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Trying To Understand Moderate On Post

Would you please clarify what was moderated in my below post? Was it the point that I quoted at all or too much from external URL? 45 more words

Moderates and Extremists (in lieu of a better title)

Increasingly my friends tend to identify themselves as moderates. There’s nothing wrong with this except I don’t think there’s anything moderate about their views.

However to begin proper it is perhaps wise to define how moderate and extremist are typically used and then say how I differ and why I believe most self-proclaimed moderates are actually endorsing extremist views, though definitely not intentionally. 603 more words


Trip Report - Newton Lake, Small Inlet & Waiatt Bay - 17 May 2015

Seven of us set out on a hike to Waiatt Bay on Sunday. It was overcast and cool but just right for a long hike. The road from Granite Bay to the trail head is much better due to the logging road expansion. 221 more words

Quadra Island

Trip Report - Nole's Pizza Peak - 13 May 2015

The weather forecast for this trip had been “60% rain” for a long time, so we had a back-up plan in place for an alternate destination. 260 more words

Quadra Island

A personal message to the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties

This message is intended for the Democratic and Republican Parties.

As I’m an American citizen, I hereby exercising my rights and terminating my recognition of your organizations as legitimate representatives of the interests of our nation, effective immediately. 261 more words