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Park Pavilion Clock 

Olympus OM1n, Zuiko 50mm, Kodak Gold 200 asa, Expired 2006


Olympus OM1n, Zuiko 50mm, Kodak Gold 200 asa, Expired 2006

Film Photography

Peter van Straaten ( 1935 - 8 December 2016)

This is probably not for the dutch. There have been numerous articles on Peter van Straaten, who died 2 days ago. But for those who are not familiar with the works by van Straaten …. 185 more words


A Material World

Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing? 26 x 25cm, Richard Hamilton, 1956, Tubingen.

This very small collage ostensibly showing a muscle-bound man and a pin-up girl with sequinned breasts is usually thought of as representative of Pop Art but it also bears some influence of Dada with its photo-montage. 1,430 more words

Religion & Spirituality


The Funk
Acrylics on Canvas
80 x 60 cm

My Selfie Project

For my selfie project, I took six pictures of myself plus one of my dog and rearranged them to make something weird and unsettling. For the center picture, I took my body from one photo and my eyes from two other pictures and replaced my eyes in the first picture with the other two eyes. 82 more words

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