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Building the Excelsior Nike-G (part 5)

Here’s the Nike-G, done. Not my best work. But not my worst either. And here’s the goony missile fleet: Honest Goon, Patrioony, and Nike-G.

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Rich's #Rocketober (part 1)

Hm, looks like I’ve never directly mentioned #Rocketober here. Apogee Components is encouraging people to post a rocketry-related picture a day this month. I caught up on the Day 1 theme later but have done Days 2 through 24, so far, on Twitter ( 136 more words

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Building the Excelsior Nike-G (part 4)

Yuck. The decals were pretty fragile. I should’ve put a clear coat on them before applying. The wraps fell apart on me and I pushed them back together as best I could, but the upper one especially got pretty badly messed up. 24 more words

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Building the Excelsior Nike-G (part 3)

I’m hurrying to finish this rocket. Partly because finishing it this year is one of my goals, and we’re almost at the end of good painting weather for the year. 166 more words

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A ticket, a tocket

I got some brand new rockets for this year’s Rocket Day. One is tall and thin and shaped like a pencil. Benny laughed at me for getting it but it’s supposed to go really high. 44 more words


Rocketry goals review for September 2016

Not a rocket-intensive month.

  • Dual deployment: (Again:) Nothing. Will not be doing this in 2016.
  • Enter at least three club contests, putting some effort into improving my knowledge and skills in those three rocketry areas: 
  • 427 more words
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Building the Excelsior Nike-G (part 2)

I used the Estes fin tool to position the rear fins, then cobbled together this setup to align the rest of the fins to them. 13 more words

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