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The Rise Of Mock Meat: How Its Story Reflects America's Ever-Changing Values

Deena Prichep wrote . . . . . . . .

Labor Day is the last hurrah of grilling for much of America. And at many of these summertime cookouts, you’ll find veggie burgers alongside (or instead of) the traditional beef and brats. 1,305 more words


#124 Fancy a double burger? Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

restaurant review #124 – Vegan Junk Food Bar is a new place in Amsterdam (opened Spring 2017). It is located just north of the Vondelpark, overlooking a quiet square. 425 more words

Restaurants Outside Bruges

Doner Kebab - with Garlic Sauce

I love veganising very non-vegan food, to show how varied vegan food can be, you don’t even have to give up doner kebabs! I’ve personally never eaten a doner kebab, so I tested its authenticity by employing my omnivorous partner as taste tester. 233 more words


Seitan (Wheat gluten mock meat)

This is my recipe for seitan, this has a lovely flavour and a really meaty mouthfeel, it can be used to replace meat in pretty much any recipe that calls for it. 628 more words


Honey-soy not-chicken

Honey-soy chicken is probably one of those westernized Chinese favourites that I’m not sure is even a thing in China…

I’d never even thought to try it myself until I saw it on a menu in a vegan Asian restaurant in Sydney, and figured I’d give the not-chicken version a whirl. 471 more words

World Kitchen

Vegan fried chicken: the mock-meat question

Not everyone is in agreement over mock meats. Are they helpful in weaning omnivores off meat? Do they provide a healthy source of plant-based protein? Is it really vegan to advertise a product which “tastes just like meat”? 687 more words