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30 July :: Next free MCN workshop

I just figured out that by running my FREE modern cloth nappy workshops, I have helped save over 30,000 nappies from landfill … how many have you saved? 129 more words

Modern Cloth Nappies

The Mother I Am

As we all know there is an infinite number of parenting styles and techniques. Some can be found and followed in baby books, others are adopted from advice passed down from friends and family, and some, like mine, is a combination of the two as well as a truckload of ‘totally winging it’. 553 more words

The Sandpit

Do you love the idea of cloth but...[fill in the blank]

We will get back to how you filled in the blank in a moment… Firstly, hello July!?  We are at the half way point of the year …Wow!! 266 more words

Modern Cloth Nappies

Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN’S) 101

Using cloth nappies instead of disposables isn’t hard. If you need some incentive or  want some back ground on why we chose cloth read my post… 2,143 more words

Figuring Out Parenting

Modern Cloth Nappies

To use them or not to use them, that is the question.

When I was a baby my parents used cloth nappies for me, however they were nothing fancy like the ones available now days. 787 more words


Cloth Nappy Party anyone?

So I know it doesn’t sound like a raging Saturday night but it could still be fun- I promise! When deciding on cloth nappies, sometimes it really helps to see the nappies in real life. 189 more words

Modern Cloth Nappies

You have a favourite nappy, then what?

If you’re anything like me when deciding on which cloth nappy to use, you’ve looked up your options, maybe had the chance to look at some at a market stall and perhaps even… 520 more words

Modern Cloth Nappies