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2016 US PHEV Sales Top 110,000

US Plug In Electric Vehicle sales are on a tear in 2016 up +31% vs. sluggish 2015 but also up +20% vs. the record setting 2014.   319 more words


Autopilot Not to Blame for Model X Crash, Says Musk

In the latest turns of the events, Elon Musk says autopilot was not engaged at the time of Model X crash, which occurred at a turnpike in Pennsylvania on 1 July. 41 more words


Tesla - The Self Crashing Car?

Today in Technology

In Irvine, California the driver of an all new Tesla Model X reportedly crashed the vehicle into a building. The driver claimed that while parking, the vehicle accelerated by itself and he was unable to stop it before it crashing into the building. 329 more words

Tesla Model X owners finding car doors won’t shut, windows won’t close — TechCrunch

Earlier this month, Tesla Motors recalled 2,700 Model X cars to fix a third-row seat latch that could allow the seat to fold forward during a collision.

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Tesla Model X: Apocalypse Proof

Tesla released the third model in their automotive line up in September of 2015. It’s called the Model X and it brings a familiar, yet refreshing design.  890 more words

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HOW BIG IS TESLA ?(full brief history)

Tesla is not even a decade old company and it is making revolution in automobile industry  . It has created a benchmark for other companies . 21 more words


Tesla's Model X

Tesla’s ambitious mission statement is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation.” They set out to prove that any car from their first Tesla Roster to their most popular Model S can be electric without compensating style, function, or even performance. 388 more words