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The Vertical Slice Writeup

3D Modelling

I will be talking about the different models that I created for our game, The Vertical Slice. I will talk about the different process I went through for each model but also what I enjoyed most about the project, what I did not enjoy as much, and what I learnt. 3,675 more words

3D Modelling

How to layer a curvy figure for A/W with Nina Blakemore

Boss Curve Model Nina Blakemore shows you how to stay warm and stylish this winter with chic layering that won’t swamp your figure.

See Nina’s profile and booking details on our website.


3D Low Poly House

Here’s my lastest project. A low poly house with texture. I made this for my 3D Short Film called “Baratayudha”.

You can download it for free from here




Outfit Inspiration: Florida Winter

I am attempting to teach my little sister photography, which is no easy task. Things are a little rocky right now, but what she lacks in technical skill, she makes up for in heart. 179 more words

A PPP paper on modeling permafrost distr on QTP

Wu X, Nan Z*, Zhao S, Zhao L, Cheng G. Spatial modelling of permafrost distribution and properties on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes. 2018,(1-14). 10 more words

Recent Publications

A Village of New Beginnings

Ok more world building.

First off I had to fiddle around a lot to find some nice buildings that weren’t too modern or too basic, that were, in fact, just right. 213 more words


As one year ends and another begins you realise some things just remain the same.......

As I sit here 3 weeks or so into the new year and having had the time to reflect upon the past year which was a relative success for me albeit a bit up and down,  I have to admit it did have its positives as it saw me grab the bull by the horns and start this blog it also gave me the chance to finish off 5 models over the course of the year (well the last 4  months at least), a definite year to remember and my best in living memory the trick now I suppose is try and emulate last years offering by getting back to the bench and do some modelling, however that will have to wait for now for 2 reasons, one I have decided to refurbish my mish mash of a workroom and secondly I need to finish this blog post, the workroom refurb is for anther time although I have started it and if you are interested on how I am getting on you can follow it on my Average Modeller Facebook page (Jason theaveragemodeller) just look me up. 799 more words