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Spring'15 Class notes: Day 16 - Wireframes and Prototypes

Learning  Objectives:

At the end of class, students will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between: sketch, wireframe, mockup, and prototype
  2. Explain the utility of each one…
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Lecture Summary

Paper mockups

Now to get into some app design. We want to allow people that travel to easily tell their story over time. As a starting point we envisage the app working like this, The person thats traveling can take one video everyday the videos will have a limited amount of time, as they take the videos they will be put into storage and then at the end of the trip the persons can compile all the shot videos to make one travel documentary. 143 more words

Social Media

Tutorial Tuesday: Cutting Out A Mockup

What You’ll Need:

The Bare Necessities:

  1. Muslin/Your Mockup Fabric. This is what you’re going to be making your test garment out of so that you can be sure that whatever possible fitting/sizing issues have been addressed and solved before you start cutting into your nice fabric.
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How-to's And Tutorials

Reprographics experts team up to create packaging specialists Litmus

Two reprographics experts from Hull are joining forces to expand their business after creating ultra-realistic “mockup” packaging for some of the world’s most recognisable brands. 228 more words


Balsamiq Design-A-Bear Mock Ups Template

This is a mock up from a project going through a program designed to print up instructions to have the stuffed animal created.


Balsamiq Partner Up Mockups Part III

Finding a partner for Partner Up was one of the key functions of our website and we developed these Balsamiq mockups for this process.


Balsamiq Partner Up Mockups Part II

This is a mock up of the home page to our website Partner Up, for which I designed an original wireframe using Balsamiq.