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Jesse and Tony kick off a new series exploring the heresies of the early church. First up, Modalism! 23 more words


Philo: On Abraham

Man and the World

For it cannot be that while in yourself there is a mind appointed as your ruler which all the community of the body obeys and each of the senses follows, the world, the fairest, and greatest and most perfect work of all, of which everything else is a part, is without a king who holds it together and directs it with justice. 993 more words

Philo Of Alexandria

What is the Oneness Doctrine: Modalism

While this topic is entirely too big to wrap into a single blog post, it is something we have had several requests to write about and this will be a summary of what the doctrine of Modalism is. 1,595 more words


Why Is Modalism Dangerous?

Now that I’ve explained why Modalism is wrong, I need to warn every one about its dangers. These people who hold to it concentrate on external issues while taking the focus away from the renewal of people’s hearts and minds. 440 more words

Why Is Modalism Wrong?

Now that you know what Modalism is, here’s why it’s biblically incorrect. God has revealed himself in three distinct and eternally-existent persons. In many scripture passages, we see all three interacting, an impossible and ridiculous feat if God only was one but revealing himself in three different historical ways. 357 more words

What is Modalism?

This month, I want to examine churches which aren’t exactly cults but have aberrant teachings which send people to hell. Though denominations differ on secondary doctrines, such as when Christ will return, the primary tenets are what determine somebody’s eternal destiny. 312 more words