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A Tesla Model X beat a Lamborghini in a drag race, and may have set an SUV speed record in the process

The speed merchants at DragTimes wanted to see if they could set the world’s fastest SUV record. Thanks to the physics of electric motors, it look like they may have succeeded. 249 more words

May Mobility is a self-driving startup with a decade of experience

(Source: techcrunch.com)

May Mobility is a startup making its official debut at Y Combinator’s demo day on Monday, focused on offering autonomous driving technology that companies with commercial fleets will be able to use in the near-term, not a decade from now. 662 more words


Organizing Closet

Colonel Glenn

Homemaking skills; balance; body mechanics




Working on standing balance activity, standing endurance activity; eye/hand coordination; and a little fun PT vs PT competition.


Pet Care

Salem Place

IADL of pet care walking the dog and feeding dog. Standing balance, bending, reaching, functional ambulation with IADL with safety awareness.



Spring Creek

Game changer: ST baked cupcakes and iced them while working on executive function with ADLS and attention/problem solving.



Spring Creek

Game changer: PT worked with patient on balance and strengthening while completing bowling act.