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Bedlam Supplies haul + backpack update

Hey sexy bats!

So when I got my Killstar backpack I knew I wanted to add a bunch of shit to it. I have collected very little to add to it but I’ve had stuff from… 261 more words


Modding Civ #3

Part #1 is here

Part #2 is here

After last week’s success, the bar was raised: this week, I’m making an entirely new Civ, one that can be played against any of the existing ones. 917 more words


Can Consoles become the new Master Race?

Predicting the Apocalypse of Consoles

Every once in awhile, the subject of video game consoles coming to an abrupt end is brought up. Every few years critics would claim that consoles are on their way out and will be replaced by PCs. 1,366 more words


Check Out These Dragon Age Inquisition Mods

I randomly decided to get back into Dragon Age Inquisition, again, and found some really great mods to use in my next playthrough of the game.  400 more words


Twitch's New Chat Mod Tools

So, were you one of the dozens of people on Twitter freaking out about how AWESOME the new Twitch chat tools are for mods? Well, do I have news for you… there isn’t anything to freak out about. 283 more words


Why Become a Twitch Mod?

It usually surprises people when I tell them that I used to stream. Not the once in a blue moon like now, but every day. 10pm central, I logged in. 920 more words


Modding Civ #2

Part #1 is here

So as you may recall, last week’s goal was to modify any aspect of Civilization V and have it actually show up in the game. 513 more words