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Vegans and their propensity for mock meats.

I am absolutely spoiled when it comes to my vegan friend situation here in Scotland. I befriended plenty of vegans while living in Glasgow. Now that I live in the smaller city of Dundee, I am pleasantly surprised to find the vegan community is thriving here as well! 630 more words


Super yummy burger and rice bowl cafe in Tokyo near Nogizaka station:)

Somehow music was really good…….

Tempeh teriyaki burger with soy meat karaage! I love karaage too much….It seems so much volume but there is a lot of salad inside so not heavy at all! 80 more words


Meat-free Montreal / Montréal sans viande

There’s a strange divide in Montreal’s dining scene: on one side a surprising number of vegetarian, even vegan, cafes and casual restos (the local, bilingual slang for restaurants), while with few exceptions anywhere that’s a bit fancy has almost nothing (or literally nothing) without meat, fish or seafood. 1,015 more words


Veg Tiger

Veg Tiger was my absolute favorite vegan restaurant in Beijing when I first got here. Now I don’t go as much as I used to because I’ve adopted a diet that consists of more raw greens and I eat out less. 340 more words


Gaia Veggie — The Curious Case of the 'Missing' Meat!

French movie with English subtitles, a bhangra song infused  with hip hop beats, a Mac with Windows loaded (Sorry Mr. Jobs.. RIP), a HK taxi driver following rules…these are all weird combinations but some times they work. 508 more words

Vegetarian Friendly

Mock Goose (素鹅)

The theme of the last gourmet club event was the Great Pretender. I signed up to make Mock Goose, but substituted with Vegan Kong Bak Pau… 266 more words


To fake or not to fake

As veganism grows in popularity and Melbourne experiences a burgeoning cruelty-free culinary scene, I’ve recently been reading some lively debate on social media around the issue of mock meat. 335 more words