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Modding Minecraft For Kids For Dummies book (Releasing 7/13/15)

Announcement: The developers of the LearnToMod software have been busy writing a book!

Wiley will be publishing our Minecraft Modding for Kids For Dummies in July 2015. 238 more words


How I Put an SSD in My MacBook

My Mac is three years old.  It’s a 13″ MacBook Pro, the mid-2012 model.  It’s a good computer.  It doesn’t have the retina display that the newer models have, but that’s not that big of a deal.   1,244 more words

Things I Like

Commodore 64C computer housings pressed from original molds

New cases for your Commodore 64C, or the classic ‘bread bin’ design (with a bit of extra mounting), produced using the original molds.

In September 2014, Dallas Moore was attending an auction preview of an injection molding company. 204 more words

Gaming & Retro Games

Wad Wednesday: The Adventures Of Square

This is The Adventures of Square, It’s a colorful and fast paced first person shooter which you can download HERE.
Currently as of now there’s only one episode of this game on release and it’s free. 129 more words

Video Games

XRGB Framemeister japanese SCART to european

Now here’s a quick one. Something which should definitely come in handy if you’re looking to convert a japanese SCART cable to an european one. Perhaps off general interest too. 404 more words

Video Games

Games modding #2: World of Warcraft

A 10 year old game still actively developed and reaching a community of millions of gamers is quite unusual. World of Warcraft was launched in February 2005 in Europe : 10 years of addictive leveling, raiding, trading and blacklisting of hyterical teenagers or chinese farmers. 358 more words


Building with height maps in Cities: Skylines

This week, I really wanted to write about something different, a game I’ve never played, maybe something new. It’s always tough to come up with new ideas, especially a couple times a week. 658 more words