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Building the FlisKits Rose-a-Roc (Part 6)

I didn’t much like the thought of gluing the other ends of the rubber bands to slits in the nose cone, so I decided to give the other way a try. 212 more words

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Repairing the Sky Condor

When I went to fly the Condor yesterday I realized I’d never gotten around to repairing a problem. The Condor is designed without a thrust ring, so only the tongue on the motor hook stops the motor from moving forward. 194 more words

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Glide, glided, glade

Today’s club launch had its ups and good parts and bad parts. I showed up with seven rockets, planning up to nine flights but probably less. 1,008 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 9)

I used gloss paint, of course, because you don’t want to try to put decals on flat paint, but I felt a flat finish would be more suitable for a (faux) military rocket like this. 215 more words

Model Rockets

Welcome California

Buried on this page under “SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced that he has signed the following bills” is this line:

AB 467 by Assemblymember Ling-Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) – Pyrotechnic devices: model rockets. 178 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Shrockets Sea Sting (part 8)

I haven’t put up a new post in this series since October but you’ve gotten glimpses of color painting. I finished that up on the weekend. 105 more words

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Building the Estes D-Region Tomahawk (part 5)

Yesterday I put on brown and white. I’m about 96% happy with the brown stripe. Maybe 97%.

Here’s how you paint a DRT nose cone tip. 38 more words

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