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On Miss Universe

I was about to retweet the Miss Universe hashtag for our representative but saw her opinion regarding giving Mocha Uson a chance. So sorry, I won’t vote for her (but I won’t vote for anyone either). 132 more words

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Confession Box: Ilda Ignacio's rant against the real FEMINAZIS

Someone’s rant against women-shamers, re: Ilda’s rant against Mocha’s bashers:

Kaya kahit anong sabihin ninyo, bukod pa kay Maria Ozawa tsaka Pamela Anderson, mataas rin ang paggalang ko kay Mocha Uson.

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The Power of Mocha Uson

I just came back from a week-long conference which unintentionally made me absent on my social media accounts. Except for a couple of pics, some FB check-ins, and brief moments of browsing, I was out of touch. 830 more words

Send in the clowns!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous.

Shameless Thug Regime sluts Mocha Uson and Harry Roque are now being publicly outed as likely PDP-Laban senatorial timber. 72 more words

Lapdog Roque scared of fake news queen

Venal propagandist Mocha Uson was busted yet again for pimping fake news, and Thug Regime “spokesman” and lapdog Harry Roque said he’s staying out of it. 80 more words

Fake News and Mocha Uson

Are you an avid fan or Fake News? Most people don’t know this. But most people are easily swayed by Fake News than the “real news.” Well, Communications Asec. 614 more words