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Are Leaders Mysterious?

In a recent Leadership Lessons from Captain Ahab post, I made the claim that top leaders tend to be mysterious. I had some readers take issue with that idea, suggesting that monomaniacal Ahab may be mysterious but that he is… 253 more words

He's a Star -- Sign Him Up, Fast!

In the Leadership Lessons from Captain Ahab blog, I’ve written about the talent game circa 1800s. Ishmael is not exactly top talent in the whaling industry.  29 more words

Will the Uncertain Art of Recruitment Ever Change?

I recently wrote a blog about the recruitment of Ishmael in Moby-Dick. It made me wonder if the the fundamentals of recruitment will — or can — ever change. 66 more words

Leadership Lessons from Captain Ahab

Among the more popular posts on The Reticulum are those related to the admittedly wacky idea of “leadership lessons from Captain Ahab.” I’ve decided to consolidate those semi-satirical pieces and to add new ones in a separate blog devoted to the concept. 174 more words

Sudden realization

At the moment I had this thought, it seemed much more profound. Now I’m not sure what to make of it, but I still think it’s weird. 369 more words


Leadership Lessons from Captain Ahab: The Makeover

This is a departure from the other Ahab posts on this blog in that it’s not about a specific chapter in the book. Instead, this is a quick bit of bad balladry, inspired by the avid polishing work carried out by the plethora of hard-working public relations pros on behalf of their companies and leaders. 252 more words

Leadership Lessons from Captain Ahab: "Like Grim Death"

(Part of continuing series on leadership lessons from the novel Moby-Dick )

Those who haven’t read Moby-Dick for a while often forget how uproariously funny the book can be. 861 more words