For some people, maybe yourself included, pain is an occurrence of everyday life. Foot pain, low back pain, shoulder pain… Dealing with the nagging pain can often become a routine – same as pouring your cup of coffee in the morning or brushing your teeth at night. 698 more words

Dedicated Xamarin Developers at Mobiloitte Providing Robust Business Solution

At Mobiloitte, our expert developers strive hard and based on rigorous research they are capable of delivering mobile development and application services for any industry including hospitality, travel, banking, ecommerce and etc.,to a global client base. 12 more words


CfP: Workshop: Mobile and multilocal practices: undermining social cohesion and the common good?

Call for Papers: Workshop: Mobile and multilocal practices: undermining social cohesion and the common good?

Congress of the Swiss Sociological Association 2017 at Zurich

Stable, territorially defined socio-political communities like urban quarters, cities, regions or national states are traditionally seen as the precondition for developing relations of trust resulting in social integration, cohesion and engagement. 308 more words


And so it begins...

At 7am this morning, a man began knocking a hole in the ceiling of our garage and the floor of our spare bedroom. By 10.30am, there was an elevator-shaped hole in our house. 163 more words