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Michael Bjella & Robert Skrzyński - Black Box Recordings

A black box is a small orange contraption used by aircraft to record the logs, thoughts, words, and deeds of its pilots and crew. These black boxes survive even the most destructive crashes and provide insight—like a ghostly stethoscope—into a crew’s final moments. 367 more words


Travelogue 2016.05.15: A Modern Classical Sunday (Piano Edition)

Quiet Sunday afternoons and piano music just seem made to go hand in hand. Every note simply seems to sound more resonant and soothing and these four exquisite modern classical releases are as beautiful as they come in that regard. 442 more words


Cyril Secq & Orla Wren - Branches

Some of us simply want to leave—trade houses and rooms for ranges and forests, showers and bathtubs for lakes and streams. We want to escape the comforts of central heating to witness wild flames in the cold of night. 758 more words


Sunn O))) & Ulver - Terrestrials

At first glance, Sunn O))) and Ulver seem like a match made in heaven. Both are masters of the genre roulette: the former practicing in drone metal, spoken word, blackened doom metal, art rock, and jazz; the latter, black metal, glitch music, trip-hop, and progressive metal. 521 more words


Colin Stetson - "Sorrow"

After a handful of ambitious and experimental solo records, and a wonderful collaboration with Sarah Neufeld last year all gaining him some reasonably surprising widespread praise, Colin Stetson has decided to use his status as indie rock’s bridge to the classical and experimental world to create something a bit different – a full re-interpretation of… 1,077 more words

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“Save Me From This Hell” is the 4th consecutive upcoming single by recording artist ANgel Tarpov. The single was written, and produced by ANgel. It is about to be also the fourth pre-released single off his new upcoming record “Broken World”. 241 more words


Jeremy Soule - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Soundtrack

Oblivion is the fourth main game in the The Elder Scrolls series of fantasy role-playing and adventure games published by Bethesda Softworks. In contrast to the alien landscape of previous entry Morrowind, Oblivion takes place in the pastoral land of Cyrodiil – the seat of the Tamrielic Empire – and its large rolling hills, dark forests, and coastal trading cities, much like traditional Western/medieval European fantasy. 847 more words