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Modder puts Computer inside a Power Supply

When building a custom computer rig, most people put the SMPS power supply inside the computer case. a.k.a a.k.a turned it inside out, and built the… 433 more words

Computer Hacks

The Witcher (2007) review

Rated: 3.5 / 5

Note: I have only played this game with the Full Combat Rebalance (FCR) mod. Any input I provide based on the combat gameplay will be a reflection of this, as this mod does give the game a significant overhaul. 5,613 more words


restarting the future

Small steps are beginning to be taken in restoring the game to operational status. The mad geniuses are still at work over at Dynaverse and the nascent tools I had used a few years ago have advanced. 49 more words

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Personal project

In my off time I like to modify and paint Nerf guns, and this is my latest project using a Nerf Hammershot. I replaced some of the internals with metal components to increase power, replaced the hammer and trigger with metal ones to add to the aesthetic and then painted the whole thing to resemble a “sci-fi antihero’s” blaster, such as Deckard’s gun or Han Solo’s DL-44. 21 more words