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Oblivion Mod of the Month - January 2018

Today for the Oblivion Mod of the Month, we’re taking a look at some of the best mods of January 2018, including scenic overhauls and a surprising number of housing-related mods. 322 more words


Morrowind Modding Showcases - Episode 69

This week for our 69th episode of Morrowind Modding Showcases, we’re taking a look at another 13 randomly themed mods, including beautiful scenic new additions to the skies above Morrowind, strange futuristic time-traveling mods, new frozen landmasses, new quests and dungeons to explore, and new businesses that you can run and earn money from. 172 more words


Oblivion Mods - Episode 8 Ayleid Mods

Today for Oblivion Modding Showcases, we have our 8th episode, featuring 10 Ayleid-themed mods, including numerous ancient and mysterious Ayleid ruins, new quests to go on, new gameplay elements to check out, and new Ayleid-style homes to call your own. 130 more words


ZeroBoy rev C - An improved poor mans retropie portable


At the heart of this project is a raspberry pi running retorpie now add a 3.2″ screen that’s tried together with a custom PCB with enough buttons for a gamepad. 1,090 more words


Thousands Of Modders Are Re-Inventing The Game Boy

(Source: kotaku.com)

Photo: GameBoyZero (Sudomod)

The Game Boy is so iconic it’s transcended the limitations of its hardware to become something more than just an old handheld for playing old video games. 1,930 more words


Supercell owner Tencent fighting cheating and rewarding good behaviour with social score system

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad reports that Tencent now has a social credit score system for gamers in China that play Tencent published games. Regular play, earning items and reporting cheaters will increase a user’s credit score. 41 more words


Cities of Cyrodiil - Oblivion Town Mods - Episode 10 - Sutch Mods

Video Series Description:
Cities of Cyrodiil is a new series that’ll look at about three different town mods for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion every month with a number of different looking cities and villages with a ton of different styles that’ll help populate the countryside. 251 more words