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Building the (scratch) B3S2

I’ve started on my (first?) rocket for the club’s ongoing B streamer spot landing contest this year. I started designing something a while back, and after a while I looked at it and said, huh, that looks like a Baby Bertha, doesn’t it? 504 more words

Model Rockets

1979 Centuri Flying Model Rocket Catalog

Read the whole catalog here. I was not smart enough to be on any sort of “Aerospace Team,” and that’s probably for the best. It would have ended in tragedy.


Building a flexwing boost glider (part 3)

Time for the side spars.

My wife brought a handful of these things home a while back. I don’t know what they’re called. I don’t know what they’re used for. 356 more words

Model Rockets

Building a flexwing boost glider (part 2)

Today I made the spring hinge. This started with making the bending jig, but I made mine a little different than Van Milligan’s.There are three nails rather than one at the apex: Two close together, really adjacent to one another, on each side of Van Milligan’s single nail, and one slightly separated on the center line closer to the “Wire Hinge Nail Jig” label. 131 more words

Model Rockets


That 3-day URRG launch in late June will in fact be URRF 3, it turns out. URRF is Upstate Research Rocketry Festival, which is put on by URRG, Upstate Research Rocketry Group, as a Tripoli research launch. 126 more words

Model Rockets

Building a flexwing boost glider (part 1)

Normally in the title of a build thread I’d give the name of the rocket I’m building, but this one doesn’t have a name yet. 464 more words

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) Flat Boy (part 1)

Last month one day I went out for a walk and by the time I came back, I’d conceived and mostly designed in my head an odd-roc I wanted to build. 635 more words

Model Rockets