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Brief Progress Report

Just so you all know i’m not slacking off.


Actual Mockup

Now this is a little better.

Proper guides this time, should help.

Also I got images that are optimal size and are all royalty free. 19 more words



I got up to a certain point in my HTML and realised that I was going to do a pretty serious overhaul of my mockups because I was leading myself down the cliff of hard work before dashing myself on the jagged rocks of futility. 71 more words


Revised mock up

Revised Mock up time.

Here is a revised mockup. I took into account some of the things Matty G said in class about  how there’s no need for a play and pause button, so i merged them into one, made it a plain triangle for play and pushed the opacity of the thumbnails down. 27 more words

Brief 1


OK, I realise this needs work. Hell I may even decide not to do cakes at all, but this is what I have right now. 42 more words


{Ass1} Mockups 1,2,3

I have now done 3 mock ups that will work towards my final decision.

This first design will incorporate no arrows or such, but will go on to next/previous photo if you click on the left/right side of the large image. 122 more words

Brief 1

Week 45_ Website wireframes

Once i  finished with the application  i moved on the design of my website.
i wanted my website to be simple and just have only the necessary  information that needed in order to attract students download my food application. 61 more words