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Model-view-controller architecture in Unity

This is going to be a more technical series of posts. I’m going to look at what’s going on under the hood in Delugional, and some of the approaches I took to keep the code manageable. 613 more words


Memahami Konsep MVC Dalam Pemrograman Website

Pernahkah Anda mendengar istilah MVC (Model-View-Controller) dalam pemrograman website? Bagi sebagian orang mungkin pernah mendengarnya, namun banyak juga mereka yang belum mendengar istilah ini.

Sama halnya seperti saya, sebenarnya konsep MVC ini sudah saya pelajari pada waktu kuliah dulu namun kurang saya pahami. 225 more words

Teknik Pemrograman

Dance In An Unusual Place With... CHICK QUEST

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

‘Down In A Crypt’ by CHICK QUEST

Vienna’s thrilling four-piece CHICK QUEST… 201 more words

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Beginning a simple PHP app

Last time I left you, we had a running Virtual Machine and maybe you have been tinkering with it a bit. If so, good for you! 843 more words


MVC Interview Questions & Answers - Part 1

Q: How I can prevent a public method in MVC controller from being an Action Method?
A: We can decorate the public method with “NonActionAttribute”. This will prevent public methods to be called as Action methods which is the default behavior of MVC. 260 more words

Interview Questions

Week 3 - Welcome to the Web!

This week was all about the web.  In weeks 1 and 2 (and the entirety of the pre-course) we’d been off the web, running our Ruby programs via the command line. 2,118 more words



  • To simplify code architecture.


  • Logic is separated into 3 main groups of functionality:
    • Model: Data.
    • View: Interface/Rendering.
    • Controller: Business/Game Logic.
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