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Heat and the Flood - A problem or an answer?

This presentation is one out of a series of three presentations about the Genesis Flood. This presentation is the essence of my flood model. The other two presentations provide more context. 62 more words


UV Unwrapping the spaceship; Lesson 3

Moving onto the next step of my spaceship 3D model, before texturing we had to UV unwrap it. To begin with, I was confused with the general process of it, nothing particularly specific with the unwrapping but just had to get used to the process because doing it in Maya was strange for me as I have only modelled and unwrapped in 3DS Max but I shortly got to grips with the process and started find it pretty easy before long. 155 more words


Maya Spaceship Project Lessons 1 and 2

This lesson was the first lesson of 3D modelling and we were learning the basics of Maya and were given a task to model our own Spaceship, personally, I used the lessons’ ship to trial and error anything that I was unsure about (please refer to screenshot), making sure that I had some skills under my belt before making my attempt at it. 181 more words


Breaking the Mould

Just a quick look at making moulds for the simple duplication of models.
I’ve discovered this stuff:

It’s Oyumaru Instant Mold Moulding Compound.

Don’t be put off by the kiddy-style novelty gift packaging or the lack of instructions in English; this is great stuff for producing moulds quickly and easily. 428 more words


HTK-AS39 WW2 Hungarian AFV panel lighting set

Advanced colour system for realistic panel lighting technique. Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

  1. HTK-A196 – WW2 Hungarian Green Base
  2. HTK-A199 – WW2 Hungarian Green Flash…
  3. 97 more words

Creating a pragmatic complexity culture / La creación de una cultura pragmática de la complejidad

Community member post by Cristina Zurbriggen

An English version of this post is available

¿Cómo pueden los gobiernos, las comunidades y el sector privado efectivamente trabajar juntos para lograr un cambio social hacia el desarrollo sostenible? 2,153 more words


Photo Shoot Joe Hickey Vision

It was a great experience to work with Dan Barnett , UKBFF competitor and professional full time coach.  We had a day together with Joe Hickey a experienced video / photographer in the fitness industry having covered many professional athletes including Body Power Expo, the most important fitness show in the UK.   128 more words

Body Building