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I looked out the window and saw ...

a jaunty sailor on the high seas …
a mockingbird walking along the porch railing.


The Crazy One (EDITED)

Two different pinwheels twirling, whirling, ALL AT ONCE…
A gray ‘n white Mockingbird is flying.

(A mote is a two-line poem.  It is, essentially, a metaphor.  37 more words


Harper Lee Would Enjoy This

In my 1950s childhood, Dad was a salesman who wore suits to work. We lived in a rural area and our house was a regular weekly stop for the dry cleaner’s truck. 197 more words


A Cat's Paw (and how do birds say hello?)...

Today, I decided to stay home.  I wanted to mow the lawn.  Additionally, things have been a little disjointed lately — OUT THERE.   I knew I need to “gather the troops” so to speak. 578 more words



I saw another rabbit hopping across the yard —  he was lean.  He leaped across the rectangular heavy metal lid , into the grass beyond that lid, and then disappeared.  451 more words


Waaah, It's Hot

It’s that time of year when going out birding is a challenge and I’m not meeting the challenge very well. So here’s some Northern Mockingbird fledglings currently in our yard. 59 more words


Mockingbirds, storms and snakes

In my backyard, a mustang grape vine grows over the fence. In its season, the grape vine is a beautiful, bushy thing. It oppresses the increasingly leaning, wooden fence. 632 more words