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Sanshoku Dango (三色団子)

Sun and I go way back. Ever since I saw my first sunrise over 22 years ago, we have been close friends; we’re almost always together! 498 more words


Mochi Dango

As a part of the story of ‘Hanami’ (Cherry Blossom viewing) I have introduced a sweet called ‘Hanami-Dango’ in April. It is a tri-coloured Mochi on a skewer which is a traditional and popular sweet in Japan. 245 more words


Matcha Mochi Bars

Mochi reminds me of glutinous rice balls that my dad would make at least once a week. My dad and I are big fans because of its soft, smooth and chewy texture. 159 more words

Kai Sushi Food Review

Still not over asian cuisine and I will never be. Here’s a food hotspot for sushi lovers in Zürich that serves traditional japanese cuisine with noticably fresh ingredients and wonderful craftsmnship of sushi masters. 57 more words


Icy Bar

My good friend X was back in town for her school break and I really wanted to take her to Candy Tree Dessert but unfortunately they were closed on on Wednesdays! 140 more words