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Mix de la montaña 01


La montaña nos ha proveído sonoramente, nosotros reproducimos sonidos en ella, desde amb pasando por chills, tirándole a waves siempre cerca del techno a la par de clicks, cuts, glitches y breaks.


Lesson#61 mixtape / dj set online

The dj set I did for the February edition of Radio Resistencia is online now at my Mixcloud page… this months session is a mix with some experimental sounds, some techno tunes, ambient pieces and modern classical music… you listen here below… enjoy!

Daily Posts

Natchie Night Fly #1601: Pianist Clifford Carter

Tonight!!!! Natchie and Harv are back on the airwaves with the monster pianist Clifford Carter. 9.30pm – 11.30pm tune in online www.bboxradio.com. Natchie Night Fly Radio.


Roly Porter - Blind Blackening

A stunning track from Roly Porter’s mesmerising new album ‘Third law’. Already lined up as an album that’ll end up in ‘the Best of 2016’ lists, Roly Porter creates a brilliant mix of Drone, Electronica, Glitch, and Contemporary Classical. 34 more words


The One and Only Karlheinz Stockhausen/Steve Reich Mashup

At the suggestion of Norm De Plume from YouTube, here’s a mashup of Stockhausen’s Gesang Der Jünglinge and Reich’s Music for 18 MusiciansUnfortunately, I can’t embed the videos to play simultaneously, so here’s a… 169 more words


Three (or is it four?) Steve Reich Visualizations

Piano Phase

(a website of this visualization exists, as well)

Music for Pieces of Wood

Piano Counterpoint (one with colored blocks and one with the score)