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Morrowind Modathon - Trainer Variety

For our eighth random drawing winner of Morrowind Modathon 2015, we’re taking a look at Trainer Variety, a mod that makes finding trainers a lot easier by changing some 250 preexisting NPCs to offer trainer services, including a lot of skill trainers for particularly under-utilized skills like Spear and Mercantile, which had almost no trainers in the vanilla game. 113 more words


MIDI Pedal Board, the casing

How about a music gadget build project? This blog hasn’t seen one in.. err.. almost two years, so here’s one for change: Converting a 70s Hammond (or is this 80s?) organ to a MIDI foot keyboard / pedal! 1,242 more words


Farming Simulator, is it the cream of the crop?

Farming Simulator 2015, the latest in the long line of simulator games has been released onto the PS4 in the last week and this finally gave me the ability to fulfil my lifelong dream of running a fully functional space station…erm…I mean farm. 412 more words


Programa 3x18

Nueva semana en la que corremos prestos a ofreceros la nueva entrega de nuestro programa. En esta ocasión, charlamos sobre nuestras ideas de lo que será el E3 . 52 more words


Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

It’s a new week and that means it’s time for me to give you guys 5 more mods that I love to use in my Skyrim game.  406 more words


Hooray, Now You Can Kill Kids in Skyrim; Now To Do The Same In Real Life....


Back in September, Bethesda’s Pete Hines got into a scrape on Twitter with some PC gamers who resented the fact they were not permitted to kill children in games like… 264 more words

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Top Five GTA V Mods Of The Week #2

Here it is! Two days late but still here. I’ll explain my absence in a Site Update post later on today and explain why there has been a lack of posts recently. 782 more words