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Malpaís and Mockingbirds

Malpaís.  The McCartys flow rivals anything in Hawaii. Underfoot the clink and chink, the almost metallic scraping ring of scoria where flat sheets of it have popped off the still-hot surface. 91 more words

Walking All Day On Stone

HI! (a ghazal)

Hello,” the gray mockingbird seemed to say
when he perched near my window one nice day.

Lifting (He shrugged.) his small wings up and down, 47 more words


"Look Something Out" (Brit...)

With a skill as unique as a mimic,
coaxing a giggle out of this cynic–
A lively creature is the Mockingbird,
that lingers in the world of the absurd. 45 more words


Timeless Ditties about Birds

“Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, Pappa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.” Thus starts the classic lullaby. It’s one of the first songs many people ever hear. 602 more words


The Heat is On

It was 100° this weekend but it wasn’t our first of the year. We’ve had a few the last couple of weeks. Starting today we have 4-5 days in the 90s so I hope to get out and catch a few more lifers or at least some pretty birds before 100°+ becomes the summer norm. 94 more words


The Cheerful Imp...

While listening to a gay mockingbird,
I contemplate various “dreams deferred.”
Is this crazy bird a carefree cynic?
What motivates his urge to mimic?
Although its coloring is largely gray, 38 more words


Gone to the Birds...

The birds stop coming to the feeders and that means something is wrong. So I check, yep, seed is wet and moldy again. So I clean out the feeder, don’t put as much in this time. 189 more words