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The Ancient Story of Stephen Hawking's Tombstone

Stephen Hawking died on the 14th of March. I don’t have much to say about that, because there are worse lives than discovering a property of black holes, writing a best-selling book, taking a ride on the Vomit Comet, and guest starring on half a dozen nerdy TV shows before dying in your own bed at the age of 76. 532 more words


Some Thoughts on "The Cosmic Computer"

On Canada Day 2017 I finished re-reading the project Gutenberg text of Piper’s Cosmic Computer (my paperback copy with the wonderful red-and-purple cover is back in Canada). 1,654 more words


A Tag from the Bard

On Wednesday evening, I calculated that the cyclist coming from the left like a bat out of the Land of No Return would either continue straight or slow down as he turned onto the bridge. 157 more words


Tired, #2

This pair just looks tired. They aren’t going to nod off necessarily, but they look tired of each other.

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February Theme Day: Tired

Since mammals hibernate in the winter, tired is an apt theme for this month.

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