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BBQ "Pulled Pork" Jackfruit 

What you will need:

Parchment paper/ foil paper

A baking sheet

A large frying pan

A spatula

A colander

A knife


2 cans of jackfruit (soaked in brine not syrup) or strips from 1/4 of a large jackfruit… 181 more words

GreenR, taking vegetarian food a notch up

Shahpur Jat is popularly known for its designer stores and boutiques but it’s a lesser known fact that it has some of the most amazing food joints in the city. 448 more words

An Unsatisfied Palate

Seitan | Buddha's Food


Seitan (say-TAHN), lovingly called “Buddha’s Food”, has originated from the diets of Chinese Buddhist monks who were looking for meat alternatives other than tofu. It is said that they were making dough out of wheat and water when they noticed that the starch from the water-dough mixture turned a texture more similar to meat.* It has been around Asia for a long time, even called “Mock Duck” in Asian grocery stores in the US, but only started becoming popular among Americans due to the discovery made by the macrobiotic diet community (a community dedicated to eating whole, organic, and season-based foods).** It’s made from whole wheat gluten and is very high in protein but low in carbs and fat.*** 546 more words



SINGAFOOD-The Culinary Trail

Travel & Food go hand in hand. Couldn’t resist dedicating a full page to some of the most amazing food I’ve had during my trip to Singapore,a melting pot of cultures & cuisines in great harmony. 993 more words


Being a Vegetarian in Melbourne

I am a very committed vegetarian.

I grew up in a Jain family, raised a vegetarian because my family’s religion is opposed to all forms of violence against any living creature. 720 more words


Vegans and their propensity for mock meats.

I am absolutely spoiled when it comes to my vegan friend situation here in Scotland. I befriended plenty of vegans while living in Glasgow. Now that I live in the smaller city of Dundee, I am pleasantly surprised to find the vegan community is thriving here as well! 630 more words

Meat-free Montreal / Montréal sans viande

There’s a strange divide in Montreal’s dining scene: on one side a surprising number of vegetarian, even vegan, cafes and casual restos (the local, bilingual slang for restaurants), while with few exceptions anywhere that’s a bit fancy has almost nothing (or literally nothing) without meat, fish or seafood. 1,072 more words