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JimZ resurrection

For people interested in out of production rockets (particularly in cloning them), JimZ’s Rocket Plans at http://www.spacemodeling.org/jimz/index.htm has been a really valuable resource. Unfortunately in recent years quite a few of the files have gotten lost resulting in broken links. 88 more words

Model Rockets

Rocketry goals for 2017

I’m being more laid back with my rocketry goals this year. I’m thinking I’ll continue devoting more time and effort to non rocketry activities than in the past couple years. 269 more words

Model Rockets

Rocketry goals review for November/December 2016

So that was a year, huh.

Yes, I definitely dialed down my rocket activity in 2016, particularly the last half. Partly for financial reasons. Partly because a lot of what I worked on led to less than good results, and that doesn’t bolster enthusiasm. 554 more words

Model Rockets

First Draft Rocket

Funny story.  I’ve been waiting since August for the corn to be harvested next to the house so that I could test the rocket I made from a shipping tube.   69 more words

Model Rockets

Building the ASP V-2 (part 2)

At the rate I’m starting here I’m going to need all those months before May, but start I have.

I haven’t argued with the instructions much. 207 more words

Model Rockets

Secret Last Hurrah

Saturday before Thanksgiving, so it was Walt’s Secret Santa day at Walt’s HobbyTown. Inside, things were pretty much as usual for the Syracuse Rocket Club: Rockets on dispay, 489 more words

Model Rockets

Building the ASP V-2 (part 1)

Back in 2013 I bought a Semroc V-2 kit. This was one of their “X Kits”: a bag of parts intended to replicate as closely as possible a classic kit, in this case the Estes K-22 V-2, with no instructions. 680 more words

Model Rockets