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CRAFT WARRIORS x MAHO TSUKAI PreCure: Cure Miracle Model

Hello Guys! :D

Here is another mod based on Cure Miracle from MAHO TSUKAI PRECURE

I really like how Cure Miracle’s hair looks like it was from the ’80s – ‘ 90s. 34 more words


Drone Modifications – Multi-Mode Hybrid Unmanned Delivery System (MMHUDS)

The 3DR drone was used because it is an extremely durable drone, therefore it can handle being roughed around and crashing several times. It can also be programmed using ArduPilot open source software (e.g. 154 more words


Groundbreaking Delivery – Multi-Mode Hybrid Unmanned Delivery System (MMHUDS)

Originally I was writing a post on drone modifications, but then I realized I was getting ahead of myself. I didn’t even explain the concept of our project. 417 more words


Fixing the official raspberry pi screen


Since the release of the raspberry pi screen, I’ve always fancied one but the cost always put me off. I managed to snag one for cheap. 322 more words

Raspberry Pi

On Modding

Hiya. It’s me. Anthoneeeeee. It’s important that you emphasize the ‘y’, otherwise you just get ‘Anthon’, which is Greek for ‘flower.’ And no, the name the Anthony does not mean flower, some moron long ago mistook the name ‘Antony’–which is based on the Latin name ‘Antonius’–as instead being based on ‘Anthon’, giving us the horrendous abomination that is the name ‘Anthony.’ By the by, I don’t actually hate my name. 1,478 more words

Game Design

New Mods!

Our Crafters requested some mods at the end of camp today.  As I detailed in a post last year, we’re running an older version of Minecraft (version 1.7.10, Stable Build 22), which is what MinecraftEDU ran on before Microsoft obtained the property.  292 more words


Bethesda's Current Dependency on Mods

Three years after Fallout 4, one of the most regressive games in the Fallout series outside of Brotherhood of Steel on the consoles, and one of the most unstable, unoptimized and buggy games ever made by Bethesda Game Studios, Vault 76 is coming. 1,792 more words