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Final products.

Here are my final products for the logo. I wanted to make my logo in two ways to show that it can be used on multiple uses of material, making it more useful than just on a website. 220 more words

Graphic Design

Redesigning Boca Fiesta's Website

Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only and I am in no way affiliated with the Boca Fiesta, The Palomino, or The Backyard brand. 359 more words

Digital Imagery In Web Design

Screen Design

In order to make the transition from ideas to actual creation, guides, wireframes, and finalised mock-ups are essential. They make the process a lot more smoother and allow designers to view mistakes before spending a lot of time on actualising them. 152 more words

Graphic Design

Week 3 Toast Interactive Design

The diagrams below show a rough concept design for an interactive site which would offer users access to various interactive instructional elements.



Interactive Design

Making my homepage and my app design.  

To make my website it was quite a difficult process. Following from the sketches that I had drawn to give me an idea of how it would look, I began by doing the initial homepage of where you first come in. 839 more words

Graphic Design

Client Approval

Today I had a telephone conversation with my client and I gained his approval of the mock-ups. As a result I have started to implement the app ready for some final user testing with my dissertation group in our next meeting.


Final Mock-ups (Built with Sketch)

As per my previous post, here are the final mock-ups that I intend on implementing. These mock-ups are based on conversation’s between my client and I over the last 6 months, and my user testing carried out over 3 separate visits, with different pools of people put together by my client. 94 more words