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My Modded Witcher 3 Screenshots

I finally learned how to properly mod The Witcher 3. After spending hours looking through files I finally got my game the way I wanted and I decided to share some screenshots with everyone.  62 more words


Proyecto PC Case Modding - Angry Chiltepe

Este proyecto es por mucho al que más tiempo, esfuerzo y recursos le he dedicado. Lo trabaje desde Abril 2012 hasta septiembre 2014. Por cuestiones del destino lo modifique una vez pero no quedé conforme con el resultado y tuve ideas nuevas, así que regresó al dique seco para poder hacerle todos esos detalles que quería. 1,565 more words


RUIN SnapMap: A Brilliant & Accessible Modding Tool With Infuriating Restrictions

Since RUIN immediately makes me return to being 13 years old once more, my initial SnapMap was a tiny room full of 30 Cacodemons, with a manager Cacodemon with 1000% health waiting in a room just beyond it. 18 more words


Top 5 Mods for Stardew Valley

There are a ton of great mods for Stardew Valley. We here at Stardew News decided to compile a list of our 5 favorite mods. 464 more words


Are Supercell killing off war in Clash of Clans?

On 17 May 2016, Supercell announced the Friendly Challenge, a new feature aimed at allowing clashers to practice hits on clanmates.

It is fair to say that the Supercell forums have a mixed response.  474 more words


Going Back to Oblivion

Crouched in the dense grass, arrow notched and ready. Above me, a seemingly endless storm boils in the clouded sky and a cold rain falls. Ahead, half shrouded in mist, a single deer slowly raises its head. 943 more words

Hotline Miami 2: The Greates War Game Never Made

If anyone asked me to name my favourite Hotline Miami 2 character or level, it would be very hard to decide, but if I were to point at the best three or five, the… 313 more words

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