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Exporting Turok Dinosaur Hunter models as hole objects

This is not much different at all from getting all nodes. I just didn’t want to make that guide to long. This will get you the model as one object instead of in nodes. 260 more words


Vistazo: Enermax Thormax Giant

Hace unas semanas se me presento la oportunidad de cambiar el Case de mi PC de trabajo. Me decidí por este case por las buenas características con las que cuenta y porque hay muy buenos comentarios de él en la web. 1,379 more words


Turok Dinosaur Hunter exporting models (all nodes)

Small guide on how to export the models for your viewing. The models are packaged inside .bin files. Which is simply a file that has 1 or more objects in each model. 232 more words


Turok Dinosaur Hunter Texture editing Guide

Considering you already followed the http://www.turokforums.com/t1-moddinguser-content/t1-modding-(get-started)/msg3301/#msg3301%5D Basic modding guide.

Here I wanted to give a briefing on editing and playing textures in Turok I was asked by a few people so here hehe. 311 more words


Reading Notes: Spinuzzi


Spinuzzi first identifies a problem that he sees in Information Design discussions, specifically focused on user-centered design. He identifies a common trope that labels the worker-as-victim that needs rescuing by the heroic designer. 671 more words

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod Sanctuary – Issue 6

While graphics and audio may enhance your experience to an extent, there’s something we all interact with in Skyrim that we overlook: The UI. The main Skyrim menu, perk menu, and inventory menu are probably looked at more than anything else, and we can’t deny that the vanilla Skyrim inventory menu was a step up from Oblivion, but far from what it could have been. 624 more words


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Issue 5

Making Skyrim look good is only 50% of modding Skyrim. After you stare at the beauty for a while and start playing you will notice how boring and dull the game can get after so many hours. 886 more words