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Tired, #2

This pair just looks tired. They aren’t going to nod off necessarily, but they look tired of each other.

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February Theme Day: Tired

Since mammals hibernate in the winter, tired is an apt theme for this month.

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The Power of Old Books

For the last few weeks I have been trying to follow a lead on the origin of the idea that the Greeks made armour by gluing layers of linen together. 749 more words


2017 Year-Ender

Another year ends in the manner of the one which ended Xenophon’s Hellenica: after terrible battles and startling results, there is not peace but confusion and disorder. 1,041 more words


How Much Did a Shirt Really Cost in the Middle Ages?

Some people on the Internet are curious about how much a shirt cost in the middle ages. Now you could try to answer that question by trying to calculate how long it would take to spin and weave the linen and sew the shirt, combining your guesses in an elaborate chain of assumptions using your big modern educated brain. 776 more words