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Stray Theories - All That Was Lost.

Stray Theories is the Australian born and New Zealand based musician Micah Templeton- Wolfe who has been releasing music since 2006 and has appeared on labels such as Already Dead, self released digital and physical, and a bunch of digital releases through the likes of A Strangest Isolated Place, Bloodsugar Records and others. 1,166 more words


Klangriket - Koltrast.

Klangriket is the recording name for Swedish musician Fabian Rosenberg. Rosenberg who has appeared on the Piano and Coffee label with the release “The Amsterdam Sessions” his collaboration with Sjors Mans (which one day will be coveted here), was last seen in this blog with his contribution to Dominique Charpentier’s “Reminiscences” album. 142 more words


Sonata for quarter tone piano, op.62 (1946/1947) -- Alois Hába

Are you ready for quarter tones? It doesn’t take long to get used to them if you give it a go. Alois Hába (1893-1973)

From: Wellesz Theater

String Quartet No. 2 (1925) -- Pavel Haas

I very much like this string quartet. Pavel Haas (1899-1944) died in a Nazi concentration camp.

From: Wellesz Theatre

Stockhausen Syndrome

Stockhausen: Momente for soprano, 4 choral groups & 13 instrumentalists (1965 version) 214 more words


Kaada - Closing Statements.

Norwegian composer and multi instrumentalist John Erik Kaada (pronounced CODA) has spent the last decade or so releasing diverse works from soundtracks through to collaborations with Mike Patton (Ipecac Recordings, Mr Bungle, Fantômas, etc…) with his debut release on his own Mirakel Recordings, released on May 25, the Fifty Minute, eleven track album “Closing Statements”. 1,443 more words