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We WILL Charge for Mods

Bethesda’s paid mods scheme was not a success back in 2015, so their attempt to milk gamers for more money they don’t deserve with their Creation Club would almost be comic were it not so insulting. 640 more words


Stellaris Mod Support for 1.8 Čapek

Updated 23rd September 2017

The bane of many a modder’s life: game updates. This month saw Paradox roll out their free 1.8 Čapek update for Stellaris, as well as the Synthetic Dawn DLC. 775 more words


Civilization IV: Fall from Heaven 2 - Ashes of Erebus

Civilization IV keeps me coming back more than a decade after its release, despite having two successors at the time of writing, because of the many hugely-enjoyable mods available for it.  4,935 more words


Moroff needs a bigger Gun (seriously!)

In my review of the Y-Wing recently, I criticised the rather lacklustre gun that came for the Moroff-Minifigure. In Rogue One he wields something that looks like a small laser-minigun. 246 more words


Retro Gaming, On The Go!

Like so many of you out there, I find that nothing is more fun than replaying my old favorite classic video games. Games that I played as a kid, or just plain remember fondly for whatever reason. 1,006 more words


Lets Talk About The Creation Club Controversy!

I knew the creation club would get some heat from the gaming community. Anything that we have to pay for these days is seen as a cash grab and is instantly hated on. 340 more words