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Carlos Cipa: All Your Life You Walk 2xLP (on royal blue vinyl)

Beware, this album is about classical, modern classical. Carlos and piano, what else you need? It’s pointless for me to say anything about this album, anything else than it’s so beautiful.. 51 more words

New Ones

Bill Seaman - f (noir)

Eilean Records has quickly established itself as one of the top labels in the modern Ambient music scene with some brilliant curating from Mathias Van Eecloo. 132 more words


Travelogue Week 2015-13: Day of the Piano

This week’s travelogue is focused exclusively on Piano Day (March 29) and piano centered music.

Piano Day

Not many people can just up and declare their own holiday, but composer Nils Frahm has done exactly that with Piano Day and it is getting a very warm reception.   1,549 more words


Le Seul Elément - Meradiam

Le Seul Elément is a French one man project from a musician who hasn’t revealed his identity. The début album Meradiam was released last month and it’s definitely an interesting release within the field of ambient music. 517 more words

Album Reviews

M. Ostermeier - Still [Tench]

Still is the first full length album from Baltimore, MD based musician M. Ostermeier since The Rules of Another Small World released in 2011.  There is plenty of common ground between the two.   291 more words


Brambles: Charcoal LP

I admit that it has been little quiet here on my blog recently but there’s obvious reason for that; I haven’t received that much records lately and about my weekly list.. 144 more words

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Travelogue Week 2015-11: Turning Toward Spring

As I write this week’s travelogue, it is the first day of March that truly feels like Spring. Winter may have some sting left in its tail, but light is slowly overcoming the darkness, color is promising to break the monotony of drab grays and browns, and the soul is beginning to stir with thoughts of  renewal. 1,341 more words