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Sakamoto (b.1952)

“Artists are like coal mine canaries.” – Ryuichi Sakamoto

It’s hard to believe that nearly a year has flown by since I last wrote in my blog.  1,632 more words


The Tiroler Scylla and Charybdis

Odysseus overcame Scylla and Charybdis, Jason the clashing rocks. Cyclists heading towards the Innsbrucker Hauptuni while the streets are torn up to install storm drains face another fearsome challenge, the alley behind the Markthalle. 367 more words


Showdown: Tarkir, part 1

The latest episode of the Drive to Work Podcast, by Mark Rosewater, is entitled “Showdown: Ravnica”, and in it he compares the guild mechanics from each of the Ravnican guild in the original Ravnica and the Return to Ravnica block – and declares a winner. 579 more words


Quote Dump

As always, citation implies neither approval nor disapproval.

A specialist in early medieval archaeology spells out one big problem with the modern fixation on fitting ancient people into boxes and assigning them distinctive labels: 1,637 more words


City Daily Photo Theme Day: Library

September’s theme for City Daily Photo bloggers is: Libraries, whichI got to choose for the group. Libraries can be modern or ancient. There’s all kinds of innovation and I liked this 24 hour auto-library. 20 more words


A Bronze-Age Solution

I was recently in Prague on the way back from a visit to another city, and in their National Gallery I noticed this:

Art galleries in big old buildings often need to keep people from going un-noticed into areas which are not on public display, without blocking the connection completely. 271 more words


“Saddle n’ Lace” Sleeveless Tunic Shirt

Howdy!  Here’s a loose and comfy western-themed modern shirt, made from a vintage novelty fabric with a little bit of lace, a little bit of denim, and a secretive bit of skin for the sun to shine on.  1,047 more words

"Simplicity Pattern"