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Web Application Development

Do you Need to Develop Web Application?

At MetaKave Complexity is Delivered with Simpler Solution — Creating Powerful Web Applications Capable of Doing the Right Things … 41 more words

What is a model-view-controller architecture?

You may have heard about model-view-controller (MVC) architecture but may not have idea about what it is or what it does. Let us understand MVC architecture. 406 more words

Software Engineering

Up and Running with Backbone.js - Getting Started

The first stage of development in Up and Running with Backbone.js is Getting Started. This section covers What is Backbone?, Understanding Backbone and other Model-View-Controller (MVC) libraries and Setting up our files.


Up and Running with AngularJS

The first stage of development in Up and Running with AngularJS  is Getting Started. This section covers What is AngularJS?, Installing and running a basic application, Understanding the Model-View-Controller architecture and Using modules and scope.


MVC and Data Binding in AngularJS

Model View Controller and Data Binding concepts are explained below. Also refer the example below.

Model View Controller (MVC)

View is what the user can see and interact with. 196 more words

Simply Angular.JS

When to use ViewBag, ViewData & TempData

All of these are objects available as properties to pass short lived data within an ASP.NET MVC system. Primarily for passing additional data from a Controller to a View. 262 more words