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Assembling a Page Mockup

The next stage of development in Photoshop CC for Web Design is Assembling a Page Mockup. This section covers Applying your color scheme, Styling navigation, Styling input areas, Adding copy from your client, Adding images to your mockup and Adding the finishing touches to your design.

Web Design

Blood, Sweat, and a lot of Tears

Weaving is hard.  Weaving is stressful.  And I haven’t even BEGUN weaving yet.  I began to measure my yarn on my warping square, which is a square with pegs on it.   521 more words


So Many Colors!

What do you do when you don’t have a loom yet but you have a computer?   You make mockups!!  Using two programs, Random Stripe Generator online, and the Fiberworks demo, I was able to create some amazing things. 224 more words


Wing's Virtual Art Studio

Create an Amazing Illustrated Workspace in Minutes!

Introducing Wing’s Virtual Art Studio – The ultimate mock-up kit for creating your own inspirational workspace featuring your favourite old-school drawing tools and materials. 187 more words

Backgrounds And Frames

Use Applewatch Mockup Templates to Show Your Art Products

There are many mockup products, aka scene generators, that artists may find useful–such as poster mockups, greeting card mockups, product mockups for showing your art on various products and on a variety of items. 324 more words

Art Business

Mocking up the Plantwise Knowledge Bank

This blog post is different to those you might usually read on the Plantwise blog. It is a little tour behind the scenes of the Plantwise Knowledge Bank, telling you about how we design features for our website and mobile. 660 more words

Knowledge Bank

Designer Resume | Royalty Free PSD

*Happy Diwali* *Merry Christmas* *Happy Birthday*

The obvious questions would be,

  • Diwali in April?
  • Christmas in April?
  • Whose birthday is it?

The answer to all the above 3 questions is… 291 more words

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