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The accusation I never want my future tech-savvy kids to make

The internet is more than the elephant in the room. It’s the Godzilla that ate the room with the elephant in it. (The elephant was TV.) 743 more words

My TV Shows

Thought I’d do a quick run through of all the TV shows that I currently watch. A lot of these programmes are coming to the end of the season or are due to finish completely soon, so I’m looking for new recommendations! 72 more words

Grab The Popcorn

Broke and Blogging: why I am choosing not to blog for income

Don’t get me wrong, blogging for any amount of income would be great. I applaud anyone who can make a living or side hustle from it. 263 more words


A bit more about A.Darling Family...

Not to drag on in the about page, here’s a little bit of an elaboration.

We are All A names ..yeah those people. I come from a family of ALL A names myself. 362 more words


Living in the Here & Now: It's easy when you're over it. 

Believe it or not, my ex and I have been to family court after our first child.

We reconciled, had our second child, and then we split up…again. 440 more words