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Migliori App per un ottima pulizia software (android)

Passano i giorni,l’evoluzione software migliora di giorno in giorno, escono nuovi smartphone,sia di fascia bassa ed alta, per i vecchi device gli aggiornamenti e le applicazioni inutili,sono un vero e proprio dito nella piaga;rallentamenti, crash improvvisi,memoria piena al 90% e forse più….. 305 more words


TTSH, speaker baffle mod

This was a quick “let’s see what happens” kind of mod for my TTSH.

In their stock config, the TTSH loudspeakers are supposed to be fastened to the circuit board, which is then fastened to the front plate. 640 more words


Morrowind Modding Manors - Episode 5

Today we have the fifth episode of Morrowind Modding Manors, a new series dedicated to looking at three Morrowind house mods every other week. Now I know, we cover a lot of house mods already as part of Morrowind Modding Showcases, but there’s a lot of house mods for Morrowind, and a lot of them just don’t get covered by MMS, partly because of how we have the show formatted, and partly because more house mods are released each month than episode of MMS, so we’re never going to catch up. 124 more words


What is up guys, Brandoboy here today with an exciting new series!

I actually started this series a while back, but I need more views and subscribes, so I thought I’d put it here! 10 more words


Official IL-2 MOD Support?

Modding in games is nothing new. Some games have opened themselves up to third-party efforts to modify their game by adding new content or changing certain values as part of an overall strategy. 489 more words

IL-2: Battle Of Moscow

Morrowind Modding Trailers - Isles of Dulsya Trailer

Today for Morrowind Modding Trailers, we’re taking a look at one of Morrowind’s classic landmass mods, Dulsya Isle by Nick “Iridox” Johnson. One of the first major landmass mods for Morrowind, Dulsya Isle adds a seamless new island for you to explore that blends in perfectly with vanilla Morrowind content, with two new towns to visit, dozens of new quests, and several dungeons to fight through. 40 more words


Mass Effect Trilogy Mods: ME1

It took me a while to properly get into PC gaming and it took even longer for me to build up my confidence to start modding them to my liking. 325 more words