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State of The Blog

To my few readers, I am sorry for the lack of blogs. I’ve found out how hard it is to self-motivate. With that said, I do promise to start putting out at least two blogs and one vlog every week for the time being. 253 more words


Morrowind Modding Showcases - Episode 36 - Solstheim Mods

Episode 36 of Morrowind Modding Showcases is live, and just in time to take you out of the heat and bring you the cooler temperatures of a Solstheim Episode! 238 more words


Kirari Moroboshi Lancia Delta S4

Another request livery, this time it’s the enormous idol Kirari Moroboshi on a Group B terror! Download of high res pssg on the DiRT Rally page; just place it into …/cars/models/lds/livery42/tex_high and overwrite the file with the same name (BUT BACK UP YOUR OLD LIVERY FIRST TO BE SAFE)!

Finally Up To Date

The last two sessions of the campaign are now up to date – and are largely atmospheric accounts of the adventurers experiences as they venture into a ghoul warren. 172 more words


So what exactly am I doing?

In recent months, I have been transitioning from gaming on consoles to PC gaming. It has overall been a superior experience. My favorite aspect of PC gaming is the ability to download community-made mods for games, particularly in the Fallout and Elder Scrolls game series. 192 more words


TES III: Morrowind Bug Fix: Negative Weight Bug

While replaying my very first Morrowind character, but with all of the latest patches and add-ons, I encountered this beneficial but ultimately immersion-breaking negative weight or negative encumbrance bug. 342 more words