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Blue Bird Zero motor tube

On YORF, Solomoriah reports a surprise when building a new Semroc Blue Bird One:

The engine tube is supposed to be a BT-50J, 2.75″ long, but the one in the kit is much longer.

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It begins

Shake, rattle and spray:

Those weren’t the rockets I was going to paint first. First I grabbed the Mini Max which has been waiting patiently for its second primer coat since last summer. 104 more words

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) Au-198 (part 4)

There wasn’t enough space between the tubes for me to see a good way to get internal fillets in. So I just glued the third centering ring down behind the fin tabs and did external fillets. 30 more words

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) Au-198 (part 3)

Hey, look at what I found! Sheesh.

OK, time to contemplate the shock cord. This being internally indistinguishable from a minimum diameter model, a replaceable Kevlar leader would be: 314 more words

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Building the (scratch) Au-198 (part 2)

Next I marked and cut the fin slots in a piece of BT-55. No, I lie. Next I went to Home Depot and bought a piece of aluminum angle, then brought it home and cut off a 1-foot piece, so I could use it to mark and cut the fin slots. 143 more words

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Building the (scratch) Au-198 (part 1)

Yes, I know, I still haven’t built the booster for the flexwing glider, but this is higher priority and doesn’t involve sanding airfoils. The Au-198 is my NARTREK Gold rocket. 313 more words

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How much for a ring?

Frodo had it lucky. For him the One Ring only cost him a finger. For rocketeers, one ring can cost an arm and a leg. 778 more words

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