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Converting the Monogram Thunderbirds F-100 (part 1)

Next month’s launch contest is plastic model conversion, and I haven’t even started on it. Yeah. Earlier this year I bought a Lindberg Mars Probe kit; I can’t find much of anything online about converting it, but I figured how hard could it be? 201 more words

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) R13 (part 10)

I have a cheap metal ligature to go with the cheap mouthpiece, but a strict reading of the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code would prohibit using it. 212 more words

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) Flat Boy (part 3)

Well… that was a bit of a struggle.

My original intention for the white-on-red letters on top was to print a disk to cover the full top surface on label paper and use that. 434 more words

Model Rockets

Rocketry goals review for July 2016

Quite a lot of building and painting, and some flying too.

  • Dual deployment: (Again:) Nothing so far. It’s looking unlikely for this year, too much else going on.
  • 495 more words
Model Rockets

Repairing giveaway rockets (part 4)

I finished up the giveaways with Syracuse Rocket Club decals.The Athena still needs a chute; I’m out, but I’m pretty sure our club stash has some. 8 more words

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) R13 (part 9)

Hey, what’s this? My rocket has holes in it!Question is, though: Does it play?

Sort of. Badly. But it plays.

I neglected to try out the cheapo mouthpiece on a real clarinet before gluing it to the rocket, so I don’t know how much blame to assign to it. 119 more words

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) R13 (part 8)

Here’s the nose cone.

The finest clarinet mouthpiece money can buy anywhere, if by “anywhere” you mean “from Chinese eBay merchants” and by “money” you mean “five dollars”. 41 more words

Model Rockets