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Update 17-12-2017 v2

Uploaded my mocks of ‘Gravity Souls: Darkness Falls’ and ‘You’ve Been Broken’.

Mocked a new chapter of ‘Jet’s Universe’.


837 Confusion never stops closing walls & ticking clocks

Leggings- Loordes of London-Motya Leggings-#17

Boots- Loordes of London- Gothenberg Boots-#17

Coat- Loordes of London- The Foehn Winds-#17

Hat- ReVeRie – PaRiS -Beret (Black)

Eyes- .ARISE. 90 more words

Second Life- Second Chances

837 Wearing white after Labor Day

Dress- ::ALTER:: Coqueta Outfit shoes/Bag included)

Hair Accessory- *LODE* Head Accessory – Hibiscus

MakeUp- Pandora’s Gingersnaps and Champange

Eyes- -[ TrevaH ]- Opulent Eyes Grey… 69 more words

Second Life- Second Chances

Update - 10-12-17 v2

Mocked a new chapter of ‘Jet’s Universe’.

Updated the Foreword and uploaded the final saga part of ‘The Necromancers of China’ titled ‘The Castles of Heaven and Hell’ and the bonus lemon ‘Conception’.


Python Mock Functions Not Being Called

Are you using mock to mock some functions during testing and mysteriously your tests are ignoring the mock decorator?

One way this can happen is if the function being mocked is either defined in the module that is being tested or is imported into the module being tested. 54 more words


Update - 03-12-17

Updated Foreword and uploaded the fifth saga part of ‘The Necromancers of China’, titled ‘The Time Rift’.


God Is Not Mocked

God Is Not Mocked

It seems like these days much  of what we hear  does mock God.     Atheists bombard the Internet  and media  with all sorts  of mockings.     711 more words