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I guess the recent Assistant Secretary of the PCOO appointment of Mocha Uson is probably the best “pie-in-your-face” moment for all her detractors. I could imagine the horrified look on their faces when the appointment was announced. 1,006 more words

Exposing G Toengi!

NOTE: Anyway, Senyor Komikado finally permitted me to create my first post about G Toengi. If you see that the author is “pilosopongkomikado,” then it’s our common account. 1,681 more words


The Irony of Mocha Uson Appointment

Ms. Margaux Justiniano Uson, known also as “Mocha Uson” appointed as PCOO’s Assistant Secretary is ironic.

On Uson’s pretext that people relied on wrong reports coming from the mainstream media, she said, she would be in charge fighting the fake news. 466 more words

Blog And Social Media

Dapat lang ma-SUPALPAL ang mga Dilawtista, anoh!?

The truth about the elitistas on cyberspace

The elitistas are inflexible, inconsiderate, and lastly, INTOLERANT. Kunwari, they advocate liberatedness, tolerance, and open-mindedness, but at the end of the day, they’re self-righteous, all-knowing, bigoted, and the worst: Narrow-minded.

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G Tong-HIT should shut the eff up, if she believes she's WAY BETTER than MOCHA!

Yeah, I know G Toengi is beautiful, but to be honest… she does have a heart of STONE. Sa Tagalog, PUSONG BATO!

I still like G Toengi, but NOT when it comes to POLITICS!!! 883 more words


Why Margaux (Mocha) Uson has my support

11 May 2017 – Among the many appointees of PRRD, Margaux ‘Mocha’ Uson is one of those controversial people in the Duterte team I would like to see kicked out. 525 more words


“She’s bright and articulate…it’s time to believe in them ….” said President Duterte.

When a president steps in, what you know about competence and experience steps out. 387 more words