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12 Questions: How to be a Wheeled Pedestrian

1. What do I do if it’s raining?  Put on a raincoat and, ride slowly.

2. What do I do if it’s hot?  Wear something light and, ride slowly. 250 more words


Crossfit BMF 04/28/2015

Warm Up

Snatch Balance   3-3-3

Work to 3RM Snatch

“Helen”   3 or 5 Rounds for Time:

Run 400 m

21 KBS   2 Pood, 1.5 Pood, 1 Pood

12 Pull Ups

Around the world with mobile work habits

Smartphones and tablets are changing how and from where people do their jobs. Anyone who uses their mobile device for work knows this.

Tom Kaneshige of CIO.com has put together a… 314 more words


Limp Bizkit, Alabama Crimson Tide, and The Stones

Rolling. Specifically foam rolling.

Everyone probably knows to do it. But do they know why?

Read on!

Athletic Development

2015: Buckle Up! These Mobility Trends Will Shake Up Your Business.

The age of smart mobility is poised to shape the next IT era. Among colleagues, owning a smart mobile device is no longer a choice but an obligation; others decided to extend their mobile possessions to tablets and wearable technologies allowing a fashionably continuous connection with the world. 520 more words


Not exercising because of mobility limitations? Experts offer tips to increase physical activity

As much as we would like to say, “Oh, exercise is something I just can’t do,” that’s probably not true when you really think about it. 562 more words


UK Mobile Platforms Held Back By Security Fears

With the majority of shoppers (64%) now storing their debit or credit card details with online sites, many are still yet to make the leap to storing payment details within mobile apps. 373 more words