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A sense of place: Ólafur Arnalds - Island Songs

Iceland’s dramatic landscape belies the island country’s relatively small footprint on the globe. Its breathtaking and mysterious beauty is inextricably woven into the music and literature of its people and draws travelers and artists from around the world like a siren call. 493 more words


Will Samson - Lua

Now it’s records like this that have been responsible in the past for our lengthy reviews and ramblings – the very thing that has slowed this blog down over the last 12 months. 176 more words


Jameson Nathan Jones - Of Past & Present

A short record we’ve been enjoying this year is this Modern Classical EP from Jameson Nathan Jones, a composer from Mississippi. The five pieces are short or radio length but delicately weave a gut-wretchingly beautiful story. 62 more words


Matthew Collings - A Requiem for Edward Snowden

A Requiem for Edward Snowden is such an enjoyable release—that is, if ‘enjoy’ is the right word.  Imagine the brooding darkness and woodwinds of old Univers Zero and the sweeping emotional strings of Godspeed You Black Emperor, layered with a creepy subtle electronic glitchiness, like the… 676 more words


Sound Impression: Tambour - Chapitre II [Moderna Records]

A waltzing piano, a twinkling glockenspiel, an exquisite string quartet, an air of wistful nostalgia, and a touch of cinematic whimsy all wrapped up in a poignant minimalist aesthetic – these are the elements that make up the aura of enchantment that surrounds the music of  183 more words


Navigating the World of Music

We love intuitive things here at Digraph Media; especially when they are music related.


This is a fantastic tool that lets you type in the name of an artist and it will bring up many similar musicians. 128 more words


Joshua Medina & Paurl Walsh Create a Hybrid Feast for the Ears

It’s often frowned upon to take a “track by track” approach to an album review, but I find myself having to make an exception here. This isn’t me taking the easy way out; I’m just recognizing that this self-titled release from… 530 more words