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Inman Park, Mocking Bird and Lullaby 

Let me take you on a brief walk in Inman Park, Atlanta, taking in the mini libraries, some flowers and a sculpture.

We passed a chattering tree and realised that we were too close to a pair of Mocking birds and their nest. 180 more words


Spring is Time to Sing

All these birds were singing so beautifully as I passed them, calling out, looking for a mate. Each using its own distinct call.  Spring has sprung!


BIRDS of a Feather.............

BIRDS OF A FEATHER.…………don’t always flock together.

Sometimes they decide to hang out on my terrace.

Mrs. Mockingbird has decided she prefers my kitchen! 112 more words


Mocking the mocking bird... (or): Making a mockery of mockery...

I have developed a strange… even for me… habit. Every morning, there are mocking birds in the backyard. They all seem to be engaging in a contest to see who has the best whistles and sounds. 206 more words


Featuring Reggie Watts...

I’m now in the middle of migrating to Georgia and haven’t been able to update the blog as much as I like. Monastic Mondays will still go strong, but here’s Reggie Watts on literature to tide you over for the time being. 7 more words