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Halloween 'Mochi Ghost' 👻

It is getting colder now in the UK. However, before Winter is coming ‘Halloween is coming!’ I attempted making Japanese sweet last year in the Halloween theme. 188 more words


Taking a photo

ok, I am not the best photographer but why is it so difficult to take a good picture of a black pug?! Maybe too much beauty is difficult to capture… 44 more words


Things I love about my mochi #1

I love my mochi’s cheeks.

It’s so soft and bouncy like mochi~ *muacks*


Miyoshi - Giant Shaved Ice

Miyoshi is something of a legend among the prefectural office workers. For nearly a year I had heard of their fabled giant and delicious shaved ice creations, yet it took me months to actually eat there. 366 more words


Yuzu Mochi - Take II

こんばんは! Just a small post today.

This weekend I tried to make mochi again, using this recipe by Japanese Cooking 101. Embarrassingly, I completely missed the video when looking at the recipe on my phone and just skipped down to the written instructions (go me!), so I’ll have to try this again next weekend. 345 more words


Full Moon Festival

One of the big festivals in Hyuga (besides our summer Hyottoko festival) is the October Full Moon Festival for which my taiko group is named.  As such, it’s is normally our biggest event of the year.   546 more words


Mochi Donuts

I show you how to make mochi donuts! These are easy gluten free donuts that has amazing chewy texture. I show you how to make them with some rice flour, eggs, milk, sugar, matcha, and cocoa powder. 743 more words