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Did you get the answer to my question in last week’s blog?  Looking at the above photo, you might guess a small gull, or maybe a plover, but those are not correct.   319 more words

Earth-based Faith

Like many other people, I’ve been constantly monitoring the last two U.S. hurricanes (with a 3rd and 4th coming) and their damage on TV as well as reading news coverage about the forest fires in Montana and Oregon and the earthquake in Mexico and wondering why there are so many natural disasters lately here and throughout the world. 399 more words


Weekly Smile 83

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This week I am smiling broadly because the Mockingbirds are back, nesting in my huge Blue Spruce tree in my front yard. 436 more words

Hot Town

Hibiscus, its 7th year

Summer in this city means photographing my yard because it’s too hot to go anywhere else…

Anna’s Hummingbirds

Fiery Skipper

Verdins, adult and juvenile… 96 more words



I’ve always liked Mockingbirds – from as far back as I can remember I admired them and enjoyed their company.

Their attire is nondescript, even drab in comparison to a Cardinal or Bluebird and yet in a manner of speaking they are the Pavarottis of the bird world. 266 more words

Hanging Out Laundry

There’s something peaceful about hanging out laundry. Standing in the sun attaching damp clothes to a rope with wooden pins is my favorite chore.

It is not drudgery, not like digging an asparagus bed or scrubbing the kitchen floor. 163 more words

Country Life

The Pattern is Full

“Tower, this is Ghost Rider, requesting a flyby.”

“Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.”

This mockingbird all but has the movie “Top Gun” down with how badly he just needed to both chase off this Northern Flicker and land at that bird bath. 24 more words