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I went to the Hirshhorn this past weekend on a date. Little did I know, looking at contemporary art together can actually be a good litmus test for compatibility. 730 more words


no thing stops here...

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I fall with dust mud and prayers I have never said… 39 more words

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if ever

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Modern Art

Award nomination tops 'amazing' year for Outside In artist Clarke Reynolds

The news Outside In artist Clarke Reynolds has been nominated for the best visual artist of 2018 for Portsmouth Guide Awards is a fitting and deserved way to end what he deems ‘the most amazing six months of my artist life’. 671 more words


Draw Imagination on Canvas

Modern Art Museum Berlin :┬áModern art is called that way since it didn’t depend on past lessons and styles that were being educated in the art institutes. 67 more words

Modern Art Museum Berlin

Review: The "Hilma af Klint" exhibition at the Guggenheim

Hilma af Klint is a Swedish artist born in the late nineteenth century. She started painting abstract paintings in the beginning of the twentieth century and those paintings were of a style no one had ever seen before: very colorful and totally abstract; there was absolutely no references to what could exist in the real world in her paintings. 143 more words