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In the previous post I wrote about why I think it’s important that Christians practice the biblical discipline of discernment.

In this post I want to begin examining T.D. 2,399 more words

Jesus is Father-Forever #NoModalism

I had the pleasure of reading St. Melito of Sardis’s On Pascha this Easter. It reminded me of the very few writings I have read of the Syrian fathers. 721 more words

Modalism and Manifestation

Modalism is a collective name for a group of doctrines which had their heyday in the late second and into the third century, but which were ultimately rejected by the Christian church. 2,572 more words

God's Triune Nature.

“Thus, indeed, we expand the indivisible Unity into a Trinity; and again we contract the Trinity, which cannot be diminished, into a Unity” – 

Dionysius, Bishop of Alexandria a.d. 1,234 more words

God, Gender, and Modalism

I’d like to take a moment to talk about God and gender. I’ll start by saying there’s one place the Hebrew Scriptures depict God as having a uterus ( 426 more words

#324 - A History of the Catholic Church - Divine Procurator

The Synod of Alexandria finally discovers away to solve the problem of Paul of Samosata but it will require persuading a pagan Emperor to help. Christian bishops begin taking large roles in Roman civil society with mixed results. 84 more words


A Story about the Trinity

From the very beginning the early church understood the trinity as a mystery that was honoured and respected.  Jesus claimed deity, and yet he was distinct from God, the promised Spirit who came at pentecost was also distinct from God and Jesus and yet was clearly divine. 1,082 more words