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0FNC: Some history

You don’t see a lot of finless rockets like the Rxiiiab, but they’ve been around for ages. Of course there was Centuri’s The Point, and others in a similar vein like the Odd’l Rockets  338 more words

Model Rockets

Rocketry goals review for Aug 2015

August is peak rocketry.

  1. Level 1 certification Did that in June.
  2. Fly an I motor Done! Flew my Excel on a Ceseroni 364I212.
  3. Put an entry (however pathetic) into at least four club launch contests and four club launch themes…
  4. 364 more words
Model Rockets

CST #311: Is the Pope in a Bikini?


Shooing off rockets and looking at trailers! It’s small town excitement this week on CST.

Katherine’s Stich Fix referral link.


Fundamentals of the Faith by Peter Kreeft… 27 more words


Building the (scratch) Rxiiiab (part 3)

I painted the Rxiiiab. Plain navy blue. Perhaps I should have worked on reducing the nose weight first. Well, never mind; it’s a prototype, paint is a bonus.

Model Rockets

Building the (scratch) Big Blinka (part 4)

I painted Big Blinka: plain gloss black. Not the foam or the nose cone, obvs. Shock cord’s been re-attached with a trifold.(Solid black would be a bad color for a night launch rocket, if the LEDs fail, but I figure this has enough white on it. 8 more words

Model Rockets

Building the Excelsior Honest Goon (part 3)

Well, finally. The number of embarrassing goofs I made in finishing the Honest Goon was, well, embarrassing. I’m surprised it came out looking as good as it does. 23 more words

Model Rockets