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Moderate Muslims Are Everywhere, Just Not in the News

A simple Google search reveals that Muslim leaders and organizations across the globe have overwhelmingly condemned ISIS. Brushing aside threats and attacks, Calgary-based Imam Soharwardy led a constellation of Canadian Muslim religious leaders to  992 more words


Articles I Love: "An Open Letter To A Moderate Muslim." 

“Tell me if this sounds familiar:

(1) A moderate Muslim states that ISIS is wrong, they aren’t “true” Muslims, and Islam is a religion of peace.

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Are Moderate Republicans Seeking Candidate for Mo. Governor Nomination?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX Capitol Bureau) – Speculation is increasing in Missouri’s statehouse that moderate Republicans are seeking a candidate to replace the deceased state auditor Tom Schweich for the Republican nomination for governor. 139 more words


What Mr. Nawaz says about Islamism

Among the people of my Christian tribe, a big question these days is:

Does Jihadi extremism represent, in any appropriate way, real Islam?

This is, as you know, a timely question. 950 more words


Having A Drink For Heart Failure. Part 3 of 3

Having A Drink For Heart Failure – Part 3 of 3

According to Solomon, that finding “could be related to the reasons why they had stopped drinking in the first place – for instance, because they had already developed health problems that might have made them more likely to go on to forth heart failure”. 63 more words


Having A Drink For Heart Failure. Part 2 of 3

Having A Drink For Heart Failure – Part 2 of 3

Heart failure occurs when cardiac muscle is no longer able to sufficiently push blood. Over 23 million people around the world struggle with the health issue, which has a number of root causes, including prior pluck attack, high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular heartbeat, drug use, chemotherapy, and high alcohol consumption. 204 more words