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Pugs are people too

This is Mochi at the park hanging out with the humans


Mochi en el parque pasando el rato con los humanos


Feeling hot

If it is not freezing outside, this is how Mochi’s nights look like…And apparently it is up to me to control the weather…

PS: I am one of those people who is also cold so Mochi and I have extremely different comfort temperatures. 99 more words


Bery bery mochi!


Kali ini gua mo repiu liquid bery bery mochi. Liquid yang katanya max vg… Hmmm 🙄 yakin max vg? Iya tulisannya, bagaimana impresinya liquid 120 ribu ini? 117 more words


Finding the best sleeping spot

This is the accurate amount of turns it takes Mochi to find the best post in his bed.


Este es el número exacto de vueltas que Mochi da para encontrar el mejor sitio para dormir en su camita.


Durian Mochi 榴槤糯米糍

My husband and I are both a big fan of durian. However, the price for fresh durian is way too much in Toronto. We could only enjoy them every time we visit my in-laws in Hong Kong. 660 more words

Asian Desserts

Custard Mochi + Green Tea Sponge Cake

Asian style desserts have always been my pick over another other because they seem to be not as sweet. Which may seem strange since the reason why you eat a dessert is that you want something sweet and sugary! 606 more words

Rachel Eats


The Twinchis are bringing back so many memories of when Mochi was a puppy. He always pretended to sleep when he did something wrong. As if I wouldn’t say anything ibecause he was sleeping…ok, it worked many times, what can I say, he looks adorable when he sleeps! 52 more words