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Mocha, hot target of biased yellow media

MANILA, The Philippines — The sexiest angel in the lord president’s heaven has been viciously attacked by the yellow demons of the Elpiland.

According to the goddess Mocha Uson, she’s under attack because of her beauty and undying love and support for the demigod president of the republic, His Highness Rodrigo Duterte. 378 more words

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An open letter to Mocha Uson


                Hi beks! Kumusta naman? Happy ka naman bang nakakapaglaganap ng mga katangahan at kabobohan sa internet? Nakakatulog ka pa ba sa gabi? 563 more words

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Fans ni Mocha Uson, asar-talo kay Agot Isidro

Agot Isidro and Mocha Uson
Asar-talo kay Agot Isidro ang fans ni Mocha Uson.
May isa kasing follower si Agot sa social media, si Kristine Gonzaga, na nag-suggest na pagsamahin sina Mocha at Baron Geisler at tawaging MoRon ang kanilang love team. 11 more words


ESQUIRE: Mocha Uson as the Pretty Hate Machine

by Maria Makiling

In the ultra elitist magazine Esquire’s December issue of Heroes and Villains, Mocha is portrayed as the villain. For heroes, you have the likes of the non-performing cabinet member and alleged Vice President Leni Robredo; the mistress of Ronnie Dayan and alleged protector of drug lords Leila De Lima; and the plotting Chito Gascon. 573 more words

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A little poem for all the people of 2016

“The Taste of Hate”

by: JP & BP

The fuck is happening to this fucking world,

Every person is a fucking whore,

I look at them and I feel the gore,

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Our right is never absolute

Facebook is not a blog site. It is social media. Yes, you have the right to express what you feel but this right is not absolute. 434 more words



Some members of mainstream media have been frothing in the mouth at this lady for scoring an exclusive interview with the Incoming President. What, a “sexy entertainer” out scooping ‘legitimate journalists’ for a full, albeit edited, 15-minute audience with… 641 more words

Denn Meneses reblogged this on THE TARAY CHRONICLES and commented:

MOCHA USON IS A CREATION OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA. During the campaign, she was just another ordinary “blogger”, although her name recall as a “sexy entertainer” attracted some followers. Before long, however, she became the self-described “Media ni Duterte”. Mainly because mainstream media would not publish still pictures and show live videos of the huge crowds lining the streets where Candidate Duterte’s motorcades would pass and the throngs of people who would attend his rallies all over the archipelago. Which were spontaneous at hindi po hakot. Mocha’s blog was the go-to site for Duterte followers who were ‘hungry’ for news on what’s happening in the Duterte campaign. Kasi po, mainstream media, your embedded reporters focused more on Duterte’s expletives rather than the message of ‘country first’ that he was trying to convey. Those were the things that she shared in her Facebook page – videos on Duterte’s campaign speeches in all the places that he visited which were all cramped with people. And those were “lies” and “fabrications”? Her followers grew in large numbers until the apologists of the previous regime found out, a bit too late, that her “believers” have reached over four million. For one, the apologists were hard to justify the pathetic scene in Hong Kong where Mocha and her group were performing before a large crowd of overseas Filipinos while a stone’s throw away, a sprinkling of Roxas supporters were seen trying to comfort their standard bearer while he sat slumped on a concrete bench perhaps trying to figure out what the hell was happening. And DU30 was not even there. Did a single media outlet show that “picture”? And by the way, the holier-than-thou had been dismissing the Mocha Girls in the meanest terms possible when in truth, they were just a group of hard-working girls volunteering their services for free in favor of a candidate that they believed in. Masyado tayong mapang-husga pero ang totoo, mas makatao pa sila kaysa sa atin. Mocha might have ‘shared’ a few links which were of dubious origins but, what the heck, who hasn’t done so in an era of pretense and deceit when it is easy to fall for crap without giving it a moment’s thought? The lady is admittedly not a journalist, but even journalists do not always report the truth. So? So Mocha is now a multi-media phenom. Blame yourselves, media oligarchs. You have created your own monster.