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Krzysztof Penderecki - Polymorphia

Well, many have been talking about the use of Penderecki in the, frankly, mindblowing 8th episode of ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’. However, Penderecki has been used with devastating effect in film before; most notably when Friedkin used him for ‘The Exorcist’, or when Kubrick did the same for ‘The Shining’. 75 more words


Duologue: A Conversation with Poppy Ackroyd

With her 2012 debut ‘Escapement’, Brighton-based composer Poppy Ackroyd entered the same rare air as such esteemed innovators of modern classical and electronic music as… 1,252 more words


Weekly Smile 80 #weeklysmile

It is funny but my mom is much better known in classical music circles than I am.  Of course the contemporary classical music that I’ve written has been heard by only a few people.  462 more words


James Maloney – 'Gaslight'

Fluttering pianos fades in and out in the opening of ‘Gaslight’, complimented by crisp rustling and clicking of untouched instrumental nuance. One can only imagine the musical representation of waves, tide, and the material elements brought ashore. 192 more words


Nick Sutton, Emika, Gazelle Twin – Angels Dreams Inches

Fair warning. A little more than three and a half minutes into this darkly foreboding record, you will be startled by a grotesque, inhaled scream. The fact that this occurs at the front end of an opening piece entitled “Angels” may cause you to wonder how such a terrible sound could ever be associated with cherubic messengers. 182 more words


James Maloney - Gaslight [Moderna Records]

The field of film & theater composers releasing debut albums of original compositions is ever-growing. For lovers of indie, modern, & post-classical music it is a healthy trend that means we are increasingly spoiled for choice, but it also raises the bar for the kinds of creativity and inventiveness needed to keep the genre fresh and compelling.   261 more words


Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones: Astrild Astrild 2xLP (green/grey merge)

And here’s one of my favourite Denovali artists, Dale Cooper Quartet & Dictaphones and their latest full-length “Astrild Astrild”. Actually I missed this totally when it was announced but hopefully I found a copy via Discogs (and got this near original prize). 76 more words

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