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Building the Semroc Sprite (part 4)

This isn’t normally painting season, but I want to apply and sand primer on the body and flat fins before adding the ring and fin tips, and I don’t want to postpone further work until May. 55 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Semroc Sprite (part 3)

The dried contact cement is… improved. Might never be beautiful.

These days if I can remember to I prefer to glue launch lugs on before fins, so I did that. 124 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Semroc Sprite (part 2)

Start with the motor mount which, by volume at least, is nearly the entire rocket. The motor hook goes on the outside of the body tube, and then the Tyvek piece gets glued over that. 99 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Semroc Sprite (part 1)

For its winter project, the Syracuse Rocket Club is making Sprites. This isn’t a group build of a single rocket but individual builds of a single design: the K-15 Estes Sprite, or Astron Sprite as it was first known when introduced in 1964. 375 more words

Model Rockets

SRC launch: July in October

Temperature in the mid 70s, clear skies, almost no wind… you sure this is October?

I was pushing the button much of the day but snuck in a few rockets of my own, and abdicated close to the end of the launch to prep a couple rockets that needed more time. 286 more words

Model Rockets

STEM Academy Provides Enriched Learning

Students at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering have an integrated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum that not only interconnects the four classes that students take, but also enriches their learning with diverse activities and experiences. 379 more words


SRC launch: Singularity

Yesterday’s weather was just about perfect for flying rockets. Could’ve been five degrees cooler but that’s about it.

I was the launch director, though, so I did a lot of pushing the button for other people’s rockets. 110 more words

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