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The God of the Mockingbirds

In February the mockingbird had to start singing. He woke up the whole neighborhood.

When the sunlight was long enough a part of his brain grew. 639 more words


all in the family

the mockingbirds quarrel
leaves rustling


Poetry Friday: Mary Oliver's "Mockingbirds"

by Mary Oliver

This morning
two mockingbirds
in the green field
were spinning and tossing

the white ribbons
of their songs
into the air. 43 more words


What Better Thing to Do

Yesterday, Mary Oliver posted a bit of her poem, ” Mockingbirds,” on Facebook. The Atlantic featured it on April 30 as the poem of the day but as Oliver pointed out, a poem can be the poem of the day on any day. 105 more words


Don't Blink (You'll miss it!)

Gray Innuendos
Mockingbirds dashing by
Fine Feathers spread wide



I set out on my Savannah walk early Friday morning, my destination – Forsyth Park Fountain.  By now, I know the route pretty well and was eager to stop at the many squares along the way, and maybe sit on a bench or two.   268 more words

Carol Groenen

Mockingbird With Bluebonnets

Unfortunately I didn’t have anything St. Patrick’s Day related to show you, since I’ve been working on…this!

It’s an entry for a contest, as well as one of my first serious watercolor paintings. 117 more words

Traditional Art