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Seitan (mock meat)

Seitan is a mock meat that’s much easier to make than you’d expect, and with no special ingredients that you’re unlikely to have in your pantry. 459 more words

From Scratch

Meatless Meatballs for the Somewhat Lazy

I’m not a huge lover of mock beef – for me, its only uses are in tacos, lasagna, and as meatballs.

These meatballs, in particular. Soft enough to break with a fork after being soaked in sauce, yet tough enough to not break down in sauce, either. 308 more words


A Winter Dish: Vegan Tourtière

This is sublime Canadian comfort food. Flaky savoury dough encasing flavourful “meat” and onions. This was a delicious meat alternative for Christmas dinner (my Brother-in-law didn’t realize that it was veg!), and the MVP on Boxing Day. 649 more words


Mock Chicken Nuggets

I love to make dips but sometimes I want something a bit more substantial than vegetable sticks with them – plus once in a while I am craving for fast food! 449 more words



I have a confession to make. I never enjoyed chorizo. It’s super greasy and was always too I don’t know, too something (maybe meaty). One day however I did decided to try soyrizo (vegetarian chorizo). 223 more words

Let's Talk About...

My two weeks with Jordie – Part 3/3

After we came back from Hanoi/Ha Long Bay, Jordie had another week in Vietnam while I had to go back to work. That means Jordie spent most of his mornings/early afternoons cruising around on my scooter, going shopping, cooking for me (vegan of course :) <3) and doing some touristy stuff like visiting the Cu Chi tunnels. 351 more words


I have an issue here and I must confess it. Something happens to me whenever I see those mock meat or fake meat products for vegans. 764 more words