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The American South: Blue Jays and Ol’ Prejudices

In To Kill a Mockingbird, siblings Jem and Scout are excited about receiving air rifles as gifts. Atticus, their father, however is less than enthusiastic, having little to say except for one bit of brief but important advice. 815 more words


The Long Hot Summer

That’s my backyard..okay, not really. It’s a little greenbelt area not too far from where I live; I think it really belongs to some office complexes but it’s like a little park…that no one goes to. 163 more words


Tips for Killing Mockingbirds

Ignore all the bluejays – go straight for the Mockingbirds. All they do is sit around and sing

Baby Animals in our Back Yard

My Take

DiVoran Lites

Three mocking birds are having another fiesta this morning in the elderberry bushes. One is a juvenile and the other two are adults. 468 more words

DiVoran Lites My Take- Monday


turning around
one hundred eighty degrees
mockingbird hello —
as I walked below its perch
the bird looked down at me.

Writing Exercise

Beating the Heat

Verdin, immature

Verdin, adult

More like trying to beat the heat. Everyone seems to be surviving but looking a little miserable and some of the birds are a little ragged-looking. 190 more words