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ME: Andromeda Texture Fun (Round 2)

More texturing fun in Mass Effect: Andromeda!

NOTE: Most of the assets used here (i.e. textures) were downloaded from DeviantArt and other places.

New eyes! I used a rock texture from Quixel MegaScans :P. 12 more words

Mass Effect

ME: Andromeda Texture Fun (Round 1)

I’m currently a Tool Tester for a great tool that allows us to mod Frosbite Games. It’s in closed testing so don’t bother asking for a copy :P. 73 more words

Mass Effect

Accessing Homebrew in 3ds!

This is how to install  homebrew launcher on your 3ds (Homebrew Only And  no 11.4 3ds users will work!)

What you need

Civilization IV: Caveman 2 Cosmos

We’ll all disagree on which of the titles in the Civilization series was our favourite. We will continue to do so. And we all started out at different points in the series. 7,156 more words


Half Fast Mods

So, posting articles hasn’t gone well on the website, as you can see. However, I’ve converted to doing mostly modding videos. You can find them on the YouTube page… 118 more words


Stellaris Ship Set Mods

Updated 13th May 2017

I’ve found that, of all the empire customisation options, good ship sets are amongst the trickiest to track down. There are so many mods relating to adjusting ship behaviour or appearance in one way or another, just a pure “ship set” can be difficult to identify. 913 more words


MEA - Mods & Patch 1.06

So far, I have had no trouble with my Consumables mod + Patch 1.06.

However, I will still make a version for it, should people need it. 6 more words

Mass Effect Andromeda