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Go Set a ... Mockingbird?

As a daughter of the south, I am seriously conflicted about whether or not to read Harper Lee’s ‘new’ book, Go Set a Watchman. As a writer and a lover of good literature, I know I will read it – eventually – but I know it won’t be any time soon. 1,755 more words


To imitate a mockingbird

As I get grayer, awareness is of greater interest to me, especially self-awareness.

Of course, awareness in general has become more important: Am I aware of my surroundings and the beauty all around? 438 more words

Obsessive Birders

Gila Woodpecker, male

As I’ve mentioned, it’s hot in Phoenix so I have not been birding as much as I would like. But, in June and July, I’ve been reading about birders and the ones who have books written about or by themselves seem to be a very obsessive bunch. 602 more words


Mockingbird Serenade

This Mockingbird likes to sit on top of our house. Sometimes I can hear it when I’m in the kitchen; its song echoes down the stove vent. 11 more words


To Murder A Mockingbird

As I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, mockingbirds are really amazing creatures—as long as they aren’t waking you up with the deafening sound of bluejays screaming. 49 more words

I looked out the window and saw ...

a jaunty sailor on the high seas …
a mockingbird walking along the porch railing.


The Crazy One (EDITED)

Two different pinwheels twirling, whirling, ALL AT ONCE…
A gray ‘n white Mockingbird is flying.

(A mote is a two-line poem.  It is, essentially, a metaphor.  37 more words