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Mochi: 11 Weeks Gestation

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend, but my in-laws were nice enough to move our family festivities to this weekend, since we had plans to go up to the cottage anyway. 261 more words

Ichigo Daifuku

Also known as strawberry daifuku. (Ichigo means strawberry in Japanese.) This is a Japanese dessert made with strawberries, sweetened red bean paste, and mochi. It is very yummy, and well worth the effort! 470 more words


Flour + Tea

Tea galore!

Bread galore!

Flour + tea = happy me :)

It’s a little bit out of the way to go to, but drop by if you’re already in the area and get their brown sugar milk tea and green tea mochi bread! 8 more words


I’m in Love with This Japanese Gourmet Frozen Dessert

Who doesn’t love gourmet frozen desserts? No one I know, myself included. If you have not yet discovered mochi ice cream, you don’t know what you’re missing. 335 more words

Japanese Dessert

Itchy, itchy, ITCHY!

Friends, I’ve been scratching like it’s going out of style.

The itching started last week, and has been worse in the evening and night time, with no hives or rashes really. 601 more words

Chapssalddeok (Korean mochi) with mungbean filling

I was looking for recipes of rice cakes that I can make for this year’s Chuseok and I saw these colorful and fluffy-looking chapssalddeok! I based the recipe from… 553 more words


Chapssalddeok (Korean mochi)

Chapssalddeok is a rice cake made from glutinous rice. It’s also the same as the ones with the famous dessert from Japan called mochi J It is soft and chewy and usually served with different fillings such as mungbeans, chocolate, custard, or ice cream! 443 more words