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Keeping Mosquitos

There’s a very amusing thread on YORF right now: Techniques to avoid losing a Mosquito.

My suggestion: Use a screamer.

Model Rockets

Yes, we have no MLAS

I forgot to mention why the MLAS didn’t fly, again, on Saturday. I went to prep it ahead of time. I couldn’t get the nose cone off. 64 more words

Model Rockets


I overlooked something when I checked the Nymph for damage. Do you see it?

The rear stop for the motor pod — it’s gone!

I have a theory of what happened. 290 more words

Model Rockets

Gold dropping rapidly

In retrospect the snap decision to go with a streamer in the Au-198 should have been given more careful thought. With a C11 casing and an altimeter on board it’s fairly heavy, about 106 grams, and the fins do sweep back so are pretty much guaranteed to hit the ground first. 504 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Landis Nymph (part 5)

The last several pieces were glued on. Here’s a piece of launch lug (sloppily cut, as all my launch lug cuts tend to be) glued under the stab. 104 more words

Model Rockets

Building the LOC Norad (part 2)

A few increments of progress on the Norad. I glued the motor mount into the lower body tube and scraped and sanded the seams on the nose and transition. 108 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Landis Nymph (part 4)

I was a little puzzled about the stab. Landis’s 1974 Model Rocketry article shows the stab mounted on top of the fuselage boom while von Kiparski’s 2002 redrawn plan has it underneath. 242 more words

Model Rockets