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new book on Willem de Kooning

My review of Rosalind Krauss’ new book, Willem de Kooning Nonstop has just been published in Times Higher Education magazine. Her book is ‘the culmination of a lifetime spent pondering paintings and the pictorial intelligence behind them.’ 6 more words


Shame on Me

My definition of art has always been the same. It is about freedom of expression, a new way of communication. It is never about exhibiting in museums or about hanging it on the wall. 63 more words


The Buddha

It’s all knowing, it knows how you think
It knows how you move, it knows all your links
It knows what you believe, it knows that at times you deceive… 117 more words



This is my latest piece of work, called Rot_in_Silence_2016.

It was made in response to being asked to contribute a work to a crowdfunder for an independent film called ‘Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle’, and it will be up for grabs as an A3 original print. 13 more words