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Student Project: TED Talk Idea

I completed this project for a recent course, Integrated Design Media. It was a difficult task throughout the course of the semester, but I’m proud of the final results of this piece! 170 more words


Fab Lab visit may 2016

Fab Lab started to mock up example pieces of the final piece. Working on such a complex model made from perspex provided many challenges including the best way to glue, join hinge and curve the material. 13 more words


Mock Up May 2016

Janice set about making a scale mock up of how we wanted the finished piece to look.


Identity Project

My objective for this project was to create a brand mark/logo for myself. The requirements for the project specified that the mark had to be more than simply textual by incorporating some sort of illustration or design, and had to be a professional quality vector image. 491 more words

Mock Album Cover

In order to continue using Photoshop’s animated gif tools, I decided to further edit a previous textbook assignment and use it to create a mock album cover. 118 more words