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Differentiating between Radical Islam and Islam

After spending some time over the weekend with my oldest and dearest friends, discussing current political and religious topics (while drinking, which I would not advise under any normal circumstances). 463 more words

History's unicorn: The moderate-turned-reformer

Ali A. Rizvi recently posted “An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims” in the Huffington Post in which he urges moderate Muslims to give up the belief that the Quran is the infallible and literal word of God.  730 more words

Moderate to Severe Mood Swings

I have been experiencing moderate to severe mood swings for some time. I will be in a really happy mood with lots of energy and some small little thing will happen and I can become extremely depressed and have a complete lack of energy and suicidal ideations. 41 more words

Between the ears: Moderate anxiety may help math performance

After reporting about education for eight years in two states, Washington and Ohio, I know only one thing for sure: We tend to underestimate the complexity of teaching and learning. 17 more words

Feeling Sorry For The Negative Commenter

I have comments on here set to moderate so I can at least keep an eye on what’s going up. I try to let everything through, particularly with the people who don’t agree with something I say, but I tend to draw the line at people who are simply being a-holes. 129 more words