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Golden Gate State Park - Coyote & Mule Deer trail

간만에 다시 등산 나왔는데, 별 생각 없이 찾다가 또 Golden에 왔다. 그 전주엔 뉴욕에 가서 투표도 하고, 등산도 했고 맛있는 것도 먹었는데 사진이 없다. 뉴욕에 사실 간만에 술친구들 보러 간 것도 있지만, 탄핵엔 별 공헌을 못했으니 투표라도 하러 가자 싶어서였는데, 편도로 1800 마일이상 이동하고 교통비로만 50만원쯤 쓴듯-_- 그 와중에 유나이티드는 가능한 불매해야겠다는 계획과 겹쳐서 친구집에서 가까운 공항 두고 JFK로 들어가느라 삽질. 14 more words

Owl Roams

Shadowing a Die Cut

For shadowing my die cut, I cut the die twice. Once in black and once in white. I applied double sided tape to the back side of the black image and then offset it when I layered it on top of the white image. 52 more words


Wunderlich County Park

Summer finally came to the Bay Area this weekend. While most of the city day-drank at Dolores and followed that up by day-drinking at Bay2Breakers, I hit up… 191 more words

Happy Birthday Pop Up

This fun pop up Birthday card is a must have for your card stash. I like to keep extra birthday cards handy.

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Trip Report - Cortes Island - 15-18 May 2017

Day 1: Eight energetic hikers left for four hiking days on Cortes Island. On arrival at Cortes we drove to Carrington Trails. We took the main trail to the lagoon, which is an old dirt road. 822 more words


Political Centrism Is Not A Thing

“Nah, dude, I’m a centrist.”  The unamusing smugness of the statement belched out of your friend’s lips is enough to put anyone who’s invested an inkling of time into researching the topics at hand into a state of simmering rage.  3,035 more words


Trip Report - Ripple Rock - 10 May 2017

We met on the 9:00 ferry and drove 16 km north from Campbell River to the start of the Ripple Rock Trail. Seven of us set out – but eight came back, because we met a lone hiker on the way out who joined us for the return trip. 215 more words