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Apostolic Christian Kim Davis

It is listed on a worldwide directory of Apostolic Pentecostal churches and ministries.

CHR Comment: This article gives helpful background. Apostolic Christians have a non-Trinitarian theology. 57 more words

Modern Church

#307 - A History of the Catholic Church - Acquiring for you a holy people

Having examined some of the different theologies about the relationship of the Father and the Son in the last episode, now we look at how conflicts over these theologies affected the history of the Church – particularly in the life of Hippolytus who would be known as one of the most influential Fathers of the Church and the first antipope. 113 more words


#306 - A History of the Catholic Church - Jesus Christ, Our God

Trying to find the right words and theology to describe the relationship of the Father and the Son was one of the most difficult and most important theological issues of the Early Church. 216 more words


George Hunsinger's Lecture on Barth & the Trinity

Last week in our Trinity Seminar George Hunsinger led a discussion about Church Dogmatics 1.1 Sections 8-12. Here are some notes that you might find helpful/interesting: 885 more words


God, One And Three?

Like Jews and Muslims, Christians are monotheists. In other words, they believe in the existence of precisely one God. Unlike other monotheists, however, Christians also believe that, while there exists just one God, He is three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 765 more words


Throwing out the C3 Constitution - is Phil Pringle above his own church "rules of fellowship"?

Below is a link to the C3 Constitution:

C3’s CCCI (Christian City Church International) Constitution Document

Under the ‘Rules of Fellowship’ it says:

“Membership in this fellowship is dependent upon your agreement to observe and carry out the following requirements. 571 more words

Phil Pringle

God in Three Persons - the doctrine of the Trinity is not as complicated as you think

One way to understand Trinitarian doctrine is by seeing what it’s not, and one thing it’s not is modalism.*

Modalism Works For Me

Now before you cast me out as a heretic and declare me anathema, let me say that modalism works for me in who I am. 979 more words